Facebook Expands Gender Options From Two To Over Fifty

Facebook Gender

Today Facebook implemented an unexpected new feature in the form of wildly-expanded gender options for user profiles. Though the social networking site previously only had the standard male/female choice, users can now select from over 50 gender identifications, including various flavors of cis and trans, androgynous, and two-spirit.

The changes can be made immediately, and are simple to make. Users can also change third-person pronouns so that auto-generated messages, such as birthday alerts, will refer to the user in the masculine (he, him, his), feminine (she, her, hers), or neutral (they, their, theirs). And the gender binary crumbles just a little bit more.


  1. says

    As I recall, people have been periodically demanding this since at least the time I joined, which was 2005.


    I was covered under the old system, but many people I know weren’t.

  2. Anthony says

    So Facebook gave me the ability to make my gender “Pizza” and my pronouns “Las Vegas/Jupiter/Rutabega” and every one who reads my posts should understand what is meant with no explanation and I get to be offended if they react in confusion or any other way I don’t want them to…

  3. Unicorn says

    @Homo Genius

    You don’t have to care but the fight for gay rights falls under the umbrella of LGBTQ issues.

    You may not have the same concerns as trans*/genderqueer/non-binary folks but that’s part of strategic essentialism. We all have to share the space under the LGBTQ umbrella to get our voices heard.

    As a gay man, this policy indirectly benefits you because it shows that Facebook takes the concerns of the larger LGBTQ movement seriously.

  4. BETTY says

    Oh dear god, somewhere RICK’s head just exploded. He now has to come up with more aliases other than TIM/HOMO “GENIUS”/UFFDA and others to flood this board with his anti-trans. anti-women, anti-anything other than male rants.

  5. Tim says

    This is what happens when you start crediting the delusions of a tiny group of mentally ill people. First we pretend that hulking men in dresses are in fact women. Now we accept the insane notion that there is something called a neutrois.

    Trans activists need to be forcibly committed to an insane asylum. Failing that, LGBs need to immediately distance ourselves from these wack jobs.

  6. Tim says


    The more I know, the more obvious it is that trans activists lie all the time about everything.

    That Wikipedia article deals with using “they” or “their” as a way to refer to an indeterminate person. As in “On a day like today, anyone would want to wear their best clothes.” That usage is common.

    But it has never been acceptable to say “On a day like today, John would want to wear their best clothes.”
    And for you to suggest that this tranified formulation has been used for centuries is just one more lie.

    What a bunch of freakishly narcisstic weirdos you are. Endlessly obsessing over pronouns and coming up with a vast array of terms to make yourselves feel better about your condition.

    For God’s sake, why don’t you stop dreaming up garbage like “neutrois” and “zir” and start focusing on the grim reality of your short lives? 33% of you commit suicide and 41% attempt it. You’ve got the most extreme act of self-destruction practiced by 74% of your fellow transfolk. Try showing an ounce of compassion towards your own people, you selfish beast.

  7. andrew says

    Trans hating gays are even more tragic than gay hating straights, because as they are discriminated against they learn nothing about the evils of intolerance and hate.

  8. Eric says

    Marym, of course you can still choose male or female. Your life is not affected by this (except that, as said here before, it shows that Facebook takes LGBTQ issues seriously). However, people who don’t fall under the binary male/female categorisation are included as well. I say good for Facebook. And let’s hope other sites follow.

  9. KidJ/NYU says

    Eric, you are homophobic. Whether one is gay or straight has nothing to do with whether one “falls under the binary male/female categorisation.” This is not an “LGBT” issue. This is a T issue. To conflate the two is to promote stereotypes about gay people. LGBT is inherently and unavoidably a reactionary and homophobic concept.

  10. MaryM says

    Sorry Eric – you are wrong.

    I identify as ‘Male’. Not as ‘Cis-Male’.

    Facebook has deleted my identity to accommodate abou 0.3% of the population.

  11. MaryM says








    Cis Female

    Cis Male

    Cis Man

    Cis Woman

    Cisgender Female

    Cisgender Male

    Cisgender Man

    Cisgender Woman

    Female to Male


    Gender Fluid

    Gender Nonconforming

    Gender Questioning

    Gender Variant



    Male to Female









    Trans Female

    Trans* Female

    Trans Male

    Trans* Male

    Trans Man

    Trans* Man

    Trans Person

    Trans* Person

    Trans Woman

    Trans* Woman



    Transgender Female

    Transgender Male

    Transgender Man

    Transgender Person

    Transgender Woman



    Transsexual Female

    Transsexual Male

    Transsexual Man

    Transsexual Person

    Transsexual Woman


  12. crazycorgi says

    Personally I think it is ridiculous that it now takes 50 individual words for a person to inform the world of their gender. Sorry, but I think that people who need to put that much work into something have no right to get outraged or offended when the rest of society claims they do not understand, or know who wants to be referred to as what. It seems that the trans community need to have a convention and get this under control. I wonder how many of these 50 words are needed, and how many of these terms were invented because some people didn’t like one word or another so made up something they liked the sound of? Call me transphobic if you will. I am not. However if I as a gay man can no longer wrap my head around it how in the hell can you expect society at large to do it?

