1. The Milkman says

    He’s 18. Porn is legal to make and to buy. Hell yes he’d better be allowed back in school. As long as he’s not making porn on school grounds, it’s no one’s business what he does on his own time. I’ve found that high school teachers, bless their hearts, can often have difficulty with that transition from minor to adult during senior year. In this case, the principal should have made another choice but instead allowed his personal ick factor to make the decision for him. Letting the kid back in school was the right thing to do.

    That said, I feel terrible for him. Doing porn of your own volition because you enjoy the sex and the exhibitionism is one thing. Doing it because you’re poor and need money to help your family makes me concerned that he’s being manipulated or coerced. I hope he comes through it okay.

  2. AmericanDreamer says

    Does anyone else find it sickening that Sean Cody recruits 18 year old high school students to appear in its films?

    Aren’t some of those films bareback?

    Every porn studio should have a 21 age minimum

  3. The Milkman says

    Legal age in the US is 18. If you’re old enough to fight in a war, you’re old enough to do an adult video if you want. It’s the risk of coercion that I worry about.

  4. David says

    @The Milkman: At the risk of revealing too much of my own habits, I have seen the films this young man has been in, and first, he flat out states that he is in high school, so there is no denial of his age. And either he is the world’s greatest actor, or he was legit have a grand ol’ time doing the films. It may be helping pay the bills, but he seems to genuinely be enjoying the “work.”
    Of greater concern, is that these films do not employ safer sex practices. That is the area where I fear he is most likely being manipulated or misinformed. It’s one thing for adults in their mid or late 20’s to knowingly participate in high-risk sexual activities, but this boy is barely a man. His capacity for making informed decisions is less seasoned.

  5. Taggart says

    I’d love to be all sex positive and stuff but it kind of saddens me that a barely legal still in high school student has to perform in bareback orgies to support his family. Was college or community college not an option? He should save some of that porn money for therapy bills. Was his mother too old to be a sex worker herself? What kind of parenting is this? Physical maturity doesn’t equal emotional maturity.

  6. OddBet says

    “Was college or community college not an option?”

    You do realize that those cost money, correct? If he felt the need to do porn to pay his family’s bills, I doubt he has a college fund just lying around.

    And who is to say that he isn’t planning on using some of that money for college? He wouldn’t be the first performer, even the first Sean Cody performer, to do porn to help pay for school.

  7. The Milkman says

    I’m more intrigued by men of a certain age, though I can understand the appeal of this young man. I assume that when he stated in his film that he was in high school, he didn’t also report being under 18… otherwise Sean Cody Inc. would have trouble on their hands (assuming they don’t already). Agreed that his age is less of a concern than the risks he’s taken, medical, professional, and social. Physical and emotional maturity certainly do not appear simultaneously. One can be quite mature and insightful as a teen, while I know several middle-aged men whose emotional maturation seems to have halted somewhere during the Reagan administration. The risk of coercion is the primary issue here for me. It’s my understanding that male porn actors don’t make very much money compared to their female counterparts. Because of that, it makes me wonder whether there were other factors at work in deciding to make porn at such a young age. In the long run, I suppose I should mind my own business. But when public schools (assume this is a public HS) expel someone for it, then I get troubled. Expelling someone from high school will in my opinion do more to ruin someone’s life and livelihood than appearing in a handful of adult films in one’s teens.

  8. Rick says

    I don’t have any problem with an 18-year-old doing porn, and I don’t have a problem with it being bareback.

    What I hate are the tattooed “actors” and the excessive facial hair that some of them have.

  9. says

    Robert will be allowed back in school on Wednesday & allowed to graduate. The school district here in Brevard County is backpedaling furiously.

  10. Sam says

    Florida is a weird state for public education which is why they rank so low in the US. Many schools have morality clauses especially with sex.

  11. greystoke says

    People are coming down hard on the principal, but I tend to believe her heart was in the right place. What kind of signal does it send when highschoolers are launching protest campaigns about a fellow student’s right to be exploited in porn films?

