MSU’s Rufus Warren: Football ‘is a MAN Sport And Being Gay Is Not a Man’


If anyone still has any question as to why it is more important than ever for gay athletes to be out, look no further than tweets from Mississippi State University's Rufus Warren, a sophomore football player.

Rufus Warren Tweet

In a reaction to Michael Sam coming out of the closet, Warren took to Twitter and made his opinions known in a rather dazzling display of ignorance.

The tweets have since been deleted and Warren's account made private, but of course nothing stays hidden on the Internet. Perhaps his most inflammatory statement was his last tweet, which said:

Rufus Warren Tweet 2

As of this writing, no disciplinary action of any kind appears to have been taken.


  1. Craig says

    I hate to tell this guy, but a “not a man” was the defensive player of the year in the nation’s best conference. Mizzou finished ranked fifth in the country… I’m having trouble finding Miss. St. In the rankings.

  2. barney says

    Hate to tell Mr. Warren, that you would not have been allowed to go to that university a few years ago. Perhaps you should just stay in your patch and be safe.

  3. Sean says

    Wow, let’s look at how each performed as a “manly” football player. In the 2013 season Warren made exactly ONE catch on a team that went 7-6. Michael Sam was the defensive player of the year in the SAME conference, on a team that went 12-2 and went to the conference championship game. Maybe if MSU recruited more gay men instead of ignorant and unproductive losers like Warren,they could win more games.

  4. Leroy Laflamme says

    Clearly, Twitter was invented to make ridiculous people make themselves appear even more ridiculous. And that’s a selfie, right? Well selfies were invented to make ridiculous people appear even more ridiculous.

  5. Joe in Ct says

    What a sad excuse for a man he is. Hope he grows up fast because his concept of what it means to be a man is pathetically small and seems awfully insecure. Feeling sorry too for the women he dates.

  6. Jay says

    Well I must agree, we aren’t all equal. He is an intellectually inferior and a lesser man that he could ever dream to be. Live with that you piece of garbage.

  7. woodroad34 says

    Apparently this brain dead player has never watched any hardcore BDSM movies. This idiot b*tch doesn’t even know what a man is; in fact, he sounds like a male impersonator. Oh, and I have nothing against idiot football players–be happy; but I look down on stupidity and immaturity…football is a man’s sport and stupidity isn’t manly.

  8. woodroad34 says

    Oh, and perhaps he needs to watch a certain Texan sports commentator’s video to get him up to speed about “manly” football players who are murderers, thugs, and women beaters.

  9. Rick says

    MSU’s website has a link from their “Ethics” page to report discrimination by a student or employee. Perhaps a few comments from Towleroad readers to make sure the administration is aware of how Mr. Warren is representing his university.

  10. David says

    Its such a manly sport that the poor little wimps have to wear armour. Perhaps he should try a REAL man’s sport like Rugby, which doesn’t pussy foot around with armour and which is pretty openly accepting of gay people as many a calendar proves.

  11. Tim says

    Unfortunately, this is what happens when you tell the world that gays are one people with transgenders. The world actually listens and comes to the reasonable conclusion that gay men must not really be men.

    Why would someone who is fully, 100% man identify with transgenders, who do not consider themselves part of the gender binary?
    Since gay men have identified themselves with transgenders by accepting the label LGBT, they are telling the whole world that Rufus Warren is correct.

    LGBT is anti-gay and reactionary. End LGBT.

  12. brian says

    Why does Towleroad continue to give press to every single ignoramus out there? They will always be there regardless of whether there are out gay players or not.

  13. JJ says

    Isn’t this the game where a bunch of muscly men prance around a meadow in skin tight capri pants and roll around on top of each other? Isn’t the biggest game of the year the one where they play for jewelry and stop in the middle to have a song?

    I hate to break it to him, but I think he’s been reading the whole game wrong.

  14. GAH says

    THIS IS A PR STUNT. He’s a third-rate athlete. Nobody cares. He says something crude and ignorant. Everybody pays attention to the nobody. He waits 24 hours. People demand an apology. Media storm in a teacup. He issues an apology. Now he’s a FAMOUS third-rater whose mended his bridges with the mainstream and impressed the thicko right-wing with his manly ignorance.

    This is all as fake as when Russell Crowe hits a papparrazzo or Madonna snogged Britney.


  15. Anony6 says

    Rufus the Doofus has spoken…haha

    I love how these clowns keep putting themselves on blast. Michael Sam is a better football player than an overwhelming majority of all men who play football in college…so are all these other men not real men since they can’t perform to the level of someone who doesn’t supposedly meet the bare minimum standard of being a man to play? This guy is embarrassing.

    And for those commentators using this as an opportunity to advocate for the decoupling of trans and gay rights…Don’t even go there. Throwing trans people under the bus to try to score some brownie points with homophobes like Doofus won’t make you anymore more masculine in the eyes of the bigots you all beg and whine to be tolerated by.

  16. BETTY says

    Dear Rufus:

    Who exactly appointed you in charge of deciding who is or isn’t a man?

