1. Mike8787 says

    What’s with the comments here? This is not a positive statement — it’s a backhanded compliment. Sanders equates being gay with being an alcoholic or a drug addict. Not acceptable. The key line is “So I don’t condone nor I condemn.”

    Sanders can keep his bigoted opinions to himself, regardless of whether he thinks those opinions should dictate policy in the locker room. That these comments and the post itself are suggesting he’s somehow a supporter or ally of our community based on what he said…is ridiculous.

  2. Tigernan says

    Just compared being gay, that is. Yes, I don’t see this as support at all: it’s just another form of hate the sin and love the sinner, only it’s neither condone nor condemn, whatever that means. So….you just shrug at human rights? Ugh.

  3. Onnyjay says

    Um, sorry Deion, but stirring gay into a lumpy mix that includes drug and alcohol addiction confuses and distorts a lot of issues. Glad you’re cool — more or less — with the gay part but hope you’ll give further thought to the differences among being gay and having drug and alcohol addictions, ADHD, or whatever.

  4. Patrick says

    I was thinking in terms of how the NFL will include/accept all types of behavior from players (positive or negative)these days with lone exception of the homosexual, that is just NOT acceptable. He also mentions love and the fact that he looked out for gays in the past. I don’t think he was grouping us with druggies, just comparing two groups that ARE looked down upon.

  5. woody says

    that’s a good-natured statement, drugs and alcohol, aside.
    he may just be lumping us together as just another thing people frown upon, and he obviously doesn’t.
    good for you deion.
    deion still looks great.

  6. GJP says

    I’d call him a non-suporter humanist. Basically, he doesn’t really support gay rights (and I’d be interested to know what he does on the ballot box for marriage equality), but he’s also a humanist and clearly doesn’t believe in bigotry. I suspect he supports the right of any person to be included, in football or at any workplace, and more fundamentally to be shown compassion and love. He sounds fairly evangelical, so for him to be saying this is somewhat a big deal. Still sounds like he believes that it’s some sort of choice or option that you don’t have to make, but he’s fine if people do.

    I definitely wouldn’t call him a supporter, but i would say that he is a person that a lot of others who are bigots should model themselves after. He’s certainty on the road to being a supporter.

    And yes, the druggie comments are eye rolling and just frustrating, and show a limited view of what homosexuality is.

  7. Tigernan says

    Because he’s still making the same comparisons to us that people have ALWAYS been making – we’re sick, it’s a problem, etc. That it can be cured. If you don’t see that, and are soooooo fixated on the famous guy who said he had seen us around (what?) and want to think that that’s a positive message – remember, all he said was that they were aware and they tolerated them – then I don’t know what to tell you. Anyone who lumps their support of me in with drug addicts and other social problems is not actually supporting me. And gays that eat this up are Uncle Toms – and I am really sick of them at this point. Oooh, someone famous looked at us! Now we’re free! Sad.

  8. glape says

    So being gay is like being on drugs and/or an alcoholic? Stupid and woefully bigoted way to put it. All his words seem to tacitly further the stigma of homosexuality. People are so moronic.

  9. glape says

    So being gay is like being on drugs and/or an alcoholic? Stupid and woefully bigoted way to put it. All his words seem to tacitly further the stigma of homosexuality. People are so moronic.

  10. crispy says

    These kind of posts always reveal that there are just 2 types of gays. You’re either a sad, miserable lout who can’t appreciate support when it’s there because you get too hung up on being offended all the time. Or you’re a well-adjusted, happy optimist who embraces support and knows that remaining issues can be resolved with outreach and dialogue.

    There’s never any gray area.

  11. gb says

    For someone of his recognition and influence I understand the support he’s conveying.As time goes by and more statements are made,they will shape themselves into focused supportive statements without any comparisons.That is:
    I believe Michael Sam is a great person who should be afforded the opportunity to play NFL football just like any other qualified individual.

  12. Derrick from Philly says

    I knew the reference to alcohol and drugs would a problem for many of you. It is for me. But for a macho football player turned fundamentalist Christian to say, accept your homosexual family member, friends, team mates…well, it’s surprisingly positive.

    And to those of you who find his message insulting and negative–who do you think his message is geared to? Maybe church folks?

    What Gay community within Gay America do you think his message COULD help? Perhaps those who are exposed to the most danger in the most dangerous neighborhoods in this country. But this blog has taught me that there are some of you who couldn’t… care… less.

  13. verbocityeric says

    ah, another one of those lovely people of good conscience that Martin Luther King wrote so glowingly about in his Letter from Birmingham Jail.

    they don’t have to do anything so long as they feel compassion.

