The OXD Mirror: New Music for 1.9.14


Maxi Mill: 'Speed Balance Weight’

Maxi Mill, a young producer from Amsterdam who worked with Tom Trago for many years, is now going solo with a handful of releases on Voyage Direct. His next release, Lost and Found/Speed Balance Weight EP drops later this month and the second track is already available for full a listen. A dark, yet pumping work that is balanced nicely by the recurring moments of whispered synths that leave you wonder if they, perhaps, are really distorted, chopped pieces of vocals.


Jorge Prida: ‘Supercharged’

A blend of funk, disco and futuristic sounds, Jorge Prida's 'Supercharged' is quickly becoming one of my first obsessions of 2014. The mexican producer who releases on Our Records has created a very impressive world for his upcoming EP which will be available as early as tomorrow and includes reworks by DJ Rocca. So make sure to pre-order right away and start the countdown until midnight.


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