Nigeria Has Arrested 38 Gay Men from List of 168: Human Rights Group

As you may know, yesterday Nigeria's President Jonathan Goodluck signed a law mandating 14 years prison time for anyone entered into a same-sex marriage or civil union and 10 years in prison for anyone who participates or operates a gay club or organization, or shows any indication that they are in a same-sex relationship.

BauchiA human rights organization today reports that in Nigeria's northern Bauchi state arrests are already underway, according to the AP:

Dorothy Aken’Ova is executive director of Nigeria’s International Center for Reproductive Health and Sexual Rights. She said Tuesday the new law, already being dubbed the “Jail the Gays” law, will endanger and even criminalize programs fighting HIV-AIDS in the gay community.

She said police in Bauchi state have a list of 168 purportedly gay men, of whom 38 have been arrested recently.

Jonathan’s spokesman confirmed Monday he signed the act providing penalties of up to 14 years in jail for same-sex marriage and up to 10 years’ imprisonment for membership or encouragement of gay organizations.

A State Department spokesperson was grilled yesterday about the new law. See her interview HERE.


  1. tony mark says

    that government have nothing better to do like go arrest all the nasty screamer that try to steal money from us westerners . that country going to hell in a hand basket .

  2. tony mark says

    that government have nothing better to do like go arrest all the nasty screamer that try to steal money from us westerners . that country going to hell in a hand basket .

  3. Tundra4 says

    @ Bravo – Don’t count your/our lucky stars just yet. You don’t think this anti-gay plague will touch Canada? Think again. We’ve only had relatively equal rights since 2005; they surely can be taken away again when anti-gay Canadian masses overturn our current situation due to being inspired by what’s going on elsewhere. Then what? That’s what I’m wondering.

  4. karen says

    I have never understood the “gay” relationship.But i am sure,,,that if you put a guy in prison for 14 years with nothing but men,,,,he will surely be “gay”.2 things human nature dictates about men,,,they gonna eat,,and they gonna have sex…Reguardless of anything else.Has anyone considered or studied why we are having so many “gay relationships” all over the world these days???

  5. GregV says

    A guy in prison does not become gay if he was not naturally wired that way. He may have sex with men because that’s all that’s available, but his natural attraction to women will not change.
    A certain proportion of humans are born with a propensity to fall in love with someone of the same sex instead of the opposite sex.
    The relationships shouldn’t be at all hard to undertstand, if not for all the falsehoods you’ve heard that may confuse you.
    Just like you might meet a special man and be romantically drawn to him and want to spend your life with him, Ellen met Portia and fell in love with her and wanted to spend her life with her.
    They come home and have dinner together and walk the dogs together and plan their vacations together. Their relationship enriches each other’s lives. It’s pretty simple, really.

    In places like Nigeria there is very poor education and misunderstandings predominate. Nigeria’s president clearly does not understand that gay people’s being gay doesn’t harm anybody and that gay people just want to live their lives in peace.

  6. Randy says

    Foremost, we should try to encourage Nigeria to move toward a secular education system (at a time when Boko Haram are attacking schools and killing students).

    In the north, apparently the public schools are Islamic; in the south, Christian. It wasn’t supposed to be this way, and the original mission of public schools needs to be restored. Teach kids that they can think for themselves, and they will do it. Each thinking kid may be someone who will grow up not to harm LGBT people.

    Our fight is almost always with the religious. We must directly attack the source of their power, which is ignorance. They can say what they want about imagined spirit worlds, but in this world, their words should not go uncontested.

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