1. Todd says

    Another person who throws the “I have gay friends therefore I’m not a bigot despite the fact I don’t want them to fully enjoy the life I’m wasting” excuse. Gay is not a practice (unless it’s about gag reflex…hehe…couldn’t resist). And last I checked Mr. Biblepants if you starve yourself to death you are committing suicide! That means you don’t get to go to heaven even if you think it’s for a heavenly reason. He must have missed that chapter!

  2. says

    Ummm… FWIW

    A “Fast” is a religious experience meant to bring you closer to god.

    A “Hunger Strike” is when you get your petulant panties in a knot because things aren’t going your way.

    I’m pretty sure this is a Hunger Strike, not a fast…

  3. Chris says

    “Who practice a homosexual lifestyle”

    That pretty much proves right there that he’s a homophobe. I wonder if homophobes are genuinely deluded enough to believe that they don’t hate/fear gay people? Because either on a conscious or sub-conscious level, they do.

    Although the fact that homophobes are frequently trying to get people to believe that they love gay people, is very telling about how their views are increasingly unpopular.

  4. james st. james says

    He said, “This is about religious freedom, and an out of control federal government.”

    It’s about religious slavery and an out of control ego.

    Isn’t there a bus he could throw himself under? Somewhere? They have buses in Utah, don’t they? Film at eleven. He wouldn’t even have to buy a ticket.

  5. Jlavoy says

    I wonder why he cares so much about this particular issue, that hes willing to injure himself and suffer? His rights arent being violated, noone is dying or having their rights egregiously violated…

    Maybe he has something to prove?

  6. Craig says

    I have friends who practice a heterosexual lifestyle which can be very sinful according to the bible. I don’t see anybody trying to stop them from marrying.

  7. says

    Really guys. Stop.
    This man is still a human being. Wishing him death makes us no better than the Church that taught him to hate. His entire life he’s been taught that we’re evil, don’t be the evil he expects. Let’s show him that we’re better than what he was taught.

    I don’t wish him death. I wish him awareness & understanding.
    Let’s hope this hunger strike will give him an epiphany. Maybe a newly married couple and their family can go visit him.
    Bring him something to eat.

  8. ben~andy says

    While I wouldn’t mind if he drops out of the gene pool [I believe in freedom of choice in such matters], on the downside of him starving himself to death, Utah could point to his death as an irreparable harm they have suffered, loss of tax revenue, etc. They’d have to wait until he dies, of course. If he were still alive, the judge would just issue a ruling to force feed him. It isn’t a religious freedom [yet] to kill yourself slowly to make a point.

  9. ben~andy says

    Oh, wait. He could be planning to run for office. It would be a great tactic. Probably get him 55-60% of the vote. Even in Utah the percentage of bigots has gone down in the last 8 years.

  10. JonnyNYNY2FLFL says

    Why doesn’t he threaten to hold his breath until he turns blue?
    That’s the typical childish response when you don’t get what you want.

  11. Stephen says

    Isn’t this gentleman committing slow suicide? Aren’t there state laws in Utah allowing the state to have him committed and forcibly fed? They do it all the time in prison.

  12. Chuckles says

    I agree that a little respect is in order. The hunger strike has a history that, however one might disagree with some who have adopted it, is principled and sincere. Members of the IRA used it to protest the conditions in which they were imprisoned by the British. Refugees on the Mediterranean island of Lampedusa only recently used it to draw attention to Europe’s inattention to their horrible living conditions.

    Death is nothing to joke about, nor is endangering your life.

    But as a constitutional scholar, he’s a joke. And people who encourage him should think carefully about what they’re doing. Just how do they feel about assisted suicide?

    Oh! he’s a former candidate.

  13. JJ says

    If marriage equality caused any real harm, opponents wouldn’t have to manufacture voluntary harms to make their point. They could point to people who are suffering demonstrable harm involuntarily. Utah wouldn’t have asked the court for summary judgement. They would have asked for a trial so they could present testimony from people harmed by marriage equality. But no such people exist. It’s down to self-appointed martyrs.

  14. robertL says

    Here is the score – if he were to die on his hunger strike. It would be considered suicide by the gods. He ain’t going to heaven. Divine justice.