  12. crispy says

    Oh please. If this was a straight kid doing straight porn, he would not have been bullied by schoolmates (he would have been hailed as a hero) and the principal would not have expelled him.

    Give me a break with this “her heart was in the right place” BS. The only place her heart was in was bigotry.

  13. Gray Stroke says

    @Greystroke: Disagree. If the principal’s “heart were in the right place”, she would have engaged a social worker and/or tried to get the kid counselling, and maybe at least have investigated the (alleged) underlying economic issues.

    Knee-jerk expulsion is for soulless bureaucrats who don’t give a damn about anything more than putting in their 30 years and getting a public pension.

  14. Derric From Philly says

    Kind of sickening to hear all the bareback Nazis sounding off in here. Gays who condemn other gays for their sexual practices are just as judgmental and bigoted as fundamentalist preachers who call all gays perverts.

  15. Randy says

    “What kind of signal does it send when highschoolers are launching protest campaigns about a fellow student’s right to be exploited in porn films?”

    All work for an employer is exploitation. That’s why you get paid for it.

    I think it’s great that highschoolers would recognize his freedom to work, and not be homophobic about the video he appeared in.

    I think he should require an apology from the school, and get all penalties resulting from his work (and their response, and his reaction to their response) removed from his record. He should be provided supplemental education, at their expense, to replace the lost days of schooling, and he should be compensated for any lost work hours during the time such education takes place.

  16. OddBet says

    Men in straight porn make substantially less than women, but the pay in gay porn is not bad, which is why there are so many gay for pay performers.

    About four years ago or so, a scout for a studio offered me $3000 for a weekend shoot, plus travel expenses, hotel stay, and a per diem for food. I can’t say that I wasn’t tempted, but I politely declined.

  17. Hard for the Money says

    The “help my family better its economic position” argument is kind of nebulous.

    And what kind of mother lets her son do gay porn to pay the family’s bills?

    I know that there are some mothers and fathers who pimp their kids, both literally and figuratively, but the mother doesn’t seem like pure trailer trash, and the kid himself seems at least half bright. (And totally hot.)

    Yeah, and you can bet that the principal moistened her granny panties watching this kid’s work. Then hypocritically expelled him.

  18. EYE ROLL says

    Oh Rick. Of course you only object to the superficial. You couldn’t care less about risky sexual behavior. As long as you get off to it, who cares if a young actor becomes the next HIV statistic. Shallow.

  19. Rad says

    MEANWHILE in Florida, and 17 year old female with a tramp stamp can go and dance on a pole for a living.

  20. Derric From Philly says

    @Eye Roll: I have it on good authority that Rick was being sarcastic. Everyone chimes in here with some hair-splitting objection. Porn is bad! Bareback porn is bad! 18-year olds in porn is bad! Everyone should be 21 and have a college degree before they can do porn!

    Everyone wants to impose his values and standards of morality on everyone else.

  21. Jon says

    Him being 18 shouldn’t matter…he’s still a high school student, and high schools still have a reasonable expectation that their students not be involved in the porn industry. This isn’t a “gay” thing, this is a “porn” thing. The same standard would be held to an 18 year old no matter WHAT kind of porn it was. High schoolers ought not to be acting in porn flicks or movies, and to require that of high school students is a reasonable expectation.

    Suspending is reasonable. Expelling him would also be reasonable. There are limits to individual “rights” when you are a K-12 student, whether you are 18 years of age or not.

  22. mlpjlk says

    He is 18 – an adult – allowed to make his own decisions. That is part of being an adult. Preforming bareback is a decision that must be left up to the performer. There is a market for everything.

  23. Perry says

    lol Exploited to do porn? I guess no one believes in personal responsibility for the decisions we make. If someone is old enough to sign a legally binding contract, vote for elected officials, protect his nation from external threats, serve as a police officer and protect his community, enter into a marriage and have sex, then he/she is damn old enough to make the decision to do bareback porn. Grow up and stop telling ADULTS what choices (no matter how foolish it is) they can or can’t make.

