1. cdubios says

    Cool Kid! It is so great to see how little this next generation cares about the sexuality of someone else. Also, I guess this dispels the notion so many on this site hold that minorities (blacks specifically) are the main stumbling block to equality. Not every minority is anti-gay…

  2. ColinATL says

    Someone should give this guy a scholarship for doing the right thing. If only more people would stand up to bullies…

  3. Rrhain says

    @CDUBOIS: Huh? If “this next generation cares so little about the sexuality of someone else,” why did the bullying incident happen in the first place? Why did Betterson come to the aid of the gay student?

    On the contrary, this incident shows that despite gains we’ve made, there is still a lot of work that needs to be done. It’s a positive story that Betterson got involved, but it’s because they *do* care (in both directions) that it happened at all.

  4. Daniel Berry, NYC says

    Not only is Mr Betterson a hero–and definitely a “better son” – he’s one hot young man. He can feel free to rescue me anytime he likes.

  5. Owens says

    What is wrong with our education system that allows the bully to get away with bullying but punish the victims?!? WTFrock?!?

  6. cdubios says

    rrhain – I was less than clear. There was a time when most other kids would join in or simply ignore this bullying incident as gayness was seen as something “weird.” It is heartening to see that kids have evolved to a point where many see this bullying as inappropriate, so much so that they even intervene. They seem as if they “don’t care” about another persons sexuality to the extent that they recognize it is a personal trait that doesn’t/shouldn’t really effect or concern others. I didn’t mean to imply that sexuality is something that is never thought about or a topic of discussion among that generation, even negatively. I recognize how much further we need to go, but it is nice to see in this next generation far less hang-ups about sexuality and personal freedom…. and I’m done, that was a long clarification : )

  7. alex says

    @Owens: If you bothered to take 2 minutes to read the linked article, you’d know that the attacker was “arrested and faces battery charges”.

    To paraphrase: Something is wrong with our education system because it produces people who make wildly inaccurate statements without knowing the facts.

  8. andrew says

    Mark Betterson is a stand up guy. He has more common sense and courage than the pin heads who run his school.

  9. Derrick from Philly says

    @ “Derricka, give it a rest you old worn out tire.”

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