Michigan RNC Candidate Wants Satanic ‘Perversion’ of Homosexuality ‘Purged’ from GOP

An RNC candidate in Michigan says homosexuality is a "perversion" created by Satan and wants gays "purged" from the GOP, the HuffPost reports:

SearsMary Helen Sears of Houghton County in the state's Upper Peninsula, elected vice chair of the Michigan Republican Party's 1st District last year, posted a rant in April on the Schoolcraft County GOP website — preceded by a warning asking readers to "please use your discretion before taking any decisions based on the information in this blog."

In the post, Sears claimed that homosexuals prey on children, argued that "Satan uses homosexuality to attack the living space of the Holy Spirit" and advocated that Republicans "as a party should be purging this perversion and send them to a party with a much bigger tent."

Now, Michigan's RNC already has a troublesome gay-hater in RNC Committeeman Dave Agema, who continues to face calls to step down from many Republicans, including RNC Chair Reince Priebus. Agema, who also hates Muslims, has said that gays falsely claim people with AIDS as their lovers in order to cheat the system and get free medical benefits, and last week said Russia's anti-gay law is "common sense".

Sears is running for the RNC co-chair seat of U.S. Senate candidate Terri Land and would sit next to Agema on the committee.

Astonishlingly, the HuffPost notes, Sears appears to be to the right of Agema.


  1. Jon says

    Where do these Nut Jobs come from? If the GOP really ignorant enough to allow fools like her to spew her hate and ignorance publicly? I think Michigan should purge the state of people with really ugly 1980s hair.
    So tired of the crap coming out of the mouths of these people in the name of God; if there is a God, I hope she/he is waiting for these bigots and tells them why they’re going straight to HELL!

  2. JackFknTwist says

    Well if Satan is a registered Republican, fully paid up member and supports all their policies, then what’s her beef ?
    I guess the ‘Holy Spirit’ must be a paid up member as well……a kinda “fair and balanced”, just like FOX Noise.

    They sure get a lot of supernaturals in that party.

  3. WBA says

    I understand that Michigan GOP is intending to introduce witch burning legislation. Isn’t it wonderful for them to have finally come to terms with the 16th century.

  4. Michael says

    Has anyone ever explained why homosexuality is “evil”?

    Murder? No problem. Theft? Easy.

    To every “evil” there’s an obvious angle of how you’re wronging another.

    In other words, f*ck these people.

  5. Marshall says

    Why are people so shocked about religious bigots being in the GOP? The GOP has been the part of hate since 1968 when Nixon started the Southern Strategy. I find gay Republicans who quit the GOP for discovering its intolerance are just hypocritical racists who didn’t care about the GOP’s racism or hatred of the poor.

    George W. Bush and the GOP used anti-gay legislation to get out the vote to win the 2004 election. Right?

    The Republicans are evil. They will say and do whatever they have to maintain their bigoted political base. If that isn’t enough, they’ll just steal elections or deny people the right to vote to win elections.

    As for Michigan, the state GOP has big money backers who can right checks to air deceptive commercials. They outspend Democrats. This is the future. Welcome to oligarchy/plutocracy.

  6. Nick says

    Mary Helen-the 80s called and they want their hair back……
    The party of hate —is alive and well and giving other UP folk a bad name.
    Don’t you have a gun to clean? -or is that right after buy bull study?

  7. Rob says

    Dumb ass from the isolated forests of UP. She must go to a church that throws snakes. Idiots that allow people like this into a place of power only speed up their own failures.

  8. Bob says

    Her disclaimer statement, to me, is an admission that her words could be taken by some to incite violence. She is essentially stating ” I am only saying they should be ‘purged’. What you do with that information is your business”. And that should be considered as accomplice evidence if anyone cites her words as support for their crime.

  9. George Deeming says

    oh sugar… we don’t prey on children — you really need to check your facts. You heterosexuals keep on making us. What do I mean ? Ask a family with a homosexual child – really talk to them. You see, sweetheart…we’re born this way. You believe that we have a choice. You think that at some point we’re some how infected or taught something by gay’s… Do you really think we would want to be second class citizens or somehow less than you ?

    If being gay is a choice then you must mean that being heterosexual is a choice, too. What was the exact date that you decided to be heterosexual ? Was there some kind of test or quiz ? Sexuality is really what turns you on sexually. Gay people cannot help it if what gets us aroused is someone of the same sex. Get over it sweetpea & bless your sweet heart.

  10. says

    There ya go Priebus. Another GOP operative from Michigan spewing hate. Gonna try to shush this one too?

    Maybe it’s time to face up to the problems your party afflicted on themselves when they embraced religious fundamentalists in a power grab. Openly displayed hate like this will destroy your Party, you know it. All those Young Republicans see this and then think about their LGBT friends. It’s your choice on how history sees the GOP under your guidance.

    Know who else sees this? The Courts.

  11. woodroad34d says

    The communists have taken over the GOP….Mary Helen Sears aren’t you supposed to be in Sochi? BTW, Sears? What an unfortunate name–she’s overselling her position like the company just oversold it’s shares. She has birdsh*rt for brains in that mess of a nest of 1980s hair.

