Linda Harvey’s New Anti-gay Book Pulled from Amazon

Linda_HarveyEarlier this week, we reported on anti-gay wingnut Linda Harvey’s new book Maybe He’s Not Gay, which was written to help youth “focus on the bright future they can all have, regardless of the turmoil of adolescents, which for some may include same sex attractions or gender confusion.”

The book’s description on Amazon further illustrated the dangerous message at its core:

 "I'm gay." As more and more young people announce this is their identity, it's time to take a closer look. It's a profound declaration, a new civil right (they are told) and it's "who you are." But there's a problem. Are we sure this is the truth? 

Does this identity bring the promised liberation and the key to a whole new life? Does it lift the burden of secrecy – or begin a different kind of struggle?

BookNow, thankfully, it appears as if Amazon has removed the book from its catalog. Will Kohler at Back2Stonewall writes:

After a few email’s this afternoon from this website and over who and what Linda Harvey is, has decided to pull the Mission: America’s hate group leader’s latest anti-lgbt propaganda book ”Maybe He’s Not Gay”.  


  1. Jeff Atwood says

    I’m not afraid of hate literature, and hiding it won’t make it go away. Let the bigots reveal themselves and let hate literature follow the authors beyond their graves.

  2. Don W says

    @Jeff and @Karl, couldn’t agree more. This trend of trying to shut down people who express retrograde anti-gay views is going to backfire. It just allows them to claim martyr status. The anti-gay Right is increasingly cloaking itself in a “free speech” and “free religion” mantle which resonates powerfully with most Americans, and we are playing right along.

    The only antidote to hate speech is more speech. Let them crawl out from under their rocks and be shown for what they are.

  3. says

    I agree with Jeff Atwood (above).

    Let the marketplace of ideas take care of this. The idea of Amazon pulling books based on content is troubling – more troubling than a moron getting a book published.

  4. Mike Airhart says

    Linda Harvey isn’t merely antigay, she’s a hate-group leader who encourages violence and abuse.

    Reputable commercial retailers generally don’t sell books on how to commit suicide or how to abuse children — and this author, unlike other ex-gay proponents, is exceptionally abusive.

  5. Balancment says

    I’m a fierce advocate for freedom of the press–however, a book like Harvey’s is tantamount to, and for all practical purposes advocating, child abuse. No child anywhere for any reason should *ever* be subjected to the dangerous and soul-killing tactics of “reparation therapy.” This is yelling “fire” in a crowded theater.

  6. anon says

    Those who bought ”Maybe He’s Not Gay” also bought “20 Ways to Tell if Your Husband is Gay” and “Why Does My Son Not have Girlfriend?”. Buy all 3 and save $20!

  7. Neil says

    The Kinsey scale is evidence that no one is 100% straight or gay. There are people who have emotional homosexual tendencies that are dominant, but the physical tendencies are not. Simply put, there are varying degrees of sexuality for each individual. Some of the extreme left want everyone to support their agenda. It seems that the majority of people want to hear both sides and make their own decisions. Let the book be distributed, not banned, and each can decide based on the merits of the content.

  8. Jack says

    M2 is 100% right. So Amazon pulled the book from their shelves? So what! Nobody’s telling the publisher it cannot be offered for sale.

    Like the stupid Duck Dynasty thing, you are free to say and publish what you want, but you are not guaranteed a PR agent, a publisher, or a retailer to help you get your word out.

  9. Homo Genius says

    “It seems that the majority of people want to hear both sides and make their own decisions.”

    where to start…

    I believe people have heard “both” sides for 100s and 100s of years. But continue in with your false equivalency.

    Lets just review some of the “other side” that happened in the last century and is still happening today.

    Gays could be hung for being gay. You could be jailed for being gay. You could be forced to go thru chemical castration, be subjected to electro shock, be forced to have aversion therapy, lobotomized. You couldn’t be a teacher or work in the government. You weren’t fit to raise children. Your were diseased or mentally ill. You wanted to pervert and rape children. Should I go on?

