President Obama Thanks Edie Windsor in the Oval Office: PHOTO


President Obama invited DOMA plaintiff Edie Windsor to the France State Dinner this week and thanked her in the Oval Office at a separate meeting, reports Valerie Jarrett on the White House blog:

"The thanks expressed by the President that day have been echoed by millions of Americans, including thousands of legally married couples who can now live their lives with greater justice and dignity – thanks to heroes like Edie Windsor who have been willing to stand up and fight for equality under the law."

(official White House photo by Pete Souza)


  1. john patrick says

    What a funny picture. The president had to sit on his desk to approach Edie Windsor’s size. Which just goes to show, though Edie is short in stature, her impact has been gigantic.

  2. Lexis says

    This is now one of my favorite presidential photos. Right up there with John John playing under JFK’s desk!

    (P.S. Obama’s tall (6’1, the same as Reagan, but not quite as tall as Bill Clinton or G.H.W. Bush (both 6’2 at some point). The tallest presidents were Lincoln and Lyndon Johnson (both 6’4). Also, George Washington (6’3) and Thomas Jefferson (6′ 2 1/2) were quite tall for their era.

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