  24. OddBet says

    Jon, a school, as the school board rightfully ruled, cannot suspend/expel a student for engaging in a legal activity on their own time that has no bearing on the school whatsoever. This is why the principal attempted to use the excuse of it creating a disturbance to suspend him, rather than just flat out blaming the porn.

    Should a student be expelled for having a kid at the age of 16? For smoking at 18? How about going to Cancun and getting drunk? Attending public school is a right, one that should not and cannot be withdrawn unless the behavior of a student poses a threat to the safety of the school.

    Also, you disagree with the life this kid has chosen, so you would suggest the solution of completely destroying his life? Florida law recommends that schools seek alternative solutions to issues of violence and criminal behavior, but in your mind, legally appearing in porn is worthy of expulsion.

  25. says

    No, suspending him was not reasonable, it was immoral. If it’s any of the school’s business at all, it should only be to help him stay in school and graduate so that he has more options in life. Suspending or expelling a student for participating in porn serves no useful purpose other than to unfairly disrupt his life.

  26. R.i.c.k. says

    @ Jon: “…high schools still have a reasonable expectation that their students not be involved in the porn industry…”

    You’re making this stuff up! There is NO such ‘reasonable expectation’. High schools DO try to impose UNREASONABLE and IRRATIONAL standards of behavior on their students from time to time, but as soon as the lawyers get involved you almost always see the hapless administrators back down.

    Could a high school expel a student for working in a movie theater that showed R-rated films that the school administrators deemed inappropriate? Answer: No!

    What if they worked at a theme park that included objectionable mascots? Answer: No!

    Can high schools expel teenagers who become pregnant? Or who impregnate other students? No and No!

    Could a high school expel an 18-year old who worked as an exotic dancer? No! (And particularly not if she gets video of said adminstrators patronizing the club.)

    For that matter, have you seen the dance routines that school-sponsored drill teams perform? The main difference between the gyrations those girls perform and the ones performed in porn is a pair of panties.

    High schools are FULL of young women who perform sex for money or presents. Do you see high school administrators up in arms clamoring to expel them? No!

    And as for what a high school’s role SHOULD be, if they believe that their students are involved in harmful or self-destructive behavior, high schools SHOULD be trying to get these kids help and get them back on a better path. Not just washing their hands of kids who get in over their heads. THAT is the rational role for public schools.

  27. Steve Talbert says

    Bareback sex is the same as riding a motorcycle without a helmet.. but different in that you are having your partner ride without on too.

    It should be banned because there is a risk that when the accident happens, society pays the cost of private actions. However, it should be legal because if people are 18, then they can do what they want (except drink.. which is really stupid since they can instead die in battle defending the country).

    If people are stupid enough to bareback and/or ride a motorcycle without a helmet, then soon their gene pool will be decreased and the impact of them on society in general will eventually diminish.

    Desperate people can always be coerced. either by money or emotions. Life is not fair and it’s hard,, but there’s some great stuff along the way.

  28. Steve Talbert says

    Bareback sex is the same as riding a motorcycle without a helmet.. but different in that you are having your partner ride without on too.

    It should be banned because there is a risk that when the accident happens, society pays the cost of private actions. However, it should be legal because if people are 18, then they can do what they want (except drink.. which is really stupid since they can instead die in battle defending the country).

    If people are stupid enough to bareback and/or ride a motorcycle without a helmet, then soon their gene pool will be decreased and the impact of them on society in general will eventually diminish.

    Desperate people can always be coerced. either by money or emotions. Life is not fair and it’s hard,, but there’s some great stuff along the way.

  29. Troy says

    Old pornstars do not age well and after they use you up, you make a few big mistakes, regret the path and choices you made: was it worth it? For the few gold coins they threw your way. Money isn’t everything and sometimes saying no to a few silver hoops make you see them for the noose around the neck they truly are. Google a few old pornstars it aint a pretty sight or story…

  30. anon says

    Well, suing the school district will fix the family’s financial problems. While the Supreme Court has ruled that school officials can enforce discipline outside of school, given his age and other first amendment issues, I doubt they will want to fight this through the court system.