    The point to this book is not to help kids. Its to justify the prejudice of parents so its ok to send their kids off to straight camp or have them exorcized for demons.

  10. Mykelb says

    I for one, am happy that corporations are becoming more responsible about hate speech. The RWNJs cannot holler free speech unless the government abridges that constitutional right. They cannot holler when private business does so.

  11. Hinda Larvey says

    1) To those who say this book should be offered on Amazon without opposition: Do you similarly contend that hardcore porn mags should be offered in the checkout lanes at Target, K-Mart, Safeway etc. Or does the “market” in the form of protesting parents, who are also consumers, work that out?

    2)Was this passage accurately re-presented: “…regardless of the turmoil of adolescents…”?

    Or can we assume that Linda Harvey meant ‘adolescence’ but was too stupid and illiterate to know the difference?

    I’m going with the latter.

  12. jjose712 says

    Mike Airhart: Exactly, this is not only an antigay book, is from someone who is not qualified to write a psycological book, that could make a lot of harm.

    No respectable retailer wants to be associated with what a hate group leader wants to say.

    She can sell the book in other retailers it’s as simple as that.

    It seems there are a lot of people here to have fear to protest. They don’t want the bigots to get upset.
    And frankly, i don’t undertand this, because the bigots are going to hate you anyway.

    And i’m tired of treating equaly both postures. One is about the getting rights, and the other is people with those rights that don’t want other people to have the same rights.

    It’s like the throwing your sexuality on our thoats, nobody it’s trowing you anything at all, you can watch in other direction if you don’t want to see.

  13. Jack M says

    Hinda, your analogy is flawed. The two scenarios are not the same. For one thing, Amazon does not sell hardcore porn, but porn is available to those adults who wish to purchase it.

    If you have questions regarding comments against removing the book from Amazon’s stock, please read Ray Bradbury’s novel, Fahrenheit 451.

  14. I wont grow up says

    I’ve never heard of this book, and wouldn’t have if not for this post. Why give this hateful book more publicity than it should. In addition banning books is what the Nazis did, silencing your enemies only means you can’t see who they are.

  15. gregory brown says

    This book should be widely and easily accessible. If major retailers don’t sell it, the ugly thing will circulate via less reputable sources and the selling point will be that it was “banned” which will increase its appeal among the gullible.

    I think there is legitimate concern about kids who may proclaim that they are queer in some sense right now, then decide later that they are not. The fluidity of sexual feelings and identity is like a lab test that produces a certain number of false positives. People may feel certain about their identity at some point and follow the newly-opened paths to declare themselves on one “side” or the other. When they recognize that they were mistaken, help must be available to get them back to here they want to be. That help is not the same as the “healing” therapy that blights lives but oompassionate guidance toward a place where someone wants to be without guilt, recrimination or stigma. LGBetc Absolutists are as short sighted sometimes as the other side.

  16. Charles in Chicago says

    While some are busy celebrating the removal of an anti-gay book from Amazon’s shelves, the author of “The Anarchist Cookbook”, William Powell, is trying to get its publisher to stop printing and selling the book (, which is still available on Amazon (

    From the article: “It was an accessory in the arsenal of Karl Pierson, the student who opened fire last week inside a Colorado high school, leaving one girl in a coma before taking his own life.” “Police have linked it to the Croatian radicals who bombed Grand Central Terminal and hijacked a TWA flight in 1976; the Puerto Rican separatists who bombed FBI headquarters in 1981; Thomas Spinks, who led a group that bombed 10 abortion clinics in the 1980s; Timothy McVeigh, who bombed the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City in 1995; the Columbine High School shooters of 1999; and the 2005 London public transport bombers.”

    “Just in the last two years, law enforcement has tied the volume to Arizona shooter Jared Loughner, the Boston Marathon bombers, and at least a half dozen alleged terrorists and school shooters.”

    The author wrote the book when he was 19, in 1971, and is trying to get the publisher to stop printing it, with no success. Which is the more dangerous book? Which will/has caused the most harm? Does it matter?

