1. gregorybrown says

    The lad may be a fuckwit but it doesn’t sound as if his harassment /bullying deserves this kind of response. Simply beating him would have sufficed. Our responses to mistreatment ought to bear some relation to the degree of hurt inflicted on us. An injurious physical attack would be a different matter.

  2. JackFknTwist says

    Don’t any of these people have a mirror ?

    Don’t call someone ‘gay’ in a derogatory manner; it’s disrespectful and invariably intended as a put-down.

    ‘Why a swastica ?’
    Because he’s a fascist.

    I’m reluctant to condemn anyone for fighting back against a bully until I hear the full story and I’m taking that mother’s account of her ‘innocent’ with a pinch of salt.
    that said , the kids may have become bullies or taken things too far . We shall see.

  3. crazycorgi says

    They always say that the only way to get back at a bully is to give them a taste of their own medicine. Sorry, but unless you have been in the shoes of someone who has been bullied mercilessly by a psychopath you will never understand. The kid probably got what he deserved, and of course they are the ones to cry victim the loudest when the bullied fight back.

  4. Randy says

    Nothing the victim could have done justifies shooting him in the groin, and carving a swastika in his forehead.

    But the message we constantly get from the TV is that the US is essentially a lawless land, with each person empowering themselves to administer whatever brand of justice they see fit, with impunity.

    I hope they are harshly punished for this.

  5. Booker says

    Actually, this isn’t complicated at all. You have the right to use physical force to defend yourself against someone initiating it against you, and that’s it.

    LGBT people should be the last ones defending this kind of thing.

  6. slappy says

    Finally! Black Americans got no respect until the Black Panthers came into existence — which was the first time white people were afraid of black men.

    We need to make bullies afraid. Learn from history.

    Thank you, Portlanders!

  7. jjose712 says

    God, how many people are ready to justifie violence.
    One thing is fight back and other very different torturing the bully, and frankly, he must do something more than call someone gay to be considered a bully.

    Because if that’s what the word he used i don’t know who is more homophobic the one who said it or the one who was so offended who tortured him (with the coward help of three friends)

  8. anon says

    Well, I’m sure everyone will have their version of events. The problem is that the law does not deal with bullying like you might expect. The first thing is to get a restraining order, which is sometimes difficult if they attend the same school, but it’s doable. You can’t escalate the situation with any kind of harassment or violence, though.

  9. Harris says

    There was no justification for this kind of attack. They could have killed the kid. They hit a kid in the head with a crowbar. They all would be convicted for murder.

    Also, did people miss the part about one of the attackers being such a bully that caused another teen to become severely depressed, requiring hospitalization?

    “Wilkinson said 15-year old Blue Kalmbach (one of the attackers) was originally his friend but started putting him down and bullying him. He said Kalmbach would do things like kick him in the back of the leg as he walked down the hallway at school.

    Wilkinson said Kalmbach was one of the reasons he wound up in a psychiatric ward with severe depression.”

    This is just wrong. Also, they should be charged as juveniles not as adults. They were horribly violent but don’t deserve to spend the rest of their lives shackled with adult felony convictions on their records.

  10. Dearcomrade says

    These kids went way too far and will now pay the price whether the victim was a bully or not. If you want to stand your ground and overreact move to Florida.

  11. Steve Talbert says

    If there is justice, they will get a lighter sentence than Zimmerman did and a similar sentence as Murrain would get for the bullying that caused Wilkinson to be in a psyche ward and what the guy got for filming that kid at college before he jumped off the bridge.

  12. enchantra says

    I have been wondering when the gay kids were going to figure out that they could team up and exact revenge. It looks like they are catching on. Next time, use your fists. We already know that when you attack someone with your fists you are described as “an unarmed teen just getting some Skittles….”

  13. says

    Yeah sorry but they took it too far and now it’s coming out that the one who was the most violent may have actually been the real bully.

    Secondly I think many people need to brush up on what actual bullying is. Bullying, like forms of oppression is ongoing and not just a one case thing. Someone calling you a fag once then you never seeing them again is not bullying. You were harrassed. Bullying is going to school 5 days a week and having the same tormentors call you a fag or think of other ways to humiliate you, then going home and getting phone calls from said bullies privately telling you to kill yourself.

    I’m so sick of people crying bullying when it’s something minor like someone telling them they’re ugly once. You undermine real bullying and torment kids go through everyday.

    Back to the article, if this guy did indeed call one of his attackers gay, yes that was wrong but in no way does it warrant the kind of attack they imposed on him. How is carving a swastika on anyone’s forehead a reasonable punishment?

  14. ian says

    i’m all for standing up to bullies but injuring and mutilating is wrong in any circumstance. i don’t know the full story or the history between these kids, but while a bully is reprehensible, bashing and scarring him like that is unjustified and criminal. that being said; note to bullies: you never know how the person you are bullying will react. some people can only be pushed so far.

  15. Pookie says

    I’m not surprised people here are automatically taking a side with people who side with violent, psychotic criminal behaviour.

    It’s an example of why the USA sucks, why our culture is corrupt, vengeful, and backwards compared to other countries that have managed to actually successfully reduce criminal behaviour and prison populations.

    You are the problem. More so even than all the parents involved, all the educators involved, and the kids themselves.

    Frankly, you all suck, and you make this country suck.

  16. chevytexas says

    No support of the degree of response here, but if more subjects of bullying and hate took up a bat or crowbar there would be some visible pain for bullying. This kid will remember

  17. Kev C says

    Pookie, I’m sure you were one of those who raised their voice at the epidemic of school bullying that’s been occuring in the US. Oh wait, that never happened.

    And I loved the picture of the mom standing in front of stuffed animal heads. Nothing says victim like posing with dead trophy animals.

  18. Flandersis says

    If it’s true that these kids were getting revenge on some anti-gay bully; good. They’re heroes as far as I’m concerned. Get the message out there that there are consequences sometimes for oppressing gays. Heterosexuals are only satisfied when gays are the victims and when their oppressors get off with nothing more than a little slap on the wrist.
    They’re blissfully unaware of the monstrous things that happen to gays, and the first and only sign of revenge that even vaguely resembles what’s done to gays routinely all over the world, they cry ‘extreme’ backlash.

    Is it any surprise that the revenge would start to get a little ‘extreme’ after such ‘extreme’ intensity and frequency of oppression?

    If heterosexuals don’t want gays to be monsters, maybe they should consider stopping turning us into monsters through oppression… just maybe… just a thought…

  19. says

    No one has the right to harass or intimidate or bully another person. Period.

    And Ian is right. One day the bully fu*ks with the kid that has been pushed too far and it’s suicide or payback. No rational adult wants to see young kids get to this point.

    And while no parent wants to see their child assaulted & disfigured you have to also be the parent that is responsible enough to take an honest look at what your kid’s behavior is that caused the other teens to take it to that level of payback. Defend your child definitely but also demand of him the truth and to be a decent human being. It’s obvious we don’t know all the details but it doesn’t sound like Murrain calling a kid ‘gay’ was the sole reason for the attack.

    The scar can be removed but the devastation of a lost life or a child in a coma because of bullying (or payback) can’t.

  20. Fretan says

    Just to be clear appearantly a bully, Kalmbach, with several friends, attacks and tortures another student with several friends, justifies this attack with gay panic, and almost everybody here chears for the bully ?

    I reserve judgement before knowing the whole story, but frankly I can see little options how the behavior of Kalmbach and friends can be justified.

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