  13. crispy says

    Male and female are still options, you bigot.

    In fact, they’re still the primary options. You have to choose the Custom button as seen in the screenshot above to even access all these new options.

    Just as the case of gay marriage, this impacts you in NO WAY WHATSOEVER unless you choose to be impacted by it. Don’t want to change your gender on Facebook? Then don’t.

  14. Helene says

    Neutrois? Lol! I think FB hired some insane asylum escapees and had them handle the “custom gender menu”.

    This is all about indulging the fantasies of .1% of the population that is deeply affected by mental illness. They have real problems with gender issues. And they want to deal with the stress that this causes by pretending that the whole world consists of a mish-mash of 50 gender categories. It doesn’t. The human race is male and female. In a very, very, very small number of people with hermaphroditism, there is a genuine question. But for the rest of the transfolk, this is all about a war in their own minds and the mental illness that results from that war.

    FB isn’t helping these poor people by facilitating their belief that their gender issues are universal.

  15. Helene says

    Crispy, it does affect LGBs because we all get tarred with this craziness. FB probably implemented this as a way to market to LGBs. We are being stigmatized by association with this garbage.

    The vast majority of LGBs are male and female, just as the rest of the world is. In all my years, I have never met an LGB neutrois or any neutrois for that matter.

  16. Brian1 says

    @Helene (and your various other persona commenting here)

    But the vast majority of the world is straight, not LGBT. So just as you feel stigmatised as an LGB for Facebook’s accommodation of the tiny transgender minority, the majority straights complained for years about changing the definition of marriage to accommodate a tiny minority of gays. I guess your position is that your minority needs to be accommodated, but not others?

  17. MaryM says

    Crispy – I am the bigot. But I want my custom gender identity to read ‘Male’.

    Typical trans cisphobic, non-binary bigotry.

    Get rid of the T from LGBT – their struggle is not an LGB struggle.

  18. crispy says

    And you just know when there’s a post about a black homophobe, MaryM and Helene are the commenters screaming “Blacks should know better!”

  19. SpaceCadet says

    So much trans hate coming from the same person posting under different aliases. Lol. I support LGBT. We are all in the same struggle for equality.

  20. Thedrdonna says

    Oooo lots of wailing from the bigot(s?) on this one! I especially like the ones talking about how “male” or “female” have been “erased”, because it’s just so obvious they are talking out of their ass.

  21. MaryM says

    Crispy – don’t lie – I NEVER said ‘Blacks should know better’ – that is your quote.

    And repeating the trope that LGB people who want the T community to fight their own fight, are the same 2 aliases, is not true.

    I support trans rights but their fight is not my fight. And if their fight involves arguing for 50 different gender identities, then it becomes ever more apparent that their fight is going to lose.

    Drop the T. It’s LGB

  22. Chris says

    So, look, I’m not trans, but I’m not sure I understand why this needs to be a thing. If you’re an FTM transexual, you already had the option to list your gender. You just listed it as Male, because that’s what you are. That’s what you feel like you’ve always been, that’s how you’d like the world to address you. I mean, sure, maybe Facebook could add a catch-all like “non-binary” or whatever, but then that seems like it. All bases officially covered. Either you’re a lady (no matter what parts you were born with) or you’re a man (no matter what parts you were born with) or you feel like you don’t fit into either.

  23. crispy says

    Isn’t it ironic that a gay man using the handle “Mary” is so adamantly against personal gender expression?

    Do the world a favor and set yourself on fire. The world could use fewer bigots.

  24. BETTY says

    People getting their pants in a bunch over a relatively few people who will even use the new gender option. This impacts your life how? Honestly, some of you (or just the one person using different names) really need to worry about your own stuff. It’s ironic that the same people who want straight people to treat us with respect and give us equality turn around and pull the same bigotry on another class of people. Sad.

  25. SpaceCadet says

    Well said Betty. Trans people are often subject to homophobia because ignorant straight people don’t make the distinction and don’t care to. LGBT are all together in the same fight for equality. Minorities should no better than to be bigoted against other minorities.

  26. will says

    I identify as both Zeus and a black shemale (even though I’m white and gay).

    In a way, many of these gender identities feel like Halloween dress up.

  27. SamIAm says

    I am very offended that he-she is not an option, nor is shim. This is what most trannies prefer to be called.

  28. JW says

    Wow, I’m astounded at all the negative feedback from what I would expect to be a queer-friendly audience.

    If you have a problem with these expanded gender options, then you can just continue to stick with the Male/Female basics (which are still the default) and let others do what they will.

    If you still feel some sort of compulsion to weigh in on this issue, then let me offer you this feedback: IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU.

  29. Jeton Ademaj says

    i’m sorry but not surprised to see so much hate here, the Queer community is so diverse that opportunistic bigotry is bound to bubble up from many quarters.

    however, Trans persons are indeed part of the Queer community, and have been since the dawn of humanity. Furthermore, what research there is on the neurology of homosexuality and the neurology of transgenderism suggests overlaps and similarities that would give partisans on all sides something to choke on.

    we are all Queer, and are oppressors will never stop reminding us of this until we UNIFY and DEFEAT them.

    Trans-haters, get your teeny heads out of your asses.