    No. If we advocate banning books or pulling them from bookstore shelves and library collections, we stand on an incredibly slippery slope. For example, Anne Rice’s erotica, “The Sleeping Beauty Trilogy”, was pulled from library shelves. 2014 marks the 40th anniversary of “The Front Runner”, by Patricia Nell Warren; it has also been subjected to removal from libraries. Armistead Maupin’s “Tales of the City” miniseries was blacklisted at some local PBS stations around the country.

    Freedom of expression has to be available to everyone or the danger is that it is not available when most needed.

    I’ll leave you with a pertinent quote from Noam Chomsky: “If we don’t believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don’t believe in it at all.”

  17. Molc says

    For all the imbeciles going on about freedom of expression and free speech,Amazon are simply exercising their right not to be associated with vile hate speech. The Harvey cow is free to say whatever it wants, but there is no protection against the consequences of that speech. Bravo Amazon!

  18. Molc says

    For all the imbeciles going on about freedom of expression and free speech,Amazon are simply exercising their right not to be associated with vile hate speech. The Harvey cow is free to say whatever it wants, but there is no protection against the consequences of that speech. Bravo Amazon!

  19. says

    Amazon is free to not carry a harmful book that could destroy lives.

    Bigots who want it can get it from the Bigot’s own website.

    I weep for the poor kids whose parents read this book rather than attend a PFLAG meeting.

  20. says

    Well, maybe the only truth in what she said, is that you don’t have to identify yourself as a gay, because it would be the same thing as telling that im heterosexual and nothing else..
    I myself am bisexual, and i dont think that the love thing is about gender. Its only about the person you love.

  21. Contrarian says

    Not being familiar with the author or her agenda, I’ll assume she is as described by story reporter Geoffroy, a religious fundamentalist or equivalent. Ok, don’t buy the book. Criticize it in as many forums as possible. Raise an effing hullabaloo, but don’t destroy free speech in the process. The LGBT community, no less than any minority group doesn’t need special protection from the thoughts (as opposed to actions) of the wingnuts. Let them publish and distribute and counter them with reasoned argument. That’s how free speech works. They would suppress your speech if they had a chance, so why adopt the wingnuts tactics?

    Further, if all her book does is state that some children are sexually uncertain, and some experiment, that’s a fact. If all she says is keep pathways open and don’t jump to conclusions, that works both ways. Where is the “she must be silenced” message?

  22. Jim says

    This is unfortunate. Linda Harvey doesn’t matter. She speaks to an audience that couldn’t fill a corner booth at your local McDonald’s. It would have been great to see her irrelevance confirmed by non-existent books sales. Now that the book has been pulled, we’ll suffer an endless litany of “gays want tolerance for themselves but not for others” from the religious right. We should quit caring about people like Linda Harvey. They have no influence and no power. They would fizzle away if we’d quit paying them attention.

  23. ConcernedParent says

    You can’t even accept the possibility that MAYBE a young person might be confused about their sexual identity? If your lifestyle and existence is that fragile I feel even more sorry for you. Here’s an idea – if you don’t like the book, don’t buy it.

  24. says

    “Did Amazon pull it? or did the author?”

    POSTED BY: BUDDY | JAN 2, 2014 8:53:47 PM

    The author requested that it be pulled. See @HarveyLinda

    HarveyLinda: We decided to take book off Amazon bc of vile vicious postings. It wasn’t “banned.” Those who hate the truth don’t tell it. May re-post.

    HarveyLinda: @mraidenrussell Thanks,Aiden. BTW, I told the publisher to take down the Amazon page for now. It wasn’t Amazon.Bullies won’t win in the end.

  25. Dancer7 says

    It is absurd to believe that you can turn a person from being gay to being straight. Sexual orientation is set at birth and locked in. The only possible exceptions are straight older men who are married for a long time and have children but then decide to turn gay, or married straight women who decide later in life to become gay. You can turn a straight person gay but you can’t turn a gay person straight. The only other exception I can think of are bisexuals who can go either way. The other exceptions are some gay men who decide to establish sexual relations with women, or lesbians who occasionally fall in love with a man. The other exception is people like actress Anne Heche who was straight then gay then straigh. The other exception might be those gays who claim that they became straight by finding religion, but there is no reason to believe them. Sexual orientation can’t be changed unless you really want to I think.

