1. SteveDenver says

    Breadth of understanding and acceptance of differences have always been GOP/conservative deficiencies.

  2. Bart says

    Just like the D student in your junior high who was so insecure and knew he was a total loser, he made fun of everyone else, FOX News mocks things they can’t possibly grasp.

    Tells you everything you need to know about FOX News.

  3. Paul says

    Mikey, I’m 23. Speak for yourself. It is one thing to be open minded. It is another thing to accept every fad and every crazy idea that some transgender person dreams up. I don’t like Fox but they are absolutely right to mock this. Hopefully, Stewart and Colbert will do something on it.

  4. Gonzo says

    I actually agree with Fox. Liberal/Feminist mainstream media continue with the pussication if men. Not the best words to use but that’s exactly what it is. Either you are a man, woman or trans although some believe that being trans is unnatural.

  5. Thedrdonna says

    Funny how many towleroad commenters sound like those imbecilic bigots at fox. I wonder if there’s an overlap?

  6. Zlick says

    I was a little puzzled about there being FIFTY options, which seems overkill to me. But it seems as if they are mostly variants of transgender. If that makes any trans or androgynous or questioning person feel good, then YAY Facebook.

  7. Oh vey says

    Well if trams gets over fifty flavors, why not gay? I mean there’s otters, thinks, queens, power bottoms, anonymous tops, etc etc. I personally feel that the transgender community is discriminatory by forcing us to put “gay” and “male” and not specify the terms we use to describe someone who prefers frosted flakes before 10am while wearing a robe and happens to think Heidi Klum is hot but would never do her, I’m sure something I that “pangendered” listing would account for that.

  8. *clutchthepearlz says

    Please. 50 LOLZ?! That’s begging to be mocked.

    *ratbastard is dead. long live clutchthepearlz

  9. anon says

    @SAID… How could they possibly be equating anything with homosexuality when they are talking about gender identity? Sexual orientation and gender identity are not the same thing. That list of options for gender identity does not contain gay, lesbian or bisexual anywhere in it and it shouldn’t.

  10. Tyler says

    I see Rick is posting under some new names. Must be his only way to escape the crushing loneliness that comes to him on valentine’s day.

  11. Homo Genius says

    again people go on that Rick is sock puppeting when the truth there is a large portion of gays who are not down with the whole LGBT thing.

  12. DamFine10 says

    Really, Todd Starnes calls his cock a weed & he wants it whacked? By whom, I wonder…Bryan Fischer, Tony Perkins…? Oh, the waste of energy by these people. Their brains are surely mush by this point in their lives!

  13. Mike in SF says

    Good on Facebook’s new gender options. Gender is complex and non binary. If you have trouble comprehending how this might be so, I encourage you to make an honest attempt at a basic Google search. I confess I personally have trouble truly understanding what it means/feels to be trans (for example), but that doesn’t make it not “real.” Also, regarding the quantity of terms, this relatively new (well, in Western culture, sort of) open exploration of gender is going to take a while. When modern science shows us countless examples of gender as a spectrum, it’s tough to point at one sliver and accurately label it. Take the socially complicated racial identity labeling: black/AfricanAmerican/negro/colored/etc. Even when pointing to basically the same idea, each term has been and is being negotiated constantly. And if you’re not part of that community, why not withhold judgement and let those actual communities determine how to describe themselves?

  14. Matthew says

    Zlick said:

    “If that makes any trans or androgynous or questioning person feel good, then YAY Facebook.”

    Unfortunately, Zlick, this won’t make them feel good. Nothing makes them feel good. Their condition is what fills them with rage and self-pity. Studies show that even full, successful surgical transition does not lower the incredibly high transsexual suicide rate.

    What these folks need is long-term psychiatric help, not corporate pandering to their illness.

  15. Marc says

    I applaud Facebook for simply acknowledging reality. People come in many variations and expressions. We all like to feel accepted, and one way we feel accepted is to have someone acknowledge who we are. That’s what FB is doing. Allowing us to express ourselves as we are.

    Good for them. Hopefully others will follow their lead.

  16. StevyD says

    These are the people Putin uses to condone his own vicious actions when he belittles our attempt to express condemnation over Russian mistreatment of LBGT people. Since we have these Fuks News homophobes spewing their demagogic crap over our own public airways here at home, we have no right to protest his words and deeds in his country. Fuks News would just love to add him on as one of their respected (?) pundits since his views are the same as theirs. Two big piles of дерьмо (Google Translate this Russian word.)

  17. says

    If these are actually “gay” people posting on this thread, then I think they are as uninformed and judgmental as Brian Brown.

    You girls need to get out more!

  18. Robert M. says

    Given the average age of the FOX viewer is 68, what do you expect? As those assholes die off, so will FAUX News…

  19. Moz's says

    come on though


    Male, Female, trans, born hermaphrodite

    that is 4, trans people needing 46 others is overkill and makes us all look like fools

  20. Phillip says

    The only people who look like fools are the ones making negative comments. If you don’t subscribe to a gender label, don’t use it. Plain and simple! The narrow-mindedness of some people seems to be pervasive for those who for whom this has no impact. Someone else’s subscribed label has no impact on you, so stop whining: it’s the same as complaining because someone’s gay marriage is affecting a couple’s straight marriage. Ludicrous!