  14. jjose712 says

    Mike8787: NO, he didn’t equated being gay with being on drugs or alcohol, he simply said that it’s as common as having someone in your family or near circle who is on drugs or alcohol

  15. DC Insider says

    Thanks for equating me to drug addicts and alcoholics jackoff.

    Sorry but this “nice” sentiment is like a 1950’s white guy telling everyone that he has a good Negro friend and he’s “one of the good ones.”

    Talk about a sideways compliment.

  16. Jim in Colo Spgs says

    Great comments from Sanders, though I’m not sure from where all the negative sniping on here stems. Not every person is going to have full-throated support of the LGBT community, be willing to march in pride parades, support marriage equality and the like.

    There are gradations, just as there are many colors in our rainbow. We exhibit intolerance when we do not accept him, right where he is at, this moment in his support of our community. It is a dynamic process, not a static one, as many forget.

    Again, he might be actively trying to reconcile full acceptance with what sounds like a personal religious/evangelical framework within. Why would we begrudge him the chance to grow and evolve in his support ?

    Talk about cutting off one’s nose to spite one’s face. Hear, hear, Deion Sanders. Hear, hear !

  17. UGH says

    The daily life of some Towleroad commenters:

    Get up, check stories on Towleroad, etc
    Get your back up about something that wasn’t meant to be a slam against you but still insults your delicate being
    B-i-tch, whine, show your faux outrage in the Towleroad comment sections
    Wonder why your life is pathetic and why no one supports you

  18. Cameron says

    It’s amazing how many coward apologists there are. You guys don’t care about gay rights or society learning how to speak properly with regard to LGBT people or issues. You’re completely fine with the “love the sinner hate the sin” argument. This is one of those often missed teachable moments – Thank you for supporting us, no thank you with equating us to drug addicts and alcoholics.

  19. brandon h says

    What’s really sad/enraging is that this is THE BEST anyone associated with the NFL can muster regarding gay players.

    I’ll give him a little forgiveness because it’s sports and the NFL, and really this is coming a long way, but he and the rest of the NFL need to come a lot further. Period. It’s not the 80’s and that hate the sin crap doesn’t fly. We are not sinners, full stop.

  20. Cory says

    If you’re going to hate me, at least have the balls to hate me full stop. I appreciate Phil Robertson’s take more than I do this BS.

    Also, Deion has broken several of his Christian rules, But I bet he condones the hell out of his divorce.

  21. TonyJazz says

    I wouldn’t recommend being so hateful about his response.

    No one (especially NFLers) would suggest that alcohol imbibers be discriminated against or mistreated in any way.

    Isn’t that what he was really saying?

  22. Howard B says

    Some of you need to calm down and chill out.
    Deion is speaking his truth at this moment and I don’t have a problem with anyone speaking their truth, even when I disagree with what is being said.

    I have found that my biggest influence over people who still evolving on the issue of gay rights is to live an open and honest life with my husband and getting involved in our greater community.

    No amount of biting criticism or angry rhetoric is going convince anyone that they are wrong and you are right. It does nothing to change anyone’s mind on this issue.

    Change the things you can change.
    Accept the things you can’t change.
    Wisdom comes in knowing which is which.

  23. Paul R says

    Umm, he’s a religious, isolated sports star who isn’t especially well spoken. But he wasn’t being hateful. He was saying, There’s one in every family. Which means that having a gay person, addict, or drunk in your life can be an obstacle or create challenges and is something that takes some adjustment and causes changes in most families—broadly defined and including sports teams or even circles of friends.

    Frankly I don’t care what he has to say about anything, but this is just him thinking out loud. In the end he says that he’s going to love everyone and that this is a chance to show how families can be happy and healthy through acceptance. He’s still thinking these things through, but his views aren’t guided by hatred, condescension, or even religion. He’s just fairly simple minded and is trying to make his audience think about how being gay is widespread and doesn’t mean abandoning or attacking people.

    Lots of you think he’s saying that gays are the same as or suffer from some basic weakness akin to drug or alcohol addiction. He’s not. That said, I don’t have problems with many drug addicts and alcoholics. They’re not all incoherent thieves. Many are generous, bright, and interesting, yet for myriad reasons are entangled by crippling behaviors often caused, encouraged, or sustained by people, genetics, circumstances, events, etc. beyond their control. And there a lot more of them than you think. Yet I’d still rather spend time with a lot of them than with people who assume the worst about everyone and everything.

    So many people seem able to make themselves feel better only by shooting others down. There are upstanding addicts, wife- and child-beating judges and religious leaders, racist gays, and everything in between. Stop making assumptions and judging books by their covers.

  24. james st. james says

    He clearly meant well. And it was off the cuff remarks from someone whose entire day does not revolve around gay issues.

    Now I coulda said “it was mighty white of him” but then I’d be making the same kinda faux pas he did.

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