Proposed Kansas Bill Would Allow Religion-Based Discrimination Against Gays

MacheersKansas lawmakers are considering a bill from Kansas state Rep. Charles Macheers (pictured) that would protect businesses, groups, and individuals who don't want to serve gay married couples for religious reasons, the AP reports:

The legislator pushing the bill says it's designed to protect religious freedom, and Republican Gov. Sam Brownback is receptive to the idea, though he hasn't yet studied the proposal enough to offer a formal endorsement.

However, critics say the measure promotes discrimination against gays and lesbians, and is so broadly written that it could apply to any couple, gay or straight, with a less-than-traditional union.

The Kansas House's Federal and State Affairs Committee scheduled a hearing for Tuesday morning on the measure. It's not clear how quickly the committee might act on it.

Said Brownback: "I think it's something we that need to protect, our people's religious liberties and religious rights."

According to the ACLU the bill's interpretation could be broad:

Companies offering benefits to legally married gay couples or domestic partners could have their policies blocked by individual employees. She said businesses could make decisions about benefits for straight couples based on whether an owner doesn't think a marriage is traditional enough.


  1. give me a break says

    Where is the Bible verse that forbids commerce specifically with gay couples?

    This has nothing to do with their religion. I’m so fed up with that lie. They do business with sinners all the time.

  2. HadenoughBS says

    Get over your bigoted selves, Christianists. It’s time to bring your state government into modern America and leave Biblical times behind, especially since Christian love for all doesn’t appear to be part of your homophobic message!

  3. John Neon says

    These aren’t REAL CHRISTIANS! They are BIGOTS and HYPOCRITES! REAL CHRISTIANS love everyone, just because someone says they are part of a group doesn’t mean they are, so don’t go bashing a religion based on liars that hide behind religious liberties so they can hate, westboro baptists and the like probably worship satan anyway.

  4. e.c. says

    I wonder if they’ll be so found of “religious liberty” when it starts being used against them. I’d love to see some straight couple be turned away at a bakery or florist because one of them has been divorced or be asked to prove they are both virgins. Of course, that won’t happen because we all know that the religious litmus test begins and ends with discriminating against gays.

  5. David From Canada says

    Can you imagine what would happen if someone tried to introduce religion-based discrimination against Jews, blacks, women, Asians, Native American Indians, etc.? This is exactly the same thing. It’s not going to fly.

  6. Fed Up says

    Legislators who propose blatantly, patently, obviously unconstitutional legislation like this should be imprisoned, tried for treason and executed when found guilty.

    They are wasting the people’s time.

  7. says

    The GOP is still controlled by the zealot fundamentalists. This nonsense won’t stop until equality affirmers in their own party demand it.


    Register as Republicans and nominate a RINO in the primaries. The Koch Bros backed TP’ers do it for their extremists.

  8. MuchMuchMunching says

    They can pass this, if they want – and the courts will dump in in the pile of laws that are unconstitutional.

    Saddest part is, the Koch Brothers (I always pronounce that Cock Brothers) are part of this, and for some reason they think they can just create a theocracy in this country without anyone putting up a fuss.

    They’re sadly mistaken.

  9. Jim says

    Religion-based discrimination is illegal in the United States; federal law prohibits it. These dumb-dumb Tea Bagger neo-confederate Republicans think that state laws trump federal laws. They don’t. Anybody in Kansas who tries to discriminate against gays based on religion is going to find himself in federal court where a state law is NO defense.

  10. seamore says

    It is rather apparent that all of you bashing Christians and/or pleading the 1st and 4th amendments to the Constitution, have no familiarity with either.
    Little Sisters of the Poor will win its court challenge precisely because of religious convictions and the same argument holds true here. Maybe homosexuals should go to churches, florists, bakers, photographers who enjoy their cult and leave the Christians to theirs.

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