  21. Mikey says

    When I see gay men on this site, fresh off so many civil victories, type “What these folks need is long-term psychiatric help, not corporate pandering to their illness,” I’m mortified at the utter lack of self-awareness.

    ‘When they came for the Jews,” etc.

  22. JEREMY says

    The number of anti-trans comments on here are really disheartening. Gender expression =/= trans, so I don’t understand why there’s trans-bashing in the first place. Sigh.

  23. Matthew says

    Mikey, don’t Godwin the discussion. No one is talking about “coming for” trans people.

    Mikey, you are gay. And as a gay man, you really know nothing about the reality of trans people’s lives. Although LGBT pretends that the 2 groups are 1, we aren’t.

    The reality is that trans people have many, many psychological and emotional problems. Nearly 3/4 of them kill themselves or attempt to. It is horribly cruel to waste time policing pronouns and popularizing terms like neutrois when we should be discussing the real help that trans people need.

  24. JonnyNYNY2FLFL says

    Whether or not you agree with the Facebook descriptions of the full spectrum of gender-identity, one thing is clear. There are more & more individuals born with sexual ambiguity. Surgically transitioning to clarify one’s sex is becoming commonplace.

    The legal system hasn’t been able deal with this phenomenon very well. Ultimately, from a practicality standpoint, marriage rights must be extended to any “two people” regardless of the gender they were described at birth. It’s just too complicated to sort out who can marry whom on a state law by state law basis.

  25. Rowan says

    Trans issues to be honest, logical and factual; have nothing to with sexuality…it’s gender issues.

    Trans issues are a responsibility for ALL sexualities to understand and support-Gay AND Straight. It’s as much a het issue as it is a gay one.

    It’s also something that is deeply misunderstood and unfortunately has been hijacked by attention seekers with an axe to grind.

    Re Facebook…..I’m suspicous of their motives…they leave gay bashing groups that incite hatred on the site but suddenly do something as OTT as this?? Which makes the LGBT look daft, silly and pretentious?

  26. MaryM says

    What’s the difference between a trans-woman and a trans*-woman?

    Do trans-women get mortally offended if they are referred to as trans*-women.

  27. MIke says

    Did they create a category for people who want absolutely nothing to do with “Facebook”? Makes me think of “Ja’mie Private Schoolgirl” and a group of 9 or 10 girls all gathered together communicating by reading each other’s Facebook page wall on their mobiles.

  28. enchantra says

    MIkey – Were you actually lounging on a fainting couch with one hand to your forehead when you posted that?

    Look, gay people (men and women) are not convinced that they are the opposite of their biological sex. There is a huge difference between “I am emotionally and physically attracted to members of my own sex.” and “I have male DNA, a male body, male genitalia, etc… but because I think of myself as female, then you need to play along or you’re a meanie.”

  29. CC says

    The trans-bashing in these threads is absolutely not acceptable. Andy, can we please get a up/down voting system?

    While gender and sexual orientation are two separate things, they are both marginalized groups that are misunderstood by the larger population, and thus both are often discriminated against unfairly. It benefits both groups to work together to educate and fight for equality – therefore LGBTQ.

    Both communities must deal with the psychological repercussions of living in a cis-gendered hetero-normative world where being different means being bullied. This is often the cause of elevated rates of suicide and self-harm in the LGBTQ community.

    The facebook thing highlights the fact that gender should largely be viewed as a small but personal component of a person. It is about respecting people for what they feel and who they are.

    If you’re making comments dismissing the needs of the transgender community, then you need to go educate yourself about what it means to live as trans in a cis world.

  30. anon says

    I think we can all laugh at fifty gender choices on FB (as if FB somehow is the Ur social categorization tool), but Fox of course, missing the point by laughing not at how silly FB’s self-importance is but at the people who might use the tool. FB trying to be bleeding edge hip again is quaint but they aren’t the MMPI, and they should be in the MMPI if they thought they should be.

  31. Travis says

    Matthew, how about you stop trying to decide what transgendered people need. They are people with minds of their own and if they feel a different gender from their biological sex, then who are you to pass judgment on the state of their mental capacity. Have you ever stopped to think that maybe it’s the close-mindedness of people like you that is causing the high suicide rates in the trans community?

  32. StudioTodd says

    “…and ‘intersex,’ whatever that is.”

    As a journalist, shouldn’t it be your job to find out what it is?

  33. says

    As a transgender I think that 50 options is a bit excessive but what the hell, 50 options that I will never use won’t hurt me one bit. I have kept my gender as female thank you very much. All of the detractors who think we are sick freaks really need to do a little research on trans brains, very insightful as is gay genetics, none of us chose to be persecuted for who we were born. Don’t be a small minded hater, get educated, we stand on common ground.
    To think that suicide attempts is an automatic qualifier for who is insane stop for a moment and do the math. There is a 76% chance I will get assaulted at some point in my life and a 1:12 chance that I will be murdered. When you add in alienation by friends family, and add those who are supposed to be members of your community attacking you as well, sometimes suicide is the only/best option.