    Being a “man” isn’t how tough you think someone is or who he goes home to each night. The true test of a man is how he treats others. Whether he is a good person, an upstanding citizen takes care of his loved ones. A real man is a person who has respect and love for people, all people. Not just those that look and think the way you do. Martin Luther King, Jr. once said that people should be judged on the context of their character. You fail on all counts.


    Real men of the world.

  17. BETTY says

    I am getting so tired of RICK posted his garbage under another name. As if we don’t know it’s him. TIM/UFFDA whatever. RICK: deal with your issues in the appropriate place: a psychiatrist’s office. Take the other bigots with you.

  18. John in BR says

    As a Mississippi State graduate and lifelong fan and season ticket holder, I am disgusted by Warren’s comments. I must say that I don’t recall seeing him on the field or heard of him before. I think Warren needs a lesson on a football player at Mississippi State from the 70s, Frank Dowsing. Dowsing, who was the first black football player, happened to also be gay. So a man who was brave enough and man enough to pave the way for Warren, was gay.

  19. Homo Genius says

    @betty.. is it so hard for you to believe that more than one person is sick to death of being lumped in with trans.

    Please name an issue we have in common – other than general discrimination.

    Do any of us have birth certificate issues, wonder which bathroom to use etc.

    I have nothing against trans in general but they aren’t part of my “movement” or self identified group.

    You don’t see the NAACP dealing with Asian issues.

  20. Tyler says

    JoeMyGod’s postings get more comments and page views than those on this site. Because on that site racism and transphobia is called out and shamed, as well as deleted when necessary. Not on this site. This place has become such an intellectual dump.

  21. Louis says

    It Mississippi….. What do you expect?

    50th in Education Spending

    Lowest SAT Scores in the nation.

    Do you think this guy could get into another school?

    And as academics go MSU is the dregs of the SEC.

  22. John in BR says

    Guys and gals, I understand Mississippi is an easy mark to make fun of and be the brunt of jokes. However, there are many people in Mississippi, Louisiana (where I now live) and the South who aren’t bigots. There are many who were bigots who are now not because of gay people they meet or are related to. If we as a population don’t want to be painted with a broad (inaccurate) brush, we shouldn’t do it to others.

  23. SpaceCadet says

    An ignorant person of no significance makes a homophobic statement, and he happens to be of color, and cue the racist and transphobic comments on this blog. Those doing so are just as ignorant.

  24. James says

    This guy is a third stronger on the team. No one cares. It’s sad that he’d say this as the city of Starkville where MSU is located just passed a non-discrimination ordinance for sexual orientation. The first one in the state!

  25. BETTY says

    HOMO “GENIUS” aka TIM/RICK/UFFDA et al: This situation has NOTHING TO DO WITH THE TRANSGENDERED POPULATION. YOU brought it up. YOU are the one connecting the dots from this issue to “trans” people. Again, nobody made the comparison, YOU did. YOU are the one who has a problem with transgendered people. We get it and you blame them for every issue in the gay community. Your vicious and CONSTANT whining about it is getting old. Seek help and move on.

  26. BETTY says

    @ANDREW: I don’t think all of them are gay. There are many paid troll posters from the right who are trying to drive a wedge between the African American community and the homosexual community. It was in their playbook for the past election cycle. They are just trying to cause trouble.

  27. Greg says

    Why is this kind of attitude so prevalent among athletes – especially black males. Perhaps it is because these men shower daily with other men, that they feel the need to talk themselves away from any sexual desire toward another man.


    Here we go with some of you white folks and your prejudice comments at least we know that racism still exists in the LGBTQ Community. You’re no better than him dumb c@cksucker

  29. Jons says

    I most certainly hope these anti-trans comments are from right-wing trolls.

    In any case, AGAIN: Andy, please update your comment system which is 10 years too old!

  30. dave02657 says

    “Why does this excellent site have such a low grade comment system that has no replys, no rating up or down, no flags, and no IDs?” Posted by: emjayay | Feb 14, 2014 12:51:56 AM

    …echoed x1000. As well as the ability to embed, at least manually via html code, links, for key-rhist sakes. And yes, flagging posts by so many of these cretins that make the comments such a cesspool.

    I think this demands an answer from Andy, if not an entire post by him explaining the reasons for such an obvious site deficit. Not holding my breath.

  31. jamal49 says

    Actually, Homo Genus, the NAACP has in the past addressed any kind of discrimination based on race and that includes Asians. Their record on fighting discrimination is stellar. I wish I could say the same about your record on intelligence. It’s pretty dismal. You really, really don’t understand why Transexual people are a pivotal part of the entire LGBT movement to full civil equality.

    Brian, honey, I know some Trans people who, without even a breaking a sweat, could kick your stupid, ignorant ass clear into next year.

  32. says

    Aww…someone’s jealous that they’re not SEC Defensive Player of the Year, a possible first round draft pick for the NFL, or being talked about in the news.

