1. Cory says

    What an attention whore. Knowing Michael Sam, a player of incredible talent, was right around the corner, this guy had to swoop in and take yet another historical moment away from openly gay players with actual talent.

    I don’t know why we’re praising this guy; coming out at the end of your career just to lap up the accolades is not a quality of integrity…it’s just selfish.

    To me, Michael Sam will be our true “first” active player in a major American sport.

  2. bravo says

    I had a gay crisis tonight – Downton or Jason Collins. I watched Downton, because I knew there would be highlights posted quickly.

    If those were his stats, they would not be atypical for Jason Collins. (Except for turnovers.) He is in there for big-man defense. He often fouls out. He rarely scores. He plays few minutes as he is a defensive replacement. This is a normal game.

    It’s also his first NBA game in almost 10 months.

  3. says

    Jason Collins hasn’t stolen anyone’s thunder. He’s the first openly gay player in the NBA not the NFL. Michael Sam will shine like the pro he is and the NFL will be a much better sport because of him – just as the NBA is a much better sport because of Jason. Think about it: we’re all paying attention to the NBA now and it rarely crossed our minds before Jason came out.

  4. steve says

    it makes you realize how it’s “much ado about nothing” – being gay would make a difference if they were shooting porn or something – but they’re playing basketball. it doesn’t matter who he sleeps with.

  5. AmericanDreamer says

    There will never be an openly gay athlete again after this clown screwed up his first showing on court since signing with the Nets.

    He has shamed gay men everywhere.

    Our enemies will point to him to prove gay men are the weaker sex and dont belong in professional sports

  6. Albert says

    @Jerry: actually that’s his role on the team at this point, to play defense, so against a poor shooting team especially, the Nets won’t mind him picking up those fouls. We’ll see how Jason Kidd decides to work him coming off the bench.

  7. Francis says

    His stat line is what it’s always been. Most important is that his plus/minus was positive 8 which means he had a positive contribution on the scoreboard, even if his individual stats weren’t impressive. Nets are on a road trip, next game against the Blazers. We’ll see how much PT he gets. His future on the team may be decided on whether or not the Nets sign another big man they’ve been keeping their eyes on, named Ivan Johnson.

    What’s important is he crossed a barrier, and all worries about distractions or fans behaving rudely was shot down. Ultimately, it really wasn’t a big deal and Jason blended in with other players on the court and with his teammates. That’s the positive thing. Jason Collins isn’t a star, nor is Michael Sam or Robbie Rogers, but they all serve to open the doors for said star player to come out and make being a gay athlete more “normal”.

  8. wayne says


    You don’t speak for any gay man or woman. You speak for yourself (I seriously doubt you are gay). But we all know you are a sad sad person to spew hate like that. I pity you…and I celebrate Jason Collins. He’s getting the love an accolades, not you, so suck on that bioch.

  9. Sean says

    When he was getting interviewed right after coming out, he was talking about how he has 6 hard fouls to give. He’s an enforcer, the job is to prevent people from getting layups and make them regret any attempts. This is what’s expected. His stat line is supposed to be ugly.

  10. Gonzo says

    Unfortunately he did not contribute anything to the team. A useless player. It does help either that he is 35. He’s under a !0 day contract which I think will be his only 10 days with the Nets I have more hope with Michael Sam in the NFL.

  11. jjose712 says

    Gonzo: Your capacity to read must be handicaped (as your knowledge of basketball). People explained what’s Jason’s role in the team a couple of times, if you don’t take the time to read it, at least don’t make us waste our time reading your stupid commets

  12. Brian W. says


    You do realize Jason Collins came out almost a year ago with a cover on Sports Illustrated after his team, the Washington Wizards, failed to make the playoffs, right? Michael Sam hadn’t even come out to his own teammates yet.

    Whether he came out or not he would have been trying to make a roster this season.

    This isn’t a competition, this is his life. He should be applauded for living it openly and serving as a great role model.

  13. jamal49 says

    @CORY Let’s dispense with the bitterness of your comments and try a different tack: the cup is half full. In other words, by the time Michael Sam is drafted and goes to his NFL team, the fuss about an openly-gay player actually playing on a professional sports team will have died down and Mr. Sam can get down to the business of playing. Jason Collins will have taken the heat, so to speak, and the distractions will be lessened for Mr. Sam.

    @AMERICANDREAMER You betray your stupidity and straightness (both go hand in hand, btw) by worrying that gay men will be seen as the “weaker sex” and “don’t belong in professional sports”.

    Jason Collins has never been a stellar NBA star, say in the vein of a Koby Bryant or LeBron James. Yet, he has played a steady game. Here’s a link on Collins’ stats. Check it out. Then sit down and shut up:

  14. Rob says

    It’s so annoying when people who clearly know NOTHING or very little about basketball talk about it (or complain) as if they do, lol. His stat line is, for the most part, is on par with what they signed him to do. He has never been a scorer and he will never be. His job is to defend and defend HARD and not allow easy layups/dunks, hence the 5 fouls in 10 min. His job isn’t to be a Kevin Durant or LeBron James. He is a role player and he fulfilled his duties. If you’re looking for a 35 minute 20 point 10 Rebound 5 assist 5 Block 3 Steal 0 fouls 0 turnover game from Jason Collins or any player like him, I would advise you not to hold your breath. It’s pretty evident a lot of you had no clue or cared about Jason’s career or basketball for that matter, before he came out lol. It’s also a shame that now that he has come out and has a team as of now, his stat line will be under a microscope like never before.

  15. Avenger280 says

    “First Openly Gay Player In Major U.S. Sports League” But… what about Brittany Griner? Oops, I’m sorry. Women’s sports don’t count. My bad 😛

  16. Twins says

    I don’t think it has to do with being negative.
    It’s about being honest and Jason is a mediocre player. His stint in the NBA won’t be long. Most gays simply like Collins he’s gay. It’s counter-productive. The point of all this is to base a player on ability not sexual orientation.

  17. Derrick from Philly says

    @ “How some gay men can find the energy and time to post a negative comment…so much bitterness. ”

    Posted by: Rowan

    Yes, Rowan, they are what we in the United States call B,TCHES…with flat azzes too.|

  18. Factoid says

    It takes about 20 seconds to google to realize that Gonzo and others no nothing about the game

    The sports web sites all say he performed well because he’s a defensive player

    Its interesting that this is in dispute here

  19. Cory says

    Twins, that’s way too much truth, honesty and reality for the resident ‘positivity only’ squad here. Those queens (whose internet insults include telling people they have “flat azzes”) will never understand what you’re saying.

    This was a lame publicity stunt by Collins, his entire coming out was handled like a pure stunt, and I stand by all my criticisms of him. If I were bitter I would be unfairly critical to Michael Sam yet my ultra supportive posts about him, someone with actual talent and integrity, prove that isn’t the case.

    Collins is an old has-been that was closeted for decades then came out only for the last minute cash grab and accolades. He’s a joke. Michael Sam, Tom Daley, hell even those two community college players who came out recently, are the true heroes.

  20. TonyJazz says

    NOBODY in the NBA is a mediocre player. They are not all stars, but there are hundreds of greatd college basketball athletes who would treasure having just an audition for the NBA.

    Jason Collins is a great basketball player. He is not going to get an All-Star placement, but his skills far exceed any of the posters on this board (and most people in most states)….

  21. theo says

    “This isn’t a competition, this is his life. He should be applauded for living it openly and serving as a great role model.”

    POSTED BY: BRIAN W. | FEB 24, 2014 7:10:57 AM


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