Rep. Mike Rogers (R-AL) Slammed for Homophobic Remarks

Rep. Mike Rogers (R-AL) is being called out for making homophobic remarks in front of hundreds of realtors at a meeting of The Alabama Association of Realtors  in Montgomery, reports:

M_rogers"At the Board of Directors meeting this morning one of our speakers made some remarks that were inappropriate and offensive to some of our members," the statement said. "Those remarks are not reflective of AAR or our policies.  Moving forward we will endeavor to prevent such inappropriate remarks at our events or meetings."

Barry Mask, executive director of the realtors association, declined any additional comment.

In the open letter to Rogers, Equality Alabama Chairman Ben Cooper wrote, "when you marginalize our community, we will not be silent."

“You allegedly joked about how nice it was to be called ‘Honey’ and ‘Sweetie’ by a woman at an Alabama restaurant rather than a D.C. men’s room,” Cooper wrote. “And you went on to mock our nation’s capitol as a ‘cross between Detroit and San Francisco’ — an obvious reference to Detroit’s racial makeup and San Francisco’s vibrant gay culture. Comments like these are racist, homophobic, and hurtful, and they will not be tolerated.”

Rogers has been invited by the LGBT rights group to a Feb. 16 Vigil for Victims of Hate and Violence at the State Capitol. We'll see if he attends.


  1. AdamTh says

    “Rogers has been invited by the LGBT rights group to a Feb. 16 Vigil for Victims of Hate and Violence at the State Capitol. We’ll see if he attends.”

    Why do you he’ll even acknowledge the invite?

  2. Steve says

    Just look at those sweet little cheeks, that boy is absolutely precious. I can’t imagine hateful words dribbling off those lips…

  3. Kieran says

    “Moving forward we will endeavor to prevent such inappropriate remarks at our events or meetings.”

    Then stop inviting Republican politicians to your meetings! You don’t invite a cannibal over for dinner and then complain when they start eating your children.

  4. danswon says

    I’ve never understood what anyone means by “gay face”.
    That picture of him does make me want to puke though. Jesus, that hair…

  5. Hansel Currywurst says

    Who would have guessed that there are gay Realtors? Anyone who has ever bought or sold a house.

  6. Fahd says

    Is he making these comments to divert attention from his own feelings and activities?

    Thanks to those who won’t let it slide —keep after him.

  7. ernest1960 says

    I’m curious as to what bathrooms he frequents in DC where he is called “sweetie” or “honey.” And nice rug!

  8. Sean in Dallas says

    If I saw him in a DC bathroom, I’d be inclined to think he ENJOYS being called “sweetie” or “honey” or even “boy.”

    Frankly, if he opened his mouth and a purse didn’t fall out, I’d be shocked.

  9. northalabama says

    i’m proud there was pushback from those who heard the remarks. alabama as a whole has mostly a “live and let live” attitude.

    the republicans embrace of religious zealots will continue to kick them in the face until they realize that there aren’t enough religious zealots to keep them in power. way to go, republicans! please keep up the work…

  10. NotSafeForWork says

    Just another white republican supporter of racism, bigotry, homophobia and oppression.

  11. looey says

    Instead of Realtor conventions “his people” should book him into Rug conventions. He could be the poster child.

  12. andrew says

    Rep. Rogers may have been called ‘honey’ and ‘sweetie’ in a D.C. Men’s Room because he was lingering in there a bit too long, like Senator Craig.

  13. Richard says

    Small-town bigots like this guy leave their safe cracker enclaves to discover that their homophobic, racist, feminist jokes don’t play well in the civilized world.

  14. Steve says


    Dribbling goodness and purity and maybe a bit of jizz from that pool boy who cleaned up the property Mr. Rodgers was trying to sell. Really Jack, do those look like the kind of lips that would do bad things?

  15. Bubba says

    The South never changes. 150 years and they still believe they were right in the “War of Northern Aggression”

  16. Raybob says


    The North never changes, either. My NYC college roommate (poor thing, couldn’t get into a reputable Northern school, I guess, so he had to settle) was always surprised when we had things like indoor plumbing and *gasp*! sanitary sewers. His family had told him the age-old lies and he’d, of course, believed them all. He even asked if Durham, NC was large enough to be considered “a city”.

    The North’s condescension still knows no bounds.

  17. Jim Stone says

    I suppose there was a time when a closeted gay man would say something like that and people would say..”There is no way that guy is gay..he makes fun of gay people.” You must be stuck in a time warp Mr. Rogers. Straight guys don’t say that sort of crap but a gay man struggling with the closet would. The gay needle is pointing right at you my friend. You are not fooling anyone… I hope you find your way. Life is too short.

  18. james st. james says

    “Honey, bend over a little more. Yeah, like that, keep it right there honey pie.”

    “Don’t get your knees dirty, Sweetie, those look like expensive trousers. Here use this towel Sweetie Pie.”

    Was it like that?

  19. FFS says

    We’re very disappointed that you’re such a racist, homophobic tw@thole. Why don’t you make it up to us by making yourself into an enormous blight on a ceremony intended to honor people we’ve lost at the hands of people like you?

    Yeah, I’m thinking the stupid runs strong on both sides of the orientation gap in Alabama.