  26. Allen M says

    Bottom line. Amazon has a right to publish or not publish as it sees fit!

    I see all kinds of posts about freedom of speech. That is true but isn’t Amazon entitled to the same thing?

    NO ONE should be able to force Amazon or anyone else to sell a book they don’t wish to sell! To say that they should HAVE to sell it is a violation of that same freedom some of these posts are talking about!

  27. Elizabeth humble says

    You are an incredibly brave woman. Considering your focus is on children and youth, what an appropriate topic. Do gays not want what is best for the young people? Gays should applaud this questioning! For a gay father or mother to applaud the beginning of sexual orientation of their child without questioning what age is appropriate and the consequences of having sex at a very young age, is ludicrous, whether straight or gay. I applaud you and will buy a copy of your book !

  28. Jeralee says

    I think it’s 6 of one, half dozen another, whether or not you sell on Amazon. I would ask the lgbt”Q” crowd how your book title means anything different than “QUESTIONING YOUTH?” As someone who has asked myself this and other similar questions, and chosen to refuse the homosexual identity, I must say that my personal relationships have taught me that there is NOTHING the LGBTQ crowd hates worse than a happy person who has eliminated same sex attraction from their lives! By redefining human sexuality based on desire instead of biology, they are the ones who have created a confusing context for today’s youth. Oh, and they have also created a dumbed-down population that can’t discuss viewpoints rationally so they spew hateful rhetoric to anyone with a different opinion.

  29. scarmel says

    The whole wording of the ex-gay thing is all wrong. The therapy is not intended to turn us straight, it is most likely done to turn a gay person celibate. Then the champions of these evil policies can celebrate their achievements.

    I speak from experience here. In 1972 at age 18 I was SENT (I did not volunteer) to a mental hospital by the catholic priests at my school (with my parents knowledge and agreement) to have electric shock aversion therapy (AT) to stop me being gay. In the catholic world it is OK to be gay and you can still go to heaven if you never have gay sex.

    The AT worked on me to some extent in that I have very little sex of any kind. This is because AT is designed to make the gay person anxious when with people of the same sex. It was well known as a punishment therapy in that I was punished for falling in love with my boyfriend.These electric shcoks were excrutiatingly painful. They were meant to be.

    The problem is that in my head my fantasies are of men. I am still gay, but in the company of men I am still too scared to make any advances. So, though I can’t have sex with men, being gay I do not want sex with women either.

    The therapy (6 months) in the mental hospital has left me suffering at age 60 with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and all sorts of mental health problems.

    I have written a book about my life and am trying to get it published, I hope Amazon will stock it and not get put off by the catholics complaining to them about my revelations about the Catholic priests version of AT which I received.

  30. Charles in Chicago says

    With the knowledge that the AUTHOR pulled the book from Amazon’s website rather than AMAZON removing it, this whole conversation is moot. Amazon hasn’t trampled anyone’s free speech rights, nor has it sought to protect the LBGTQ community over other groups. The danger is that, in pulling the book, the author can claim that LBGTQs are clamoring for protection from anti-LBGTQ speech and insinuate that Amazon caved. It’s vitally important that any discussion of this include the information that the author pulled the book from the site, not Amazon. (I really wondered about this – if they wouldn’t pull a book on terrorism, why would they pull this? Turns out they didn’t!)

  31. Sandra says

    Linda Harvey withdrew the book herself …. trying to decide whether to keep it on Amazon or not. The “gay” community sure has a violent and nasty way of showing “tolerance” to those who disagree with their lifestyle. What happened to freedom of speech/mind/opinion/conscience??? It seems that that is only “valid” within the “gay” community when the speech/mind/opinion/conscience is veered toward totally accepting the homosexual lifestyles.

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