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Rachel Maddow on Yesterday's Arrests of LGBT Activists Across Russia: VIDEO


Rachel Maddow devoted a segment of her show last night to the many arrests of LGBT people in Russia yesterday and then noted the irony of a performance by fake lesbian group T.A.T.U. and the Russian team marching into the opening ceremonies to a song sung by Freddie Mercury, a gay man.

She Added:

"A lot about the recent anti-gay lurch in Russia is kind of hilarious in its ignorance. But most of it is not. Nobody wants politics mixed up in their Olympics or vice versa, but this really is how Russia started the Olympic Games today on day one. Holding our breath for day two."



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  1. The footage from Petersburg with the pink triangle is from an earlier protest, as the Olympic clock shows. (There's no video, as far as I know, of those arrests, since they happened before the demonstration really started)

    Posted by: KevinVt | Feb 8, 2014 9:58:38 AM

  2. Of course none of them look like they could play a sport....coincidence?....

    Posted by: Ankerich | Feb 8, 2014 11:38:11 AM

  3. Thank you Rachel Maddow for reporting this!

    Posted by: LandIsDark | Feb 8, 2014 3:02:40 PM

  4. You have to wonder, if the Winter Olympics were being held in Denver or Lake Tahoe, and protests were occurring worldwide as people insisted athletes not attend a big sports party being held by a country that engages in human-rights abuses far worse than Russia's "anti-gay propaganda" law (oh you know, like the US attacking & occupying & bombing sovereign nations as it pleases), how assiduously Americans would ignore these protests.

    Posted by: MuscleOutlaw@aol.com | Feb 8, 2014 4:04:24 PM


    You are as ignorant as the idiot homophobes n Russia.

    Posted by: David | Feb 9, 2014 4:57:27 AM

  6. Yep, good buddy Dave, ignore the issue and just insult the commenter. Never mind the truth to what I said, that maybe we in America should be out protesting our own government's far more egregious & murderous activities, before we indignantly howl at somebody else.

    Posted by: MuscleOutlaw@aol.com | Feb 9, 2014 5:25:36 PM

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