Billie Jean King Drops Out of Olympic Delegation Due to Mother’s Health


Billie Jean King will not be attending the Opening Ceremonies of the Sochi Olympics with the U.S. delegation because of her mother's health, the AP reports.

Said King in a statement:

"It is important for me to be with my mother and my brother at this difficult time. I want to thank President Obama for including me in this historic mission and I look forward to supporting our athletes as they compete in Sochi."


  1. Mike Ryan says

    Well she certainly had a big run up to departure and convinced us all she was hell-fire on two feet but when it comes right down to it … well, her mother’s health comes first. Totally understandable. Did she consider her mother’s health status before accepting the gig is a question we all are thinking. If not, why not? Or did she see this as a wonderful opportunity to bask in the limelight of world publicity knowing all along that she would pull out at the last minute – and I do mean last minute. Who, on earth, is going to replace her?

  2. JackFknTwist says

    @ MIKE RYAN :

    I think we probably have to take this at face value.
    I don’t see any evidence to the contrary…..if her mother, who must be advanced in years , is ill ….that’s important personally.

    But I do hope Obama can find a firebrand !!!

  3. Mike Ryan says

    Can anyone come up with the name of one gay iconic athlete known world-wide holding as voracious an attitude as King when it comes to gay rights? (Thinking… thinking… hummm) The only person with a more voracious attitude would be Dan Savage but God forbid we should ever send a sex therapist (isn’t that his claim?) altho we’d enjoy seeing his handsome husband at his side, holding his hand along with their heterosexual 16YO son. I could accept that.:-)

  4. Mike Ryan says

    @ Eric – the majority of great athletes retain an ego and desire for the spotlight that far exceeds the normal person. A fine example is Boitano who suddenly found the legs to fess-up to being gay once he was chosen for the American delegation. Without the selection the man would have hidden in his little closet until death. King revels in the public spotlight and is sure to have seen this as an opportunity to glow once again in the American press. Reality: would Colbert put her on his show without the appointment? Not likely. The convenience of her mother’s illness is just that – a convenience and tossed out at the last moment, the day before she leaves for Sochi. Give us a break, we are not stupid people.

  5. Ken says

    Ugh, Mike Ryan. If your mother is still alive, here’s hoping she is immediately stricken! What a prick you are. My Mom is 83, and I go about life under the assumption that she will remain in good health — which she won’t, not indefinitely. To do otherwise would be to put my life on hold, which she would abhor. I read a lot of trollish comments on TR, but yours about Ms. King take the cake for miserable and insufferable. Here’s guessing you have no shame, but shame on you, anyway.

    (The rest of you, I beg your indulgence for feeding the troll. The whole Mom thing hits close to home these days.)

  6. says

    Billie Jean King is MY mother’s age, and my own maternal grandmother has been deceased for several years now, so it is NO surprise that her own mother would be prone to a possible unforeseen health issue. To anyone that would question this woman’s integrity, may the universe unexpectedly drop a house on you, troll.

  7. anon says

    Uhm. This is a classic excuse when the money doesn’t show up. Too bad she put money in front of patriotism or whatever you want to call being part of the delegation. If you think she’s being honest then Chris Christie has a bridge to sell you.

  8. andrew says

    Mike Ryan is a total idiot who thinks he speaks for all of us: “a question we are all thinking” Don’t presume to speak for all of us. You are a hysterical ranter and an arrogant P#ick.

  9. andrew says

    @KEN: “Ugh, Mike Ryan. If your mother is still alive, here’s hoping she is immediately stricken.” Don’t you realize that you are as bad as he is?

  10. says

    Sorry team but I’m with Mike Ryan on this one. The mother thing comes off as a cop-out. BTW, I lost my mother when I was eleven years old and have no problem believing BJK used the assignment for publicity and now the excuse to bow out of Sochi. Follow her career and you’ll see she has been a media hound long before the Bobby Riggs match.

  11. BETTY says

    To all of you “adults” who were quick to criticize from behind your keyboards. That her deicision not to go was based on endorsements and calling her “chicken gitz” (ANKERICH). Or that she only wanted to be in the spotlight in the lead up and then, pull out at the last minute (MIKE RYAN). That she put money in front of patriotism (ANON).

    Well, her mother died this week at 91. How do you perfect pillars of society feel now for making her out to be an opportunistic villan when, in fact, she chose to be with her family. What have you pathetic losers done for the gay community or the world in general besides cast judgement on others?? What the hell have you done? Now that she is going attend the closing ceremonies and still show her strength and support for the cause you will still probably find a way to fault her for that too. Just sad.

    MIKE RYAN said: “The convenience of her mother’s illness is just that – a convenience and tossed out at the last moment, the day before she leaves for Sochi. Give us a break, we are not stupid people.”—Actually you guys ARE pretty stupid and a pathetic excuse for a human beings.

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