1. snork says

    I’m willing to give my free production advice via this comment board. I hold no claim to this. This will stand up in court.

    I found nothing that interesting in this track as I heard it. I’d love to hear both Robyn and Neneh Cherry rocking it out or just free-styling on their own. How great would that be? I mean no voice is heard in what I listening to (looking). Can Ms. Cherry sing? I’d love to hear that. What happens when Robyn and Cherry are left along in a room together and are we allowed to hear it?

  2. SpaceCadet says

    “We always hang in a buffalo stance, so don’t you get fresh with me!” I was in high school in the ’90s when I bought the CD for Neneh Cherry’s first album and I would put that song on repeat and jam out in my car! lol

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