‘Firefly’ Star Adam Baldwin Compares Gay Marriage To Incest



It's a touch ironic to hear homophobia from someone who played a male character named "Jayne," but this past Thursday Firefly actor and Buffy the Vampire Slayer regular Adam Baldwin (no relation to the Baldwins) took to Twitter to vent about same-sex marriage and compared it to a father wanting to marry his son.

Adam Baldwin tweet

Of the several intelligent and insightful arguments he made for his position, he at least took the time to point out that he wasn't talking about sex: 

Then again, this is a right-wing conservative who's buddy-buddy with Ted Nugent, so his attitude is not terribly shocking in context.

Baldwin claimed that Huffington Post Gay Voices misquoted him and that he never made an incest comparision, that it was strictly addressing "tax avoidance marriage."

And thus the public interest in another Firefly movie waned a bit more.


  1. Icebloo says

    I remember this guy being in a movie which was just as revealing as a soft porn movie. Now he suddenly finds family values ?

  2. Icebloo says

    And he’s friends with Ted Nugent ? Didn’t Ted Nugent admit having sex with underage girls on purpose ? WTF is wrong with these people ? The gay people I know have WAY better morals than all of these insane right wingers who claim to be about family values. The world has gone crazy !

  3. roger says

    I think Towleroad has to be careful about quoting articles from Huffington Post. Huffington Post is a sensationalist, tabloid news site that frequently runs articles on GLBT rights that are trivial and even offensive.

    Huffington Post is also sexist towards women. It exploits women’s bodies in a way that feeds into the sense of self-entitlement of straight guys.

    The facts I’ve mentioned above are grounds for doubting Huffington Post’s claims about Adam Baldwin. Towleroad should keep away from Huffington Post and its distortions.

    Huffington Post trades in fake gay advocacy. Keep well away from it.

  4. Chris says

    He and Sarah Silverman always go at it on Twitter. She usually makes him look ridiculous. I remember a couple years ago he said on Twitter that Gay Rights were not civil rights, and also said all kinds of stupid things about same-sex marriage. Once he started getting attacked he began to RT all of his idiot supporters, including my personal favorite: “Gays can’t compare their issues to The Civil Rights movement until business start denying gays service”.

  5. marco says

    He’s been tweeting stuff like this for years…I’m surprised it just been noticed now. I wonder how good he and Sean Maher get along?

  6. John says

    What are these great tax breaks for marrying your kid these asshats keep talking about? If you’re not wicked rich the gift tax exemption should cover you; if you are wicked rich you don’t pay taxes and you know it. Does a joint filing really economically trump a dependent claim?

  7. crispy says

    LOL at Roger! Could you possibly be any more stupid? It’s fairly easy to verify Huffington Post’s claims by, I don’t know, checking Adam Baldwin’s Twitter feed.

    And speaking of “fake gay advocacy,” yes, I do realize you are everyone’s favorite troll, Jason.

  8. crispy says

    Adam Baldwin has never appeared on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. He was in a few episodes of Angel.

    And he’s been doing two-bit parts since Serenity. So clearly few people in Hollywood want to work with this douchebasket.

  9. anon says

    You know, because two unrelated heterosexuals never get married for financial reasons. Only for romantic, loving reasons. There has never been an arranged marriage just for the convenience of saving the family fortunes.

  10. simon says

    How does he know the Churches and his Church are not using religion to avoid paying taxes? He should apply the same standard to Churches.

  11. Book says

    What kind of religiosity-tainted, back-berth kind a moron is he? A mite whimsical in the brain-pan, this one.

  12. Nick says

    Now maybe Logo “the gay channel” will finally stop playing those vapid “Buffy and the Vampire” re-runs? We can always hope.

  13. ghostwhitehorse says

    Kinda confirms why his character (Kal’Reegar) was killed off in an email in Mass Effect 3. . .

  14. simon says

    Is he also against heterosexual marriage simply because a brother and sister will marry for tax purposes.

  15. Talisman says

    @crispy actually, he hasn’t done just 2-bit parts. He was, after all, a major part of “Chuck” for some 4 seasons.

    However, it’s just sad that someone I kind of like as an actor has such extreme views. I won’t be following his work much anymore.

  16. Randy says

    This probably almost never happens, but if that’s what they want to do, I have no problem with a father marrying his adult son for any reason any other couple get married, provided that the father-son relationship is formally terminated first. Obviously offspring are not going to be an issue. Pun accidental, but it works.

  17. Mags says

    A clear Valedictorian of the Jeremy Irons Twisted School of thoughts. The simple fact he’s a fan of Ted Nugent, official pant-sh!tter and army deserter, should clue anyone on his unstable state of mind.

  18. Ryan says

    Sadly, he’s been doing this stuff for a long, long while now.

    A wicked funny actor who’s done so much stuff I love (Firefly, Chuck, etc.) … but a total right wing loon with a much larger tea party audience than you’d suspect from an actor. (He at least used to have a tea party column on some big website, not sure if he still does.)

  19. says

    This is nothing new. I’ve dared to read his Twitter page, and it’s like someone culled the worst sh*t from Fox News, Breitbart.com, and Sarah Palin’s Facebook page. It took me only 2 minutes before I had to stop reading before the urge to gauge my eyes out with a spoon overtook me.

