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RoadPresident Obama gives House of Cards his endorsement: "No spoilers, please".

PerryRoadKatyPatra teases new video with blinged out grills.

RoadStudy: Methane leaks negate climate benefits of natural gas. "...a surprising new report, to be published Friday in the journal Science, concludes that switching buses and trucks from traditional diesel fuel to natural gas could actually harm the planet’s climate.

RoadChobani donates yogurt blocked by Russia to food banks in NY and NJ.

RoadTrans comedia Avery Edison detained at Toronto airport, then sent to men's prison even though her passport states she is a woman.

RoadTwo gay Nigerian men talk about the anti-gay law: "The gay scene went from being overtly closed to being somewhat open in the past decade. But with the passage of the bill into law, the scene will become hidden. How long that will be, we don't know. The visibility we've been able to create as a community has again been taken away from us in the name of protecting religion and cultural practices. Some people in Lagos can tell you where LGBT people gather to socialise on a weekend; some can even name the gay-friendly bars around town. Simply put, the gay scene in Lagos was relatively free and peaceful. The law jeopardises that."

RoadThe Lego Movie bloopers are as awesome as the movie.

ValentineRoadHere's what it looks like to get a Valentine from Jake Gyllenhaal.

RoadBobby Jindal to warn of assault on religious liberty: "According to prepared remarks, Jindal will reference the current debate over contraception playing out on the Supreme Court level between the Obama administration and Hobby Lobby."

RoadCanadian Football League players fined for remarks about Michael Sam: "Montreal Alouettes wide receiver Arland Bruce was fined for a crude posting on social media urging Sam to "submit to God." Winnipeg Blue Bombers defensive tackle Bryant Turner Jr. was disciplined for a reported anti-homosexual tweet that has since been deleted."

RoadPrince William and David Beckham to join forces to save rhinos.

RoadDownton Abbey adds three actors for Season 5.

Brett_jonesRoadDecorated Navy Seal Brett Jones describes the "I Love You" that ruined his career. "He said a woman in the same office as Jones' boyfriend at the time heard the message and reported it up the Navy's chain of command."

RoadMinnesota couple of 53 years celebrates their first married Valentine's Day.

RoadLake County School Board calls Gay-Straight Alliance "sexual advocacy" in court papers.

RoadCandy Swipe creator says Candy Crush swiped his game. "I have spent over three years working on this game as an independent app developer. I learned how to code on my own after my mother passed and CandySwipe was my first and most successful game; it's my livelihood, and you are now attempting to take that away from me. You have taken away the possibility of CandySwipe blossoming into what it has the potential of becoming. I have been quiet, not to exploit the situation, hoping that both sides could agree on a peaceful resolution. However, your move to buy a trademark for the sole purpose of getting away with infringing on the CandySwipe trademark and goodwill just sickens me."

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  1. What my country has done to Avery is a complete f***ing embarrassment.

    I was arguing about this to a friend, who insisted that "Canada did the right thing, because techincally Avery's *sex* is still *male*"

    Let me be clear, folks - there's more to gender, and more to sex, than mere genitalia.

    Let's take you men on here who may think that a transperson who has not yet had gender-reassignment surgery on their genitals is "Still technically a man"...
    ... OK , let's say something happens to you, and you no longer have a penis. That does not make you a woman. Just as Avery not yet having her original-genitalia 'removed' via surgery does not mean she is a man.

    This, of course, will be lost on those who refuse to understand and learn. Yes, sex and gender are different things. But "sex" is still so much more than the specifics of your genitals - again, if you're a man who through some freak accident no longer has a penis, that does not mean that you are a woman.

    It's 2014, folks. There are simply no excuses to not know and unerstand who transgendered people are, and what they go through.

    Posted by: Little Kiwi | Feb 14, 2014 3:36:19 PM

  2. Katy Perry sang homophobic songs. Why on earth is Andy Towle promoting her career?

    Posted by: said | Feb 14, 2014 4:25:29 PM

  3. I thought the whole point behind creating the word "gender" was to have a word that was broader, encompassing societal constructs, than the "sex" binary, which is focused on whether one has a penis or a vagina. So you can consider yourself male gender even though you are of the female sex (that is, you have female genitalia).
    There needs to be a word that refers, simply, to one's genitalia (or genetic state), and "sex" is that word. There's little point in trying to expand it to mean things "beyond your genitals" - that's what the word "gender" is for.
    And a person of the male sex who loses his penis through accident, torture, etc. does not become a person of the female sex because "sex" is more than one's genitalia - it's because he still does not have a vagina (or, viewed genetically, two x-chromosomes). Rather, he is a man who has had his penis removed.

    Posted by: Vaughn | Feb 14, 2014 4:46:38 PM

  4. "Avery Edison" was not only properly detained, "she" should be given a bill for all the staff time and money expended to deal with her antics. Edison previously overstayed a student visa. He violated Canadian law. As a result, Edison was not permitted to re-enter at will. Here is Edison's tweet on the subject:

    "In case anybody is mistaken - I was NOT denied entry because I'm trans. I am not a credible visitor for reasons besides gender."

    Edison was told to turn around and fly back to the US. He refused. He admitted that he wanted to be detained so that he could then get visitors and see his Canadian girlfriend. This is not how a normal person thinks or acts, but then again we are talking about a trans activist here.

    Why are Canadian taxpayers having their money spent on this trans activist waste of space? He should bear the full cost of his antics and should be permanently barred from entry.

    Posted by: Demara | Feb 14, 2014 4:49:20 PM

  5. Wow. I actually agree 100% with Little Kiwi, who said:

    "if you're a man who through some freak accident no longer has a penis, that does not mean that you are a woman."

    Exactly, Little Kiwi! If you are genetically male, cutting off your dong either on purpose or by accident does not make you a woman.

    Although Kiwi's point is right, I think he went a bit far in his tone when he uses the words "freak accident." He's clearly trying a clever way to indirectly insult transsexuals as freaks, and I don't think that kind of nastiness is called for.

    Anyway, thanks Kiwi for finally getting to the right place on this and for having the courage to call out the transsexuals on their delusions.

    Posted by: Tyler | Feb 14, 2014 4:56:25 PM

  6. See blatant transphobic comments above. LGBT forever, baby!

    Posted by: SpaceCadet | Feb 14, 2014 6:25:21 PM

  7. Nice try TYLER.

    Posted by: BETTY | Feb 14, 2014 8:37:54 PM

  8. If a high school Gay-Straight Alliance is "sexual advocacy", what the hell is a Prom?

    Posted by: RWG | Feb 15, 2014 9:42:11 AM

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