  31. peterparker says

    I watched one of his videos at Sean Cody. It was hot. And while this may have been his first time having sex with men in front of a camera, it obviously was NOT his first time at the rodeo. And he seemed to be enjoying the ride immensely. Honestly, I’m envious of the experience. I would have loved to have been in that scene when I was his age.

  32. Jonty Coppersmith says

    Obviously adults can make their own decisions, but that doesn’t change the fact that his decision was irresponsible. Barebacking with multiple partners SHOULD be condemned. Clearly his mother knew what was going on. Did she try to talk him out of risking his life for a few bucks? Final point, NO I don’t think the school/principal was right to expel him. I’m glad that public pressure has forced her to allow him back in school.

  33. SpaceCadet says

    Bareback sex is the same as riding a motorcycle and should be banned? But then how will people have babies?

  34. SpaceCadet says

    And kudos to the young man if he did it to support his family AND he actually enjoyed the experience, which judging by the videos, he clearly did. And it’s not for a few bucks. A decade back I was offered by a scout for Sean Cody $3000 for a solo and $6000 for full-on sex. That’s very tempting money and flattering but I didn’t do it. Assuming the pay scale is still roughly the same, this performer already made enough with his multiple videos to pay for about 2 full years at a more affordable public university.

  35. jj says

    Really, as HARD FOR THE MONEY pointed out, why on earth would a mother all but encourage her 18 year-old son to do porn?! Don’t tell me it’s just for the money; there are plenty of other things that kid could be doing to earn cash that doesn’t entail selling his junk. If only he was one year younger, he could be whisked out of state to a better home. That mother is GROSS.

  36. Michael says

    Did anyone else notice the school district spokeperson’s choice of words? “Lifestyle choice”?

  37. jim says

    Porn is about drugs and desperation. Gay men need to stop celebrating porn.

    As for this student, I think he needs to see a psychologist. I think it’s terribly sad that he feels the need to exploit his own body – and to allow Sean Cody Films to exploit him – for the purpose of a few bucks. I’d also be interested to know if he has a drug addiction.

    This student should not be turned into a cause celebre. I pity him.

  38. jim says

    Porn IS a lifestyle choice. Let’s not pretend it isn’t. To somehow bring it under the umbrella of “gay rights” is laughable and deplorable.

    Look, if you want to perform in porn or watch porn in private, go right ahead. Just don’t expect others to approve of your actions.

  39. jarago says

    He is a cute kid and is using his looks to make money- is gay porn a form of prostitution yeah maybe- but he is 18 and that is his choice.

  40. Joel says

    Well, whenever the subject of porn comes up, I ask myself why, if it OK to have sex, is it not OK to watch somebody else having sex? Is there anything else where people think it is OK to do but not to watch?

  41. jim says


    LOL, you’re a goose.

    I love sex. In fact, all people love sex. It’s just that a lot of us don’t like it when it’s prostituted.

  42. Keitih says

    The one really cool thing about this story is the support he got from other kids. In many other schools if a kid is even suspected of being gay the other kids would make life miserable for him, often so much so much that he would decide to leave the school, or worse. Here we have students who can go online and see this guy engaging in gay sex (and you know they all have!) and they are supporting him instead of harassing him. (The job of harassing him apparently falls to the adults this time.) That’s a huge generational change.

  43. Jim says

    If you’re 18, you can sign-up with the Marines and go kill people. If you can do that, why can’t you do a jack-off vid? You’re an adult at 18 and you’re entirely responsible for what you do. And no public official has the legal authority to punish you–including school principals or superintendents. This guy should be phoning up the ACLU. If he sues and wins damages, maybe he can pay family bills that way.

