1. Frozen North says

    Wrong Jason, they turn themselves into fodder…for their buddies. From every interview I’ve ever seen, it’s almost always the thought of leaving their friends there to fight on or die that gets most service men to keep signing up.

    It’s our duty as civilians and citizens to hold our government accountable and to make sure their dedication and sacrifice is applied correctly.

  2. BABH says

    Jason: In the Ranger Regiment, we are fortunate to have deployments that last 3-5 months rather than 12-14 months. They may be intense, but they’re mercifully short.

    Of course, we still have more than our share of PTS, self-destructive behavior, and suicide, but that’s part of what we signed up for. We also signed up thinking that our wounded, scarred, and disabled would be taken care of by the VA, so if you’re concerned about our men and women in uniform, please go ahead and write your congressmembers about that one, because they are failing us.

  3. vincent says

    What a shame. I had tears in my eyes during the ovation my Army Brother in Arms, Cory received during the SoTU speech last night.
    To watch obama and that despicable congress use him as a token was heart breaking. You could actually see the disdain and loathing from some of the people in that audience as the forced themselves to clap for this true American Hero. They begrudgingly give “lip-service” to the Military that protects them as they work full time to cut and dismantle the disability and pension benefits that every honorably discharged Veteran earned. But what dose these politicians know about “selfless” service to our Great Nation- the burdens and hardships endured by our faithful Military and their families is only lingo to be used at dinner parties and fundraisers as they trout out another unwitting War Hero.
    Remember Cory those political elitists clapping for you are the exact ones that cut your disability benefits by 6 Billion dollars over the next 10 years.
    As they say in Missouri… “don’t pee down my leg and tell me it’s raining…”

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