1. Maarten Vandersman says

    The dutch speaking commenter does not refer to any gay rights statement.
    When Cheryl shows the inside of her glove, he says: ‘ her thumb is going up here’ prior to this last moment only her performance in the competition is discussed.

  2. Johan de Vries says

    As far as I know, the gloves she is wearing aren’t specific for the Olympics. Her coach and a another member of the Dutch athletes representation indicated that she had been wearing those for years.

    She does disagree with the Russian law though. She thinks it’s a “step back in time”.

  3. says

    Baloney. What athlete being interviewed puts their glove up to the camera for nothing?

    Maas very obviously wanted the audience to see her rainbow & unicorn covered glove.

    She’s an out proud & married Lesbian making a statement of support for her extended Russian brothers & sisters. Good on you Cheryl.

  4. Brett says

    A queer person in a SUPER anti-queer environment? You better believe she knows exactly where her rainbow mitts are and who’s looking at them at all times.

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