  44. Bill says

    @Steve Talbert : the barebacking in porn productions is probably not quite as risky as it seems, provided that the “actors” are tested before the filming. Also, they are supposed to pull out early so that ejaculations can be filmed. Both reduce the risks, although not to zero, but possibly well below the risks of barebacking with a “sex partner du jour”. Also, what looks like seconds in a film could be an hour apart in real life, and facial expressions can be faked and sound effects added later.

    Some guy who was in a porn production told me that making those things is not particularly sexual. Besides having the film crew around, they have to “freeze” every so often, frequently in awkward positions, so that the camera(s) can be moved or reloaded with whatever media is being used to record the video.

  45. Bobel says

    this is another case of Panic and “what if”
    and the case basically revolves around SHOCK and COMMUNITY STANDARDS. Having been in H.S. education for 39 yrs, I was most concerned that the boy would be denied his graduation. Why? Florida allowed a man to kill a young teen, and go scot free, so why not allow this young man an adult,
    to be free also. Get over yourselves in FL and realize he had reasons to perform in the gay movie. Glad to read he is back in school, now encourage and guide him to move forward.

  46. johnny says

    Porn exists so that guys who have no hope of getting laid can at least watch someone else have sex and get off doing so. Sort of a paid-for public service, I guess.


    It’s a sad life for the “actors”, however and that’s what is depressing about this story. That the young guy could not find ANYTHING else to do except porn… seriously? I realize it’s fast/easy money, but it comes at a price. My brother worked his way through college and ended up getting a PHD, working the whole time at almost ANY job he could find (except porn). I don’t think it’s a smart choice for any guy because it’s going to stay with him until he’s 45 and then what? SeanCody and the like isn’t going to want him then.

    Think about it: Would you want to partner up for life with a guy who’s currently doing porn? I sure as hell would not. That’s what is so hypocritical about everyone here saying “Oh, no big deal, it’s great, he’s 18, let him do it!” Really? Are you going to be around to be his partner later?


  47. johnny says

    Bobel, it’s not a gay movie, if it were, that would be different.

    It’s x-rated porn. No acting needed.

  48. jim says

    Most of the guys who do “gay porn” are not gay in the exclusive sense and nor do they identify with the gay rights movement. They do porn for the money, pure and simple.

  49. Trojan Whore says

    @Jim: Isn’t prostitution about sex? (Yes.) So if porn is about prostitution, then isn’t porn about sex? (Yes.)

    Happy to clear up your logical fallacies. You don’t even have to thank me.

  50. Mo says

    I worry for Robert now. I have no idea if he was mature enough to make the decision to do porn or not as I don’t know how aware of the consequences he is or isn’t. Who didn’t dream of being a porn star for a minute when they were 18? He identifies as gay in the films and I worry that this will follow him forever before his life has really begun. It looks like HE went to the media and his mother knows about what he’s doing though so here’s hoping this mess caused by the school and made larger by the media doesn’t ruin his life.

  51. jim says


    “Prostitution” is about being paid money to engage in sex. The person who is paying you is either the person you are having sex with or a third party consisting of somebody who is NOT engaging in the sex act with you.

    On the other hand, “sex” is something you do within the four walls of your house for the express pleasure of yourself and your partner. There is no monetary transaction.

    Therefore, sex cannot be defined as prostitution and prostitution cannot be defined as sex. They are two different words with two different meanings. Glad I cleared that up for you…..

  52. Devon says

    @Johnny, you say “it’s going to stay with him until he’s 45,” and yet his fellow students and the local media are rallying around him NOW. You’re just projecting your hang-ups onto everyone else.

  53. oncemorewithfeeling says

    I have zero problem with an 18 year old making the choice to appear in porn, especially to support his family. I have a big problem with a porn producer exploiting any vulnerable performer into risking their lives for money, and, due to their lack of maturity, 18 year old people are vulnerable, especially the ones who are desperate for cash.

    Death Porn isn’t sexy. It’s even less sexy when someone who is barely no longer a child is doing it at all, let alone with multiple partners. If it wasn’t for that, there’d be nothing wrong with what he’s doing.