  34. says

    and btw, folks, don’t think that there are “many” anti-trans commenters. at most, there are two. two sad lonely little men with no lives. pity ’em.

  35. KidJ/NYU says

    CC said:

    “While gender and sexual orientation are two separate things, they are both marginalized groups that are misunderstood by the larger population, and thus both are often discriminated against unfairly.”

    If, as you say, LGB and T are misunderstood by the larger population, then the solution is to provide accurate information to the public, not inaccurate information. It is inaccurate to lump “two separate things” together and represent them to the public as if they are one. That is not solving the problem of public misunderstanding; it is deepening it.

    As 2 distinct and independent groups, LGB and T could work together productively on certain issues. I support that. But that would never satisfy the proponents of “LGBT.”

    LGBT is pushed by 2 different interest groups. On the LGB side, it is pushed by “queer” activists, who desperately want LGBs to see themselves as radical, marginalized, subversive beings. Linking them with T as a matter of identity furthers that goal, whereas a working alliance would not.

    On the T side, trans activists push LGBT too. As allies, they could request the aid of LGBs. But with LGBT, they don’t have to tarry with requests; they can make demands. And that is pretty much all they do – make endless demands of LGBs while sacrificing nothing. They won’t want to give that up in exchange for an alliance.

    LGBT is therefore reactionary, deceptive, hegemonic, and objectively antigay. If LGBs and Ts are ever going to have a positive relationship, LGBT must end.

  36. andrew says

    I do find all these gender I.D’s to be excessive. However, after reading some of the transphobic comments here, I realize that I need to deal with my discomfort and just call people what they want to be called.

  37. emjayay says

    KidJ/NYU: Excellent comment. You as many here are addressing a topic that is not exactly what the issue is in the post, but that’s OK. I agree with everything you said to some degree, although it is all a part of the truth, not the entire story.

    To me LGBT is really four not entirely separate groups anyway, not two. I also do understand the LGB/T division. I’m not entirely sure including the T was the necessarily the best choice, but not necessarily wrong either so it’s OK with me.

    All these are people who are marginalized and discriminated against for sexual nonconformity issues. Fox News viewers would like to see them all disappear. From a political and rights perspective it is a useful and fair grouping.

    Right now there is an interesting and provocative discussion about just this stuff at AmericaBlog, which if anyone doesn’t know is a fairly personal leftish/gay blog written by John Aravosis.

    Check it out.

  38. KidJ/NYU says


    Thanks for your thoughtful response. Let me respond to a couple of your points:

    “To me LGBT is really four not entirely separate groups anyway, not two.”

    Well, of course L and G and B are discrete groups. But they also form one group, LGB. What do L,G and B have in common that T does not? A common characteristic that is *inherent* to all Ls, all Gs and all Bs – attraction to the same sex. This is a bond that comes from us, from what we are.

    Ts do not have that common trait. They do not, by definition, have any particular sexual orientation or engage in any particular sexual conduct. Most of them identify as straight. And contrary to your statement above, transgender people do not suffer discrimination for sexual nonconformity (except to the extent that they might also be LGB or perceived as LGB). Trans people suffer discrimination as trans people for gender nonconformity. As trans activist Janet Mock recently said on Piers Morgan: Trans and gay are two different things.

    So to justify attaching LGB to T, proponents talk a lot about what the haters think of us. “The bigots lump us all together!” they cry. As a factual matter, this is false. Some may lump us together, others may not. Pat Robertson recently made headlines when he made pro-trans comments, even while he excoriated gay people. But the more important point is that it does not matter what haters may think of us at any particular moment in time. Their twisted ideas should NEVER be the basis for forming our identity. At various times, antigay folks equate us with communists, Nazis, molesters, anarchists, spies, and fornicators. Our response has always been to explain who we are in reality and not to allow the homophobes to define us, either directly, by analogy, or by association. If some homophobes equate being gay with being a transsexual, that is an error to be corrected, not embraced and enshrined. But LGBT does enshrine those bigoted views and that is one reason why LGBT is inherently antigay.

    Opposing a common enemy is a decent basis for an alliance, but not for an identity. That has to come from a common inherent bond, something LGBs and Ts lack. The more the trans activists and the “queer” activists force the 2 groups together and deny them their right to self determination, the greater the hostility and resentment will become.

  39. andrew says

    @KIDJ/NYU: As much as you might like it and think ending LGBT is the right course, it isn’t going to happen. All of our Community Centers nationwide designate themselves as LGBT Centers. They have programs and meetings for each of the individual groups and inclusive programs for all. There has been no conspiracy by trans activists and queer activists to force the concept of LGBT on our community. It is an idea supported by the great majority of LGBT folks. Proof of that is the fact that the community financially supports the LGBT Centers and participates in their programs. Your attempt to make the concept of an inclusive LGBT Community sound scary is nonsense. Just a few folks like yourself are hostile and resentful of this inclusive LGBT concept. However, you are certainly free to attempt to recruit LGB folks, in your community, to form your own LGB Center. I would be willing to bet that you will get little support. Give it a shot, unless you are just all talk.