Luxembourg Likely to Get Marriage Equality by End of Year

Luxembourg, the tiny Grand Duchy sandwiched between Germany, Belgium, and France which just swore in an openly gay Prime Minister, looks likely to approve marriage equality by the end of 2014, Wort.Lu reports:

LuxembourgLuxembourg Justice Minister Félix Braz announced on Wednesday that the government would vote on the bill this summer and, if approved, it could mean wedding bells for same sex couples before the end of the year.

The Grand Duchy's Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community welcomed the news.

“We're very happy about this decision of the new government. We thought initially it could be re-filed again for another couples of months or even years, due to the fact that it might be that the government judges other points on the political agenda more important than this law, ” said LGBT Rosa Lëtzebuerg Asbl president, Gabriele Schneider, adding: “We are indeed very happy to see that it is one of the important points on the agenda of the government continuing working on the law and vote all the necessary steps to have filed it during the year 2014.


  1. Marco says

    Didn’t President Clinton name San Francisco philanthropist James Hormel as the first openly gay ambassador, when he served in Luxembourg back in the day?

  2. simon says

    Now the European royal families have more marriage options. Can’t wait to see the first gay royal wedding. Going to be as spectacular as that of Charles and Diana.

  3. andrew says

    It is estimated that over 85% of the people of Luxembourg are Roman Catholic. She will join two other overwhelmingly Catholic countries, namely Portugal and Spain, in legalizing same sex marriage. So much for the influence of the Catholic Hierarchy. Actually the great majority of Roman Catholics in Western European have to be considered “Cultural Catholics” because they ignore most of the teachings of the Church. Catholics in the USA are, in ever increasing numbers, adopting a similar attitude. The beginning of the rapid collapse of respect for the Church’s teaching authority began in 1968. In that year Paul VI issued his encyclical “On Human Life” in which he declared the use of contraceptives to be gravely immoral. Since the overwhelming majority of Catholics used contraceptives, they turned their backs on this teaching and began to seriously question the Church’s teachings on a whole range of issues. We have Paul VI to thank for the collapse of the church’s influence, especially on sexual morality.

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