  54. David says

    I like how this news station never once mentioned that it was gay porn nor made any reference to it whatsoever! Now that’s good reporting.

  55. jarago says

    This is similar to the story about the college wrestler who was caught doing porn but that was only a jerk off video. It might also be a generational issue to teen who can watch porn on the internet doing it for money might not seem like such a negative deal.

  56. andrew says

    Robert “Noel” seems like a great kid. His porn scenes at Sean Cody are beautiful and fun to watch. In them physically fit young men are shown enjoying sexual intimacies with one another. The scenes are beautiful, positive, upbeat and fun. The only negative that I see is that Sean Cody Studios has the models perform without condoms. That is just a needless risk to the good health of the models. It may also be sending the message to other young people, gay and straight that bareback sex is no big deal. Some good can come out of this controversy if the spotlight on the dangers of condomless sex causes the porn studios to stop this practice.

  57. American Dreamer says

    As a former district attorney I have no doubt in my mind that this incident is going to trigger an investigation of Sean Cody by Florida’s attorney general and the attorney generals of other states to determine if all of the actors really were the legal age to appear in porn films (regardless of whether they are straight or gay).

    I really hope Sean Cody gets caught with its pants down and gets put out of business

    18 year olds do not belong in porn. Especially not bareback porn

  58. steve says

    I’m personally sick of the number of gay men that expect to have unsafe sex – it’s shocking when they want to hook up and find out they want to go bareback…wtf?!? If using condoms in porn would help reduce this a bit so I don’t get solicited for unsafe sex, then I would support it personally. I feel grateful that one of my first dating experiences was with a guy who was HIV+, I think it made the whole thing seem so much more real…right from the get go I knew it was real risk.

  59. alliefoo says

    I love people who condemn things they know nothing about. I have and do porn. Hell, I have a threesome hardcore scene next weekend that’s bareback. If you’re shooting for any established company testing is mandatory and frequent. I test before every single time I shoot with them as do they. Barebacking in porn is one of the safest ways to bareback period. The only times I hear about people catching STDs involved them escorting or catching it from partners outside of shoots. Unless you know the first thing about the industry then please zip it.

    That said, I’ll admit that there is a alcohol and drug abuse issue with many performers. I personally don’t even drink caffeine much less alcohol or anything harder but I know a lot of stars who do.

    And no, I don’t have self esteem issues or whatever bull some of you are coming up with. I just really like sex, like being paid a lot to do it, and enjoy sharing my body. I’m putting myself through college and getting a bachelors in computer science with a minor in electrical engineering by screwing my brains out. Not a bad way to do it.

  60. alliefoo says

    Point is, I’m a bit tired of this claim that porn is dangerous or risky. How many of you have your partners tested literally every time you have sex with them?

  61. Bill says

    @American Dreamer : one thing I’d object to in your comment is the implication, intentional or not, that a DA should hassle people with an investigation because he doesn’t like what they are doing. It is not unheard of for an 18 year old to be in high school. Some people repeat a grade and the month one is born in has an effect as well.

    If you think 18 is too young, it is legitimate to ask the legislature to change the law, but the DA’s office should not be used to hassle people based on the DA’s idea of what the laws should be.

    @alliefoo : testing is not 100% reliable, in part due to a window period – the interval between being infected and for the virus or antibodies to be detectable in a test. The length of the window period depends on the test used, with cost being a factor. A useful detail you could provide, given your experience, is how early you are supposed to pull out, as the risk is apparently lower if little to no bodily fluids are transferred, particularly for anal sex. With such data available, someone with medical expertise might be able to comment on the risk level from a quantitative standpoint.

  62. Bill says

    @Randy: One might also add a classic line from The Pirates of Penzance, where the “Pirate King” says (more or less), “It’s a living – and compared to respectability, a relatively honest one.” He then points out that a pirate does a lot less “dirty work” than what many monarchs do to stay in power.