  15. SAYTHETRUHT says

    A fatty that wanted to lose some pounds, that’s ok with me. Possibly after the fasting he could find someone to bang. Or be banged. He won’t die people, if anything he needs mental care.

  16. BobR says

    If he really wants to make a statement, he should try self immolation. He’ll make international news headlines. I’ll be more than happy to provide the matches.

  17. JJ says

    @Chuckles, it’s a fallacy to equate a willingness to endanger oneself with having a just cause. Is a suicide bomber’s cause just by virtue of his suicide?

    And why would someone deserve respect simply for believing something sincerely? “Sincerely” is the lowest possible standard of belief. We don’t even call it a belief if it’s less than sincere. It would be a hunch, or an inkling, or a suspicion at that point. People deserve respect when they believe something because their’s good evidence

  18. JJ says

    (Oops! Continued from above…) People deserve respect when they believe something because there’s good evidence for it AND they’re willing to discard beliefs when new information proves them wrong. A belief with nothing supporting it other than a sincere wish that it be true isn’t a belief worthy of respect.

  19. atomic says

    @BEN~ANDY: No, if this man were to die as as a result of his hunger strike, the state cannot legally use his death as an example of harm, because his outcome was totally self-inflicted. He has chosen not to eat: there are countless other bigots offended by marriage equality, but haven’t starved themselves, so where is the coercion?

    To make such an argument would cause you to be laughed out of the courtroom. It is legally indefensible, in as much as an argument saying that if someone deliberately kills themselves by driving off a cliff at 120 mph, that the car manufacturer is 100% liable for that outcome.

  20. Jexer says


    Bigots can fight and complain it all they want, but the “”harm”” they imagine being done with the loss of their unjust ‘privileged status’ is -NEGLIGIBLE- compared to the harm their bigotry has and will continue to cause.

  21. fedorajoe says

    OK, so let me see if I understand. You are willing to make yourself weak, sick, and even dead, just to be sure that I don’t enjoy the same rights that you do?

    Yeah, good riddance.

  22. bravo says

    I never understood hunger strikers. Like those who stopped eating in Guantanamo, for example. The US government force-fed many of them. I think it is a weird form of protest. And I am mindful that Gandhi was a serial-hunger-striker.

  23. johnny says

    I wish I lived near there so I could sit right in front of him and enjoy a big juicy cheeseburger.

    And I quit eating beef 5 years ago.

    The guy is an attention-seeking idiot. No, I don’t have any respect for him at all. No, I will not mourn his passing (but we all know he’ll give it up right before he gets too weak).

    RIP, skinny.

  24. PDX Guy says

    Let’s set him up with that Andrew Shirvill character from Michigan. I probably spelled his name wrong but I don’t care enough to google it.

    They seem like they would be the perfect match for each other.

  25. RobNYNY1957 says

    I would like to see the before-and-after pictures that show that he has lost 25 pounds. His clothes fit rather well for someone who has lost 20% of his body weight.

  26. Flamin Queenz says

    Whats up with all these H.A.T.E.. COMMENTS? This must be one of them G.A.Y. sites or sumthing cuz ya ll sound like a bunch of H.A.T.E.F.U.L. QUEENS!! As a MATTER OF FACT..YOU ALL SOUND MORE LIKE “BIGOTS” & H E T E R O P H O B E S because E.V.E.R.Y.B.O.D.Y. “DOES NOT” Agree with YOUR DAMN LIFE-STLE/CHoice! How ABOUT THAT. GET “U.S.E.D. 2 IT”!! People are GING 2 O.P.P.O.S.E. YOU..YOU CANNOT ERASE THOUSANDS OF YEARS OF Biblical TEACHINGS because it may “seem” unpopular.

  27. Flamin Queenz says

    Once again….PEOPLE ARE GOING TO OPPOSE YOU..but wishing death on someone who CLEARLY “DOES NOT” share your views or lifestyle is not right.

  28. says

    A couple of Nazi pseudo-Christians just like this guy said in harassing phone calls made to me during my hunger strike in San Francisco in early 1989 for anti-discrimination laws based on HIV/AIDS status and sexual orientation, “Die, Faggot, Die. Go ahead and starve yourself to death.” Well, I’ll just say the obvious here: “Die, Nazi, Die. Go ahead and starve yourself to death.”

