1. Gregory In Seattle says

    Kirstie looks like she was on the verge of tears, and it was nice to hear Avi and Kevin doing more than just support. These kids have really been growing as a group.

  2. will says

    This is music to coldly appreciate I suppose — but does anyone REALLY have any kind of passion for it? It’s a hunk of soulless ballad that seems almost machine-made and oddly lifeless, dead on arrival.

  3. jjose712 says

    AJ: Maybe not, but has two gay members and they are very talented.

    I really like when towleroad promote artist form the gay community who are not on big labels.

    Pentatonix are incredibly popular for their genre and have very good sales for such a small label (no matter if they are part of Sonny if the label only have two people in their staff).

    It would be fantastic if they were able to reach mainstream with their music

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