1. Jerry says

    Russell Tovey is HOT! And not a bad actor, either! And yes, he should come to LA & NYC- he can have a career in US film & theater.

  2. steven says

    I just wish BBC America didn’t blur him out as a naked werewolf in Being Human (the real version)

  3. MuchMuchMunching says

    He’s a very erudite young fellow. I followed him on T for a time and he actually had things to say (sometimes) that weren’t prattle.

  4. Kevin says

    My favorite roles of Tovey’s are still George the werewolf, Midshipman Alonzo Frame, and the guy in the Baskerville episode of Sherlock.

    But my favorite line of his was from the last David Tennant episode of Doctor who, The End of Time.

    Captain Jack gets his name from the Doctor, and introduces himself. Alonzo asks how he knows his name, and Jacks says he’s “psychic.” At which point Alonzo says, “Do you know what I’m thinking?”

    Jack says, “OH YEAH!”