Maxim Martsinkevich, Leader of Russian Vigilante Group That Tortures Gay Teens, Has Fled to Cuba


Maxim Martsinkevich, the leader of the homophobic vigilante group "Occupy Paedophilia" that has lured and tortured a number of gay teens in Russia before posting its exploits to social media, has been on the lam for several months now, and Vocativ reports that he has turned up in Cuba:

Maxim, also known as “Tesak” (Russian for cleaver), bounced to Ukraine first, and is now in Cuba. Russian news site Life News ran an interview with him Wednesday.

According to posts on Martsinkevich’s VKontakte social networking page, he was in Cuba as early as December 10. According to the visa agreement between Russia and Cuba, Russians are allowed to stay without a visa for 30 days. That means he either needs to get a visa now, stay illegally or leave. And he says he doesn’t have the money to fly home.

In a post on his blog today, he talks about flying from Kiev to Havana via Frankfurt, and expounds on the lack of virtues of the German airport. Martsinkevich does not find German women attractive. He says nothing about his visa situation or future travel plans.

Martsinkevich posted a plea to supporters via his blog asking them to petition the Russian government to hold his questioning and trial via Skype. He also suggested a novel and laughable form of punishment:

"In case of conviction, I offer to serve the prison term virtually, by placing an avatar behind bars for the amount of time designated by the court. That would be fair and just, and would help bring about legal innovation. If you agree, repost this message."



  1. Hansel Currywurst says

    “Martsinkevich does not find German women attractive.”

    Most likely he doesn’t find any women attractive, as his actions have been those of a self-hating homosexual.

  2. HadenoughBS says

    There was a character in HBO’s “The Sopranos” with the perfect name for this piece of homophobic Russian crap: Big Pussy. He deserves to spend his life – broke and homeless – in Cuba. Perhaps he should visit the American “resort” at Guantanamo Bay. I’m sure there’s an open-air cabana there perfectly suited for this bigoted criminal.

  3. Badlydrawnbear says

    And like all Uber homophobes the pics of this guy taking rent boy cock balls deep will be surfacing in 3,2,1 …

  4. Fausto Fernandez says

    Cuba is much more tolerant than Russia, thanks in great part to Mariela Castro. Let’s see what Cuba does.

  5. SHATWINQUA says

    Sad to say it, but I think that HANSEL CURRYWURST is correct, and that he’s indeed a self-hating gay guy. I can’t find another explanation.

  6. Michael Sawyer says

    Irony of all irony, he flees from his homophobic country so as not have to answer for his homophobic crimes to a country with gay & lesbian protections and a police force less beholden to public ethics than in his country.

  7. Brian1 says

    @andy towle

    I know you enjoy fanning the flames of this russian hatred thing, but I don’t remember anywhere in your dozens of anti russian posts mentioning that the Russian government was cracking down on these homophobic thugs. Several months ago I got slammed (like I will on this post) for saying that Russia isn’t as bad as many/most countries because at least being gay isn’ t illegal. And over 90% of the comments attacking me referenced all these crimes, saying I was an idiot for thinking this wasn’t government sanctioned. I knew at the time these commenters were wrong but this isn’t my fight so I moved on. But you’ve done everything you possibly could do to make these attacks seem like police or at least government sanctioned anti gay violence. That was never the case, but you just refuse to let truth get in the way of a story.

    You do this time and again, in many ways just as bad as the liars on Fox, saying anything to drum up some viewers. There’s enough disgusting Russian behaviour (like the article about the orthodox priest today) to make a very compelling case that the country could be shunned. But as usual you’ve gone way beyond the truth to overexcite your readers and you continue to tear your credibility to shreds.

  8. says

    @Brian1: I think you’re correct that some of the simplistic posts inflame irrational Russian hatred–hatred of Russians and not just the despicable Putin government. It’s easy for people to say Russia is a sewer and all Russians are scum or whatever, and it really means nothing.

    And, yes, it is worth talking about who the Russian government is cracking down on and their real motives for doing so, but the government doesn’t have to officially sanction thugs beating up gay people to make it a problem. When a government and its sanctioned religion create an atmosphere that inflames anti-gay violence, it’s a big issue. If LGBT people can’t exist in Russia with any expectations of safety, who’s officially sanctioning what isn’t the first concern.