  63. alliefoo says

    “testing is not 100% reliable”
    Neither are condoms. Usually the test is 3-4 weeks before a shoot. That’s long enough for near everything to show up. Also, any sex is risky but we are pretty safety conscious about stds since you’re only as good as a clean test. Hell, even kissing someone is a risk with certain stds.

    While not everyone pulls out I have never done a scene that wasn’t. Usually it’s a couple second, maybe 5-10.

  64. Bill says

    @alliefoo : you are confused about the timing. The window period is the time between an infection and when it can be detected by a test. For a test with a window period of 4 weeks, testing 4 weeks before a shoot means that you won’t detect any infections more recent than 8 weeks before the shoot. I’d recommend talking to a physician about the type of test being used and what level of protection you can expect to get from it.

    Also testing and using a condom are not mutually exclusive. There’s an argument for using both measures as they are independent of each other. Also, there was an article recently that said that one studio is going to produce videos where condoms are erased by digital processing.

  65. Dan says

    Some of you speak of those infected with HIV with such hatred and contempt I feel like I am reading the comments section if Fox News had written this story.

    If your friend became infected with HIV I would bet you couldn’t be a true friend to that person anymore based on what I’m reading. The self-righteous attitudes of some on here about judging someone who has BB sex, does porn or even watches porn shocks me. What a bunch of self-haters you are. Sex unless in a relationship is bad according to some of you. I would not recommend someone have bb sex but your judging and comments about those people dying off like they were nothing or questioning someones possible drug addiction is something I expect from the far right but you who wrote these things are worse than the far right. You are supposed to be our brothers but because your brother does something (drugs, promiscuity, bb sex, porn, open relationships, etc, etc) you are afraid will look bad to straights about gay people and gay sex you exhibit this self-righteous attitude. Based on psychological studies most of you who write these hate-filled comments about our brothers are damaged psychologically yourself from your childhood, your family, society and religion. I am saddened that we forget the people who started Stonewall were mostly drag queens and flamboyant gays. Without them you would not be able to have sex legally. You make me sick to my stomach.

  66. peterparker says

    @BILL: The models at are tested for HIV using an RNA by PCR test which has a window period of 1-3 weeks. This test has the shortest window period available. It is my understanding that this is the test all porn companies use, so I would imagine ALLIEFOO is being tested using this method.

    Is it fail safe? Of course not. But it is a helluva lot safer than having sex with some random that you brought home from a bar while both of you were drunk (or high) and not concerned with condoms. That scenario is fraught with danger since you are depending on a total stranger to be forthcoming with his HIV status, to actually KNOW his HIV status, and to have remained HIV negative since his last test which may have been months ago and probably was a standard HIV antibody test which only tells you what his status was 3 months before the test he took 3 more months before that! Now, that scenario is repeated all over the world every weekend by thousands (millions?) of young gay men. If only they were being tested like the seancody models, there would be far fewer infections.

  67. Taylor says

    It is quite sad this young kid is not only doing what he’s doing but being supported by both his mother and classmates. To be intimate with some1 for monetary gain is damaging whether you realize it at the time or not. I used to be in the sex industry and it took me years to realize the emotional and mental damage i was doing to myself. Like this kid i was about 19 when i started and i am now 25. I have a great many intimacy issues with partners and current bf and I’m severly damaged from years of meaningless sex.

    What is also disturbing is the bareback part and I’m far from self-righteous as i have SEVERAL BEST FRIENDS that are HIV positive…ironically enough no less than 2 weeks ago ANOTHER one of my good friends called me crying from becoming newly infected. THE RISK IS REAL! And for those who think all is well because porn companies “test” ppl are sadly mistaken because not every agency does as one of my previously mentioned HIV positive friends is in the porn industry…just came back from a shoot in SAN FRAN. It may seem worth it at the time but everything that glitters isn’t gold and will an individual really be proud of themself when they have to answer for that. And by no means am i perfect….but i don’t run around thinking it’s cute to be making such decisions.