    The two phone calls came one right after another. A man and then a woman. I had just finished a live interview about my hunger strike on a local SF TV station. The news anchor did the interview from the TV station and I was at home with the cameraman. I had just finished the interview when the first phone call came in. I didn’t answer either phone call, but my answering machine had the speaker on while it was recording their messages. The cameraman heard it all. When they were done, I turned to him and said, “You did hear that, right?” And he said “Yes.” He finished packing up his gear and then left.

  29. Michael McPherson says

    I thought one of the best parts about America was the separation of church and state. I just wish these religious bigots and eccentrics would keep their fat mouths shut. You have the right to worship your imaginary friend in the sky as long as you want, but that does not give you the right to try to stop progress in the human experience. The courts have ruled against this archaic law for a reason, because it’s not right. This does not go against your right to religion. It may help realizing that religion is not gods intention, religion is man telling you how to believe in something bigger than yourself. Just remember sheep always get slaughtered. Learn to think for yourself.

  30. TheSeer says



  31. Quicksilver says

    He was complaining on Twitter about how the TV station edited the piece to make him look idiotic. Of course people informed him that he needed no help in that regard. And if he says “nullification” one more time….

  32. Burt says

    He’s really painted himself in a corner here. The state’s not likely to prevail. However, the prophets have ‘revelations’ from time to time that cause sea changes within the ‘church’. Renouncing plural marriage in order to gain statehood, and admission of people of color in order to retain tax exempt status both come to mind.

    I guess he could have one too when he realizes that his side won’t win. I hope his ‘revelation’ comes sooner rather than later.

  33. Burt says

    Girlfriend, practice your religious freedom within the four walls of your Ward. It doesn’t go beyond that. Utah isn’t a theocracy. There are LOTS of gentiles roaming the streets out there!

  34. Gerry says

    Has anyone else done the math? He claims he lost 25 pounds in 12 days… but it takes a deficit of approximately 3500 calories to lose a pound. That would mean he normally was eating more than 7200 calories a day… which is ridiculous. This is just someone wanting their 15 minutes, and of course the media just faithfully regurgitates the drivel…

  35. Bill says

    @Todd : if the picture of him is after he lost those 25 lb, my guess is that his hunger strike might end up with him having a lot more gay friends – people who find him more attractive looking than before.

  36. says

    So he’s starving himself over something that has ZERO effect on his life? And just to ramp up the stupidity, he’s claiming it’s in the name of “religious freedoms”. *sigh*

    Can someone tell this idiot that churches are NOT being forced to officiate gay weddings, and gay couples can get married by non-religious ways, like by a judge?

  37. ben~andy says

    Or the mayor of SLC, or, as in my case, by an empowered city councilman from WeHo. I’m honestly thinking of going to SLC this Summer. The International Association of Gay Square Dance Clubs is having their annual convention there. When I first heard about it [2006], I wanted NOTHING to do with going to Utah. Now, I see that they were far more prescient than I. i SO want to be there for the queerness of it all. lol

    I don’t suspect our friend, if he holds to his guns [sic] will still be with us. It would be a miracle. Someone tell me if Mormons believe in miracles. They believe is so many things [everyone gets HIS own heaven with his entire family there – a complete impossibility since if I have my own heaven and my Dad has his own heaven we can’t both be in each others with the rest of the family who’s in theirs [or their husbands’. Really, mind boggling].

  38. Rich says

    So, he’s saying he understands law better than the lawyers? A hunger strike is not a valid means of preventing social change or overriding legal decisions. Whether he starves or not, the court will not take his hunger strike into consideration in the decision making process. Meanwhile he is getting the attention he apparently craves for opposing something that has no impact on his day to day life.

  39. Fox says

    Instead of fasting he should go read more Jefferson, because Jefferson was actually a proponent of the concept that the law should provide protection when the majority is wrong. From his first inaugural address: “Though the will of the majority is in all cases to prevail, that will to be rightful must be reasonable;…the minority possess their equal rights, which equal law must protect, and to violate would be oppression.”

    This is actually a perfect case reflecting such oppression.

  40. Mary says

    Think of how Maggie Gallagher could improve her health by going on a hunger strike!

    I know that was a little cruel, and I’m not normally this mean, but the situation just seemed to call for this comment.

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