    The proposal of recriminalizing homosexuality (gay could very well be illegal again, apres-Sochi) and holding a hate-inflaming referendum on it in a “democracy” (joke) is symbolic of how Russia is moving backwards as Putin grows more desperate to hold power, and unofficial sanctioning of anti-gay violence is a very real threat in Russia and shouldn’t be downplayed because other countries in the world are worse.

  9. anon says

    It would indeed be a novel legal move to put his avatar in prison while letting the “original” go free. If he really believes that it would explain why he was so prone to violence, as he seems not to be able to tell the difference between gaming and real life. What are the odds he was abused by his father or other male relative as a child? Did he retreat into video games as an escape?

  10. Daniel Berry, NYC says

    The Cuban leadership has staked out a different territory when it comes to this issue. The boy from Russia may be about to find out that he has made yet another big mistake.

    Meanwhile, there are a lot of big, gorgeous dark-skinned gay Cuban men who, I’m sure, will be glad to give some payback to this coward.

  11. says

    It is indeed encouraging that he’s on the lam and that finally some steps are being taken to reign in these hideous “Occupy” movements. It’s taken a while, though.

    For a while the authorities did nothing but close down some groups on vkontakte (the Russian FB). I think a couple of high-profile cases, one involving a contestant on Ukraine’s X-factor (who brought charges) and another involving a citizen of Swaziland (which brought diplomatic attention) made official inaction impossible.

    There is little doubt that the atmosphere created by Putin’s official positions on foreigners and LGBT issues have encouraged these hooligans in their work. One sidekick of Martsinkevich’s, a 16 year old (Radzinsky), even said as much: we didn’t do anything illegal! Or so they were convinced. It’s only the international attention and some brave victims who have spoken up and brought charges that have made the authorities do anything. I don’t think, though, that anyone is yet behind bars.

    Compare that to the Spanish offshoot, some kind of “pilla pilla” movement against gays in Catalunya. Led by a Ukrainian (again the Martsinkevich connection). But this relatively new group has already had four members arrested.

    Spain: quick arrests.
    Russia: no arrests yet, except of people in absentia.

    Some links:

  12. Daniel says

    The nature of what he does–stripping and torturing these men just make me think he’s a very sick, self-loathing closet case. This man needs to be locked away.

  13. tyler says

    Mariela treats LGBT like her personal little pets and she expects undying loyalty in exchange for little handouts like controlled gay parades and sex reassignment surgeries

  14. Robert says

    No sympathy for Hatchet here.

    Yes he’s a big, stupid Russian homo. Who else would come up with a plan to get a group of hot, muscular Russian Nazi’s to surround a pretty twink, get the twink to describe all of his sexual practices while licking a rubber penis, and then douse the twink with a golden shower at the end?

    Hopefully some much-needed poverty in a Communist country will get him to reform his ways. But I admit that I am an optimist.

  15. reality says

    He looks mentally retarded … and that’s not meant to be an insult to that community, but this dude looks like he has brain damage

  16. walter says

    now is the time for cuba to prove that they are for equality like they claim arrest the bastard and deport him to be tried

  17. StranglerFig says

    I hope Maxim gets found by some very ready, angry, and revengeful gays in a context that allows them to act out against him without interference or consequence.

    I said it before and I’ll say it again; he deserves to unrest in an unmarked shallow grave. That or to decompose in little pieces in different places.

  18. tyler W says

    will be interested to see what happens to this guy in Cuba. as part of the Pedro Pan airlift I have kept an eye on Cuban activities. I know of people sent to the isle of Pines for the Cuban stated crime of having AIDS. I do not believe what the government puts forth for the rest of the world to see.

  19. Bill says

    If his reason for not returning to Russia to be tried is not affording airfare, all it would take is a penny from each gay person in the U.S., with most of the funds collected going to support gay-rights organizations.

  20. Luke says

    Despite what some seem to think , this scum bag left Russia not because of any of his crimes against homosexuals . But for some racism charge , come on Russia does not care any about gay rights .