1. Gregory in Seattle says

    I haven’t read anything whatsoever about Masmari being Muslim. There are a great many non-Muslim people in the Middle East — Christian, Jewish, Baha’i, Zoroastrian, just to name the major faiths — who have “Arabic” sounding names. And even if he had been raised in Islam, there is no knowing at this point as to whether or not he is a believer or otherwise practicing Muslim.

    It is way too early to blame anything on religion.

  2. Merv says

    While it may be to early to blame religion, the man is clearly Muslim. His middle name is Mohammed, which is almost exclusively a Muslim name, and more importantly he has several references to Islam on his Facebook page.

  3. Bill says

    As an indication of the intelligence of the Muslim bashers (verbally, that is) commenting above, merely clicking on the link giving background information about Masmari would show that religion is not the cause of his behavior:

    1. He had been frequenting other bars in the area (if he was a devout Muslim, he would presumably refrain from drinking alcoholic beverages and not go to bars).

    2. He was kicked out of one bar for unzipping his pants in a highly visible area of the bar (so much for Muslim standards of modesty, not to mention the possibility of alcohol-fueled loss of inhibitions).

    3. He was showing increasingly strange behavior over time.

    4. He had a criminal record due being abusive.

    All of the above suggest that, regardless of his religious background, some mental health issues are the most likely cause of his behavior. Obviously a professional evaluation is in order. If he did it, the main question will be whether he should be sent to jail or to a mental hospital for the criminally insane.

    Guys, with all the anti-gay bigotry in the world, let’s not act like bigots ourselves, and a little fact checking before spouting will help prevent one from looking very, very foolish.

  4. andrew says

    Although tempting to blame Islam for his behavior, it is probably not correct. Some of the reports about this guy indicate that he is just a two bit criminal and a nut case.

  5. Beck says

    It figures that the self-described “queers” on this site like Andrew and Bill would rush to this guy’s defense. Any gay man who would call himself “queer” – even under the guise of progressive jargon – has major self-hatred and self-debasement issues and so would be quick to defend an antigay arsonist.

  6. Bill says

    @Beck: he was not being “defended”. I (and then Andrew independently) simply noted that religious beliefs were not likely the cause of whatever he did as he had an independent collection of faults and “issues” that were more than sufficient. My comment wasn’t really about the suspect but about people jumping to conclusions without even bothering to glance at the articles Towleroad linked to.

    BTW, the initial report before his arrest indicated that the video was not good enough to be sure it was him, but gave them a likely suspect. I’d imagine that there might have been fingerprints on the gas can found near the staircase and if there was a serial number on it + a credit-card transaction, there could have been proof as to whether he purchased the can, assuming the store could be identified. The police aren’t (or at least weren’t) saying anything due to a continuing investigation: probably because they didn’t want to tip the culprit off before they collected all the evidence.

  7. Merv says

    First of all, I have no idea if this crime was motivated by religion. But, to assert that religious hypocrites can’t commit crimes motivated by their religion is absurd. It defies both logic and experience.

  8. Bill says

    @Merv: ever heard of Occam’s Razor? If you read the article Towleroad linked to – – you will find that “Seattle Municipal Court records show Masmari faced several criminal charges in 2013, including assault, violation of an anti-harassment order, property destruction, and obstructing a police officer.” He was banned from at least one bar for bad behavior such as sticking his fingers in other customers’ food.

    He claims to be from Benghazi, so if he is officially a Muslim, it is more than likely because his parents were and dragged him to a mosque during his childhood, just as many non-religious Americans were dragged to churches by their parents during their childhoods.

    So, his criminal background is consistent with a crime involving property destruction and his other behavior (bar hopping) is inconsistent with being a devout Muslim. Which hypothesis fits the data best – his criminal background or the religion he most likely inherited from his parents?

  9. andrew says

    @BECK: Learn to read A##hole! Do you actually think that I was defending him by calling him “a two bit criminal and a nutcase”? I was saying that some reports, like the one Towleroad linked to, suggest that his motivation may not have been religious. FYI: I don’t call myself queer. I don’t particularly like the word. I am an out and proud gay man. However, I do have some younger gay friends and co-workers who are out, gay and proud who regularly refer to themselves as queer. It is an age thing. Lots of younger gays call themselves queer. I assure you A##hole, they do not have an ounce of “self debasement” or “self hatred” in their entire bodies.

  10. andrew says

    @BILL: In my, not so humble, opinion you are way too rational and logical in your responses to a##holes like BECK and MERV. No amount of reasoning ever changed their opinions on anything. Tomorrow MERV will probably go to his local CVS and ask to purchase an Occam’s Razor.

  11. Bill says

    @Andrew: I wrote it for the benefit of other readers who might not have been interested enough to check the links. Regardless, being rational sometimes angers people even more than telling them off. I missed Beck’s part about both of us allegedly being “self-described ‘queers’,” which seemed rather odd since I’ve never posted a comment on this site stating my sexual orientation. Why bother on a gay-oriented web site?

  12. andrew says

    The comment by Trans hater Steve is typical of the nasty comments by trans haters. Because according to him a “trans activist” threatened violence in Mich., he is surprised the arsonist in Wash State is not a trans activist. Loathsome creep!!!

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