1. taxpayer says

    This is fantastic. This is certainly very far from the days when General Motors produced an internal video that used the phrase “little faggot trucks” to refer to a competitor’s product.

  2. Ny Larson says

    Bravo for Chevy!!! It is a serious matter for a company to risk upsetting or alienating its conservative customers. Congrats to them for standing up and taking an inclusive stand and for being willing to take the fallout for what is right.

  3. will says

    This Chevy commercial was much better (for us) than the lousy Coke ad where the gay family literally flickered past (I couldn’t even be sure it WAS a gay family when I saw it — I had to pause and backtrack).

  4. Critifur says

    I am with you Greenfuzz. It is great these are being shown, too bad no one in Russia will see them. And too bad Chevy dollars are being spent supporting THESE Olympics, instead of Chevy making a public statement condemning the the anti-gay laws and actions in Russia.

  5. Eric says

    Having gone to Francis and Cassius’ wedding at Pilgrim Monument, I can say it was truly a beautiful, loving, and deeply emotional ceremony. Nice to see a portion of their video used. Thanks for posting the pic, Andy. It brought back good memories.

  6. Steve says

    Great, heart-felt ads but GM couldn’t pony up the money to be a US sponsor? The US has BMW as the “Official Car Sponsor” of the US Olympic Team.

    That’s s truly sad day for America.

  7. Tatts says

    Well, BMW is more involved than that. They designed and engineered the US bobsleds, too. Their interest was partly for the engineering and research (and showing what they can do).

    Besides, BMW makes 4 models in the US that are exported to the rest of the world. So they do have a real interest in the US’s team (or at least basking in the glow of their victories).

  8. Bryan says

    The PR department for Chevy just destroyed their companies reputation. For years they have advertised dependable trucks for hard-working blue collar country heterosexuals, then completely alienated them with gay couple advertising. Currently looking for a new truck and was deciding between Chevy, Ford, or Toyota. Chevy is out after this publicity stunt. Way to throw your middle finger up to all the American Christians!

  9. SFRowGuy says

    While this is still commercialism, they are influenced by what is the new ‘normal’, and in turn we are influence by what we view. While we might not accept everything that we see, the less offensive something is (or is portrayed), the more we can accept. Kudos Chevrolet.

    And why are these ‘gay’ commercials, when in a one minute commercial, the two (?) gay couples don’t amount to more than 10 seconds of time? These must have been very ‘ethnic’ commercials also, consider how many non-whites were in them. You are in a Gay blog, how bigoted of you.

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