  20. Jim says

    Remember Adam Baldwin as the psychopath sergeant in Full Metal Jacket? Now he’s playing the part of a Tea Bagger nutcase.

  21. FFS says

    Adam’s comments are completely offensive, but not half as offensive as the fact that Nick doesn’t appreciate the brilliance of Buffy.

    One of these days, Rick, you’re going to have to let me know how much they pay you to slather Towleroad comments with idiocy.

  22. EchtKultig says

    ” a total right wing loon with a much larger tea party audience than you’d suspect from an actor.”

    I’ve noticed that tea partiers get unduly excited about any actor who shares their right-wing values, however mediocre a performer they might be, because they see it as an exception to the “hollywood is full of liberals” rule. I almost think some of them are anxious to tout their conservative credentials to stake out a less competitive space to build their fan base. I mean, would anybody even remember Ted Nugent if it weren’t for being a right-wing firebrand? I just looked up the band he was in…I’d never heard of it back in the 80s.

    Since this d0uche (why is that word banned? JFC, is this becoming a PC Shakesville?) appears to have no formal training in acting and spent a few years establishing himself in bit parts – rather than something “serious” like theater – it wouldn’t surprise me at all if he slept his way to his career, more often than not with men. I’m sorry but it happens more than anyone cares to admit. A good little catholic girl at my high school was known to have slept with Steve Martin to start her career. In a case like this, that might be why he hates the gays, rather than being a closet case. (But I wouldn’t rule that out either. He might have found it more enjoyable than he thought he would.)

  23. David says

    My God, how sensitive people are.

    The man DID NOT compare homosexuality to incest. He pointed out a weakness in the way gay activists argue. Big crime, that.

  24. freak says

    Oh he is now tweeting in favor of the Arizona bill. big surprise. Try again to defend him, self-loathing apologists.

  25. BrokebackBob says

    This guy like Nugent is a wingnut. Round the wingnuts up and ship ’em to an island called “Tea Party Sandals” a NON-INCLUSIVE resort.
    The new Guantamano (sp?) and I bet folks will go for this one.

  26. says

    It appears Adam Baldwin is as much of a jerk as the character he played in Ordinary People. That’s what happens when you read too much David Horowitz.

  27. Rowan says

    JACK M what low standards you have. Go have sex with him and catch herpes!

    My god David what are you on? What ‘gay’ argument is weak? If you weren’t so pathetically sensitive I would argue back!

  28. scott says

    As others have pointed out, he’s been a vocal far-right crackpot for a long time. What can you do? Actors get strange notions in their heads. Usually not THESE sorts of notions, but whatever. It would be a mistake to call him stupid – or mean, by the way. He’s very personable one-on-one.

    My serious response to him on this has always been – do you really think bans on SSM are holding back a deluge of incestuous fraud so epic in scope that it would justify denying equal protection and due process to millions of people who ARE chomping at the bit to have their relationships recognized by the government the same way opposite sex ones are?

  29. Corey Mondello says

    Just tweeted to boob reminding him if it werent gays he would never have become famous. I bet he likes his anus licked too….but not in a “gay” way of course…

  30. Cadence says

    David, the weakness in Baldwin’s argument is that why would this be a concern just because marriage equality becomes law? Why don’t people worry about mothers marrying their sons, or fathers marrying their daughters? Those two things are not used as weapons to argue against marriage, because most people realize how stupid that line of thinking is.

  31. Javier says

    On a slightly related note: Years ago, many same sex couples would ‘adopt’ each other, thus making their relationship a ‘father/son’, ‘mother/daughter’ arrangement. This made things like hospital visitation rights, power of attorney, inheritance issues, etc. much easier legally.

  32. globularcluster says

    Does that mean he supports fathers marrying their daughters? Why is incest an issue when gay people want to marry other gay people, but not for anything else?

  33. FFS says

    @David: That’s not what he did, actually.

    For the record, “What about shape-shifters?” would, also, not be an example of “pointing out weakness in gay arguments.”

    It’s astounding how many uneducated people there are who confuse acting like a prat with debate.

  34. Bosie says

    gosh these radicals gays …seriously can’t we stay focus and STOP callign every bad comment someone make s a homophobic one!!! this is why i dont read or watch news….and gay sites are the worst. crying wolf constantly. shameful. i read the comment and i dont see the incest or the “gay attack” OH INCASE YOU CALL ME HOMPHOBIC…im out&proud so add that sugar to your coffee.

  35. g.strathmore says

    *Spoiler alert!*

    Why oh why couldn’t they have killed off Jayne in the Firefly movie instead of Wash!!!!!????!!!

  36. heresyourchange says

    Were they his tweets or not? His comparison doesn’t even make any sense. So if all this is accurate, what would his point have been? How is same sex marriage opening doors that allow people to avoid taxes through incest?

    I need to stop reading the interweb. The stupidity is intolerable.

  37. exo says

    no need to be so worked up , when i hear some comments here its almost as if some you thought the guy was gay . “Had the biggest crush on him since “My Bodyguard”! That’s over now, though.” —> i think hell be happy to hear that . he is a straight conservative, what did you expect ?