1. John says

    What a handsome and perfectly proportioned man that Dan is. Not one for any tattoos on a guy (seems very 90’s/gay tribe), but this one seems to carry it off very well. Must be the skin tone and ink choices. All around 10!

  2. TonyC says

    This guy has a rockin body and the best part is Tom’s field of vision.. I can totally relate to seeing a big package in speedos.. Drooling!

  3. Dingbat says

    For the people commenting on Tom Daley getting arrested/executed in Dubai. He competed there last year. He says he will again this year.

    Considering the number of out divers the governing body chooses to have events in nations with dodgy human rights records. This year, apart from Dubai, there are diving events in Russia, Malaysia and Singapore. Homosexuality is illegal in all of them

  4. Bill Michael says

    The Tattoos…!!! The Tattoos…!!!
    Nothing but Eye Pollution…
    They’re going to look like crap when you get older.
    Hell, they look like crap now…

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