Watch LIVE: Indiana House Panel Hearing on Gay Marriage Ban

IndyThe Indiana House Elections and Apportions Committee has begun a hearing on the constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage.

Yesterday we reported that Speaker Brian Bosma moved the bill to this committee from the House Judiciary Committee because this panel would be more likely to advance it.

Watch the hearing LIVE HERE.


  1. Ted says

    It’s amazing to me that in this day and age people spend their time trying to diminish the value of people that are different from themselves. Depressing. But at least it’s not Nigeria, Uganda, Russia….

  2. disgusted American says

    the GOP scumbags – if they aren’t telling whom can marry whom, they’re vaginally probing women

  3. jama49 says

    @LITTLE KIWI That just about sums it up. Of course, since those most against LGBT people acquiring full civil equality are Republicans, you might want to toss in Benghazi Benghazi Benghazi Benghazi sprinkled with a little Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus so as to ensure the full breadth of Republican logic.

  4. Jonty Coppersmith says


    If these people had their way, it would be exactly like Nigeria, Uganda, and Russia.

  5. TheSeer says

    It’s not like Russia, Nigeria and Uganda because Xtianist fascist are about 20% of the USA population. If they were 80%, it would be just like Russia, Nigeria and Uganda.

  6. Zlick says

    I wonder why I expected Pro and Con speakers to alternate. In the short time I’ve been listening, it’s been four Pro-bigotry speakers in a row; this last one citing flawed studies and thus testifying that kids fare more poorly when raised by same-sex parents. This is making me quite upset, so if it’s going to be just a Parade of Bigotry with no alternating viewpoints from the Age of Reason, then I’m going to stop following this. UGH.

  7. woody says

    This “we hoosiers are better,” “we hoosiers are more upstanding” attitude is very embarrassing. How self-righteous and conceited. Really makes me want to stay away from indiana.
    I’m hoping these speakers are not representative of people in indiana.

  8. Zlick says

    Seriously? A black man decrying marriage equality because he personally has not seen gays lynched and hanging from trees. WTF? What rocks do these people live under.

  9. says

    Analjagous is still not a word. Oh: and I guess he never saw the fence Matthew Shepard was tied to.

    For some reason they do one hour of one side, one hour of the other. In VT we alternated, with each person having 2 minutes. So you knew you had a bigot in front and behind you.

  10. Jennifer L. says

    Woody — these speakers are not representative of *this* Indiana person. (Of course, I’m originally from Iowa.)

    I’m watching this very closely and will be voting appropriately when the time comes to re-elect (or not) the legislators in my district.