1. Gregory In Seattle says

    @Patrick – The closest health code violation I can think of has to do with hair, which does not seem to be an issue with the men in the image. Even then, I’m not sure that the Washington health code says anything about body hair; otherwise, I know cooks who would need to wear fishnets on their arms. They would likely have more problems with the employment safety laws: a misconnected valve could easily cause a very nasty scald.

    In any case, the bikini baristas have been around since the late 90s, and the Health Department has not stopped the practice yet.

  2. Tom says

    This was the “response” given for some espresso shop in Spokane who had women in lingerie. Personally I would prefer some guys who are a bit older and more hairy, just my cup of joe.:-)

  3. melvin says

    Yakima went through a whole soap opera a few years ago over baristas in lingerie. Public indecency, think of the children, you write the script. There were arrests, new ordinances, etc all serving mainly to make the town a laughingstock.

  4. Tre says

    WTF ?? What’s next – women in Victorias Secret lingerie serving breakfast at a coffee shop? This is NOT an “idea that needs exporting”. What the hell is wrong with us? Sex is awesome but it doesn’t need to be everywhere at every turn. It’s because of this crap from straight people that I now I can’t even go to the grocery store without seeing Kim Kardashian’s fat ass at every checkout stand.
    Too much of anything diminishes the thing. So put your shirts on and focus on serving and making good coffee, otherwise Abercrombie & Fitch may have an opening…

  5. Ken says


    Ooooh, I just love it when TR ventures into grammar. Bill corrected an earlier post: “None of them are my type.” Says Bill: “None of them IS my type.” But oops! “None of them are” is, in this day in age, entirely appropriate, in that “them” is plural. Having said that, I agree; them are not my type.

  6. Bill says

    Uh, Ken, the word “none” is the subject of that sentence and is singular. “[O]f them” is a prepositional phrase and not the subject of the sentence. BTW, I think you mean “in this day AND age” not “in this day IN age.” Cheers!

  7. megan says

    i totally LOVE this idea, HOWEVER, someone needs to teach these sexy men how to pour a cup of coffee! that milk needs air, it’s gonna burn! and you gotta put those shots in IMMEDIATELY. not being a hater. :) this is great!

  8. dizzyspins says

    I was a barista a million years ago and still have burn marks on my hands. I can only imagine the burns they’ll get from getting splashed with scalding hot milk.

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