    This idiot is talking about Sam as if he hasn’t been playing this “man’s sport” for years in high school and college. *facepalm*

  33. Fritz says

    I’m frankly appalled at the “Trans issues have nothing to do with me as a gay man” comments on this thread. We’re framing most of our civil rights struggle in the same way that African-Americans have, and we’ve relied on the people within that movement (e.g. Julian Bond and Coretta Scott King) who understand (or understood) that human rights are human rights, period. We don’t need to throw trans people under the bus (as the HRC shamefully did) to achieve our goals. The more the general public is educated about the realm of human sexual and gender expression, the better off we all are — LGBTQQI and straight.

  34. David Fagan says

    Mississippi State University Athletic Department

    NAMETITLEPHONE(Area Code 662)
    Scott Stricklin |Director of Athletics662-325-0863

    Duncan McKenzieExecutive Associate A.D.662-325-2532

    Ann CarrSenior Associate A.D./Women’s Sports, Student-Athlete Services662-325-2532

    Mike NemethSenior Associate A.D./Administration662-325-2300

    Katherine RiceAdmin. Assistant/Athletic Director662-325-8082

    Janna FlintAdmin. (Area Code 662)Assistant/Athletic Director325-0863
    Christy FreemanAdministrative Assistant662-325-2532

    Susan HolderOffice Associate662-325-2300

    Dr. Steven C. TurnerFaculty Athletics Representative662-325-2049

  35. enchantra says

    It’s surprising how many of you want to be able to control what other people say.

    You have your panties in a knot anytime someone points out the obvious in the failings of black culture, but not one of you ever gets upset when Jamal or some other bunghole goes on about “:white people” .

    The difference is that while the caucasian race has its bad apples, nearly all of the good stuff in our lives has come from white people. With blacks the upside simply isn’t worth putting up with the downside.

  36. David Fagan says

    President’s Office Staff

    Cindy Akers, Administrative Assistant to the Vice President for Campus Services E-mail

    Debbie Dunaway, Administrative Assistant to the President E-mail

    Joe Farris, Assistant to the President E-mail

    Debby Golson, Director of Special Events for the President E-mail

    Megan Montgomery, Assistant Director, Special Events E-mail

    Kimberly McElroy, Executive Assistant to the President E-mail

    Cathy Sims, Business Manager E-mail
    Mississippi State University
    President’s Office Staff

    Kyle Steward, Executive Director of External Affairs E-mail

    Amy Tuck, Vice President for Campus Services E-mail

    Debbie Walker, Federal Relations Specialist E-mail

  37. David Fagan says

    Are we going to have to go down that road again? It was the University of Mississippi football athletes who were called out for ‘hate speech’ shouted at cast members of ‘The Laramie Project’ … now it’s a Mississippi State University football player using ‘hate speech’ on Twitter. At Ole Miss no one was punished; they ‘couldn’t single out’ the voices! Will there also be NO ACTION at MSU? Perhaps Kent State athletes should just move South …

  38. disgusted american says

    sooo according to this nitwit – being a Man is being a “Baby daddy’ for numerous women’s kids…hanging at strip clubs, riding around in your Escolade and picking up women?

  39. Joe H says

    I think the reason this is such a big deal for the NFL is the same reason “Same Love” is a big deal for hip-hop. Both communities are bastions of misogyny, homophobia, bullying, violence, hate speech, and other brutish behavior packaged as “masculinity” but more akin to street gangs. The number of NFL players arrested for serious crimes in a given year is astonishing, and stories like Aaron Hernandez and Michael Vick are on the rise ( There are hundreds of Rufus Warrens in the NFL, and Michael Sam is the long-overdue shake-up I’ve been waiting for. Roger Goodell is certainly not going to clean up that league, but maybe one kid from Missouri can.

    And then there’s Mississippi State… Do we really need to say anything more? And outstanding point on Mr. Warren not being able to attend that university not too long ago. Guess he missed history class, too.

  40. Elsewhere1010 says

    “And being gay is not a man.”

    And being Jewish isn’t a bicycle. Being black isn’t a house. Being a redhead isn’t a shovel.

    But fortunately for Mr. Warren, being stupid isn’t a crime.

  41. DavidinChelseaMA says

    Not surprised at all that this ignorant f*** has his twitter page protected. So much for being such a man…. he can’t even take critical mentions…

    His profile page says this:
    “@2_amazing’s tweets are protected.
    Only confirmed followers have access to @2_amazing’s Tweets and complete profile. Click the “Follow” button to send a follow request.”

  42. antisaint says

    It would be so nice if this site would use the DISQUS comment system. IT IS FREE FOR THE USER AND THE WEBMASTER. At least if the comments here are going to turn into a cesspool there could be some accountability.


    @Dorag Glassberg, WHITE MEN INVENTED THE DOWN LOW!!!! It’s not BLACK priests molesting children in churches! Do your history sweetheart! And Homophobia was a product of White Missionaries and supposed White Christian Men! Get your facts straight!

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