  68. Rob says

    If you are infected on Monday your viral load is detectable on Tuesday. Costs an extra hundred bucks, but it’s the only test they should use when so much is at stake.

  69. alliefoo says

    @Bill, wasn’t confused, just was dead tired and not thinking about what I was typing. What I meant was that we don’t have sex 3-4 weeks before a shoot for the shoot.

  70. alliefoo says

    LOL and apparently I’m not much better in the morning either. Correction: “before a shoot.”

  71. alliefoo says

    Actually, that should read 3-4 weeks before a test. The test is about a week before a shoot. I’ve heard of some people pushing it and doing two though.

  72. MuchMuchMunching says

    I doubt anyone here bothered to look at the original reporting where the kid’s mother is in tears because she sees her son as a terrific guy for being able to bring income into the household when she couldn’t.

    As to those folks who asked if maybe she could have worked as a sex worker, you just have to look at her to see she’s not emotionally or physically prepared.

    Weather BB is a good idea or not (and it really is up to individuals to police their behavior no matter how personally damaging it might be) I too am concerned about kids doing these sorts of shoots when their own natural ‘indestructible’ mindset gets mixed up with people showing them bogus or useless testing.

    And before anyone jumps on me for being sex negative, or part of the BB police, I don’t care what you – as adults – do. I am not happy that my tax money goes to pay for your drugs and disability (but I’m not happy when folks stuff themselves with doughnuts and become disabled and costing a lot of money while they slowly die either).

    What bothers me is those sites that give ‘rapid response’ testing to their performers and then assume these sex workers haven’t participated in any other possibly exposing behavior in the 6 days or so the tests are unable to respond to.

    TIM, which is a whole other kettle of fish, at least acknowledges that its performers are dosing each other.

  73. Welcome to Civilization says

    @MuchMuchMunching: Do you similarly resent your tax dollars going to provide prenatal care to single mothers? To drug-addicted mothers? To mothers who live with but refuse to marry their baby-daddies?

    Do you resent your tax dollars going to educate children who aren’t yours? Who were born out of wedlock, and supported by the public all their lives?

    You can resent things all you want, but in a civilized society, risk (and responsibility) for somethings is collectively shared.

  74. John P. says

    Leave him alone. He’s of age. Has the right
    to make porn if he wants to and what does
    that have to do with his education?

  75. Bill says

    @alliefoo : So what you are saying is that they are not supposed to have sex for 3 to 4 weeks before a test that they get one week or so before the filming (and I presume, no sex during that week too), so the total is 4 to 5 weeks of abstinence.

    Even if the test is 100% reliable (which is not likely – don’t forget processing errors), you still have the residual risk from people who don’t follow those rules.

    The safest choice is to use the test, use a condom, and then digitally erase the condom. On the credits they can put up the equivalent of “no animals were hurt during the production of this movie” that studios would use in westerns where a horse would appear to be shot.

  76. mmike1969 says

    Screw these bigoted pigs in Flori-Duh. I hope the family sue the hell out of the school district and then money problems will disappear AND his college fund gets funded.

  77. says

    Which raises the awkward question. What’s the real faux pas? Punishing someone for choosing to partake in their sexuality that sits uncomfortably with mores or the inconvenience of having someone blatantly remind you that sexuality is rampant, even in 18 year old same sex school boys.

    Of course one can’t help but wonder if the boy would have been suspended in the first place had he appeared in a heterosexual sex film….

  78. Luke says

    What’s the problem if his mother use him to make money? He’s a guy, not a girl, so his duty is to take care of his women, economically too. I think he’s not gay, he made gay porn just for money, so he’s a just a guy who did his duty toward his family. Surely bareback scenes are better payed. It would be scandalous and disgusting if a family forced a woman to make porn. But a women can force her adult sons and her husband to do everything for money. We men have our duties toward the women, especially our mothers, wives and daughters. Rather we should fight the porn that exploits women.