    I’m with @WCT and I’m from Michigan (now in California). It’s difficult talking with relatives there, who are personally very nice people–but they have such bitterness in them.

  12. labman57 says

    Where is Dana Carvey when we need him?
    Seriously, this is yet another example demonstrating why religious dogma and the politics of public policy decision-making make poor bedfellows.

    So let’s review:
    First the tea party/ultraconservative faction of the Republican Party demanded that members of its fold pass a “purity test”.  

    Next, some GOP candidates are demanded that any citizen working for the federal government pass a “loyalty test” and that some Americans be excluded based on their religious beliefs.

    And now we have Christian conservative bigots within the GOP decrying the inclusion of (gasp!) gays and lesbians as card-carrying members of the Republican Party.

    Essentially, these extremists are subscribing to the Aryan philosophy of “power through purification”.

  13. jamal49 says

    You know, the more people like this evangelical wench get publicity, the less I fear that the GOP can ever have a resurgence. Let them talk! They are our best weapon in the fight for equality.

    By the way, I’d say girlfriend has a personal relationship with Satan. The devil’s in her hairdo.

  14. derrysf says

    I personally hope she will be elected to this backwater post, allowing her paleo-crazy religious fanaticism to be widely publicised. As a GOP official she will help select more ridiculous candidates just like her.

    People like this serve as great sanity calibrators for moderates and educated conservatives, as well as provide extra motivation for progressives to vote.

  15. Bill says

    As the more moderate Republicans drop out of the party due to being fed up with the wingnuts, guess what’s left?

    We are seeing the Republican Party self destruct in slow motion. They made the proverbial pack with the devil by cozying up to the religious nuts, and now the inevitable is happening.

  16. JJ says

    @Michael: “To every “evil” there’s an obvious angle of how you’re wronging another.”

    Research into Jonathan Haidt’s Moral Foundations Theory seems to show that the non-religious tend to consider only fairness and harm when making moral judgements (i.e., “how you’re wronging another”), while the religious also consider authority, loyalty, and purity. Further research suggests that purity (ick factor) may actually be the driving factor for everyone, and that the other concerns are how people rationalize their judgements after following their gut feeling. Religious people may simply be hard-wired with a much lower threshold for disgust than the non-religious.

    I learned about the research from the Reasonable Doubts podcast.

    Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moral_Foundations_Theory
    Moral Foundations Theory home: http://yourmorals.org/haidtlab/mft/index.php?t=publications
    Purity study: https://webfiles.uci.edu/phditto/peterditto/Publications/Koleva_tiesThatBind.pdf?uniq=-5wjp1m
    Reasonable Doubts episode 122: http://freethoughtblogs.com/reasonabledoubts/2013/11/27/episode-122-a-deluge-of-stupidity/

  17. Ooma says

    Mary Sears: Satan has been working through heterosexual people long before he ever worked through gays. The reason is because they’re the ones who keep having GAY babies! You need to take a stand against these couples for carrying on Satan’s work before you blame their children.

    While claiming religious piety you stand there with stones in your hands ready to cast, given the first opportunity, at LGBT citizens. This is in direct contradiction to the teachings of your own religion. You make a mockery of religion and your “purging” language sounds strikingly reminiscent of the burning of heretics during the middle ages, the Salem witch trials in America and a certain political party in Germany about 80 years ago. You should be kept as far away from government as possible because it is painfully obvious that you have no grasp of religious freedom, don’t understand the democratic principles this nation was founded upon and have no capacity to respect any religious and spiritual beliefs other than your own.

    Who is your next target – women who aren’t related to the Duggers on reality tv shows & who use birth control?

  18. Tarc says

    Living in MI, I can tell you that most people have the same reaction as the rest of us (sane, gay) people do – they’re certifiable. And no, Detroit isn’t a problem compared to having a horrific governor and, the abject disaster of the GOP and their destructive (economic/social/political) agenda in general.

  19. says

    Great! How do we support her and get her elected? Could be the best thing to get her to win. Imagine how this would devastate the re-puke-lickin’ party at the polls! Talk about scaring the horses … and every other living (thinking) creature!

  20. says

    Granted that Mary Helen Sears is a bit controversial, but even with folks that are nasty we can sometimes find common ground.

    Mary and I would both like it if every single gay person living and not yet born would please not be a Republican. I’m on board.

    I promise that for the rest of my life I will never, ever be a Republican.

  21. alwaysarebel says

    20497 W Second, Ripley, MI – from public records for Houghton County – I plan on sending her a nice postcard from the gay parade. hope she enjoys it.

  22. BETTY says

    ALWAYSAREBEL: what is the point of posting her home address? Send it to her office. It makes us look bad and gives her ammunition if she can say the “bad gays” are coming after her at her home. It cheapens our cause and makes us no better than people like her. It also makes you look like a stalker. Grow up.

  23. smithfrank72 says

    At one time the state traded th U.P. for area that included Toledo OH, for the longest time I thought we got the good end of the deal, makes me wonder if we should have let Wisconsin have it.

  24. Oranje says

    She lives not too far from me. And while my area is generally conservative (though really rather moderate overall), she’s considered to be way out there.

    Though, by all means, get her to that post. It just further crystallizes how the GOP has handed the reigns over to social conservatives and the tail is wagging the dog.

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