1. Not Going to Be Stupid But They Know My IP Address says

    Anyone with any government/international/interesting job has been spied on. I had to stop caring about it 13 years ago. The NSA doesn’t have enough staff to cover it, the FBI and CIA can’t cover it effectively, and State and Customs are just annoying.

  2. peterparker says

    As a huge Obama fan, a two-time Obama voter, and a person who donated $6,000 to his re-election campaign/DNC fund, I don’t trust anything anyone in the administration says about this spying program. But I will point out that it was begun under George W Bush. Obama has simply expanded it…which is NOT okay, but let’s not pretend it all began with him and his administration.

  3. Eric says


    There are many reasons why you should care. Here are a few:

    For example, one in six authors polled recently said they had avoided writing or speaking about a certain topic, and almost one in four reported that they had self-censored via e-mail or on the phone.

    This kind of surveillance is also devastating the tech sector, which was one of the few bright sectors in the US economy.

    You might think that you have nothing to hide today, but this data is going to be kept forever, which is the main reason the new NSA center has been built in Utah- for storage. And what you might not mind the gov knowing today may change tomorrow.

    Most importantly, even if you’re not a US citizen, and especially if you are, the fact that the US government has unchained itself from the US Constitution is a very, very, very serious matter with worldwide implications.

    “The US fought a revolution, and James Madison wrote the Fourth Amendment, against broad government authority to search. Whether you personally do or do not have anything to hide is not even a question that should be on the table. It should be almost un-American to ask it.” – Peter Van Buren, Mother Jones, 10 Myths About NSA Surveillance That Need Debunking

  4. JackFknTwist says

    When he ran for President I actually entertained the belief that he might be radical; how naive of me.
    Now I see President Obama as a conservative.

    But that speech today was shockingly smug…..
    That, I did not expect.

  5. andrew says

    President Obama has struck the right balance between protecting our security and our right to privacy. Ideologues on the extreme right and left be damned.

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