1. freak says

    Do you realize that Jockey’s CEO is one of the top sponsors of the Koch brothers’ right wing campaign to destroy America as we know it? No, I bet you didn’t – and obviously you don’t give a crap what you publish here.

  2. oncemorewithfeeling says

    All of the men in that video are “white guys”? There’s color-blind and then there’s just plain stupid.

    What does it say about the “white guys” troll that he can’t recognize men of color when he sees them?

  3. Kissyfur says

    I wasn’t looking at the white ones!!! 😀 And I will never wear Jockey because of the Kochs, or shop at Target or eat at Chick Fila because they are anti-gay or shop at Walmart because they are anti-union or shop at Abercrombie, Macy’s, Gap, or Walmart because they support the Bangladesh factory or travel to any state that does not support gay marriage or live in the USA because our very existence here as citizens supports a global hegemony or corporatocracy…wait, why are we all on Towelroad with ads?????

  4. TonyJazz says

    The comments on Jockey’s CEO were an interesting turn of events.

    I’m very comfortable staying away from anti-gay businesses….

    We do run into a mess when it gets to the CEO level. Because of their incomes (a hundred times yours), they typically are Republican to be protective of their wealth. And, until they have a gay son, they don’t care about much else… I’m not supporting anything to do with the Kochs or others of this ilk…. But how do we succeed in buying some products without support some really bad person somewhere?

    No good answers here….

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