Gays Have Ruined Sports For Fox News Contributor Todd Starnes

Todd Starnes

Todd Starnes is very, very sad. After seeing gay weddings in the Rose Bowl Parade, the various outpourings of support for gay Olympians and condemnations of Russia's abominable laws, having a meltdown over the Grammy weddings, and now with Michael Sam daring to come out as an openly gay football player, sports have been ruined for Starnes forever.

Said Starnes, in part, on Facebook:

I should’ve learned my lesson after the Rose Bowl Parade and the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

It’s all about advancing a cultural agenda — no matter the cost.

We are no longer allowed to have fun and enjoy sports or entertainment programs. How sad.

"Advancing a cultural agenda"…said without a trace of irony from the man who lied that Colorado high schoolers have been banned from celebrating America, falsely claimed that a VA hospital in Dallas forbade Christmas cards, and engaged in vile fear-mongering tactics by asserting that Obama is going to turn the U.S. military against Christians.

Hemant Mehta at Patheos sums up Starnes' complaint rather nicely:

I guess he wants an NFL where only straight players get to tackle each other and slap each other on the ass and an Olympics where only straight athletes get to participate in the two-man luge.


  1. Gerald says

    There were people just like this jerk who said the same thing when professional sports were racially integrated. Think of the hateful people who rallied against Jackie Robinson and those who followed him.

  2. JAMES B. says

    We are in the eye of the storm. I love that we are front and center in conversations on all fronts. This is far more than we had going just 5-10 years ago.

    Don’t allow the negative to be seen as such. It is those individuals and society that help the gay community grow stronger, more empowered and ultimately, seated at “the table.”

  3. northalabama says

    dear mr. starnes, you’re welcome. if you decide to leave or change professions, don’t let the door hit ‘ya in the rear on the way out.

    you may have been absent this day in school, but sports journalists must cover topics with which they don’t agree, even conservatives. and good journalists don’t let their personal opinions become the news story. become a pastor and start a church, or shut up and cover sports news.

  4. freak says

    It’s hilarious that one gay man has the whole NFL and its “macho men” in a tizzy. The standards were pretty high before the scary gays arrived though: accused murderers, rapists, drug addicts, wife beaters, thieves and borderline idiots were A-OK to let in to their elite fraternity.

  5. BobN says

    Come on guys, give the guy a break. He’ll never be able to watch another game on TV without thinking about all those men piling on top of each other, you know, “that way”.

  6. JJ says

    Bring back the days when football was just a bunch of muscly men with no social agenda prancing around a meadow in skin-tight capri pants and rolling around on top of each other! Bring back the days when the Super Bowl was just about winning jewelry and stopping in the middle to have a song without issue ads shoving something down your throat!

  7. Chazwm says

    Mr. Starnes, it is TRULY our pleasure to just be ourselves and, without pandering to voters as you do for your financial support, to stand up and claim freely our rights to live in our states, in this country of ours, and in this world that is our home too. Build a rocket and leave Earth…it is time, since you really just don’t want to share. ( TIME OUT, BULLY.)

  8. Jay says

    This is what fox news does. They place extreme clowns on the air to score ratings. Sadly we blame the individual and give Fox News a pass so they can do it all over again, just as it did with Glen Beck.

  9. Retro says

    It’s obvious that he needs to give up his coach potato, spectator sports anyway. He can use all his extra spare time now to get outside, go run or swim a few miles, and start hitting the gym.

  10. Icebloo says

    This guy is not even smart enough to ask the store where he bought his glasses from to bend them to fit his face ! JEEZ ! How can someone be so stupid as to wear such crooked ugly ass glasses ? Oh and don’t get me started about that hair !

  11. says

    Cry some more, Starnes. You look like Uncle Fester wearing one of Donald Trump’s toupees, and your butthurt fueled tears nourish me.

    BTW – Trying to enacts laws to make America more like a Christian Taliban = “advancing a cultural agenda”

    Living our lives openly and working for equal rights =/= “advancing a cultural agenda”.

  12. SFRowGuy says

    Todd, I’m sure Utah or Oklahoma or Tennessee or … has a hole you can crawl in, but you’ll have too bring you own rock, and you’ll have to hurry, they’re filling up fast.

  13. SoLeftImRight says

    And I have never enjoyed sports quite so much! Funny thing is, I had fun and enjoyed sports and entertainment before now, despite often explicit anti-gay bigotry. Meanwhile, you’d rather wallow in your victimization and faux persecution instead of just dealing with the fact of diversity, where no one is actually persecuting you except in your own narrow mind. Also, you look like a big fag.

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