1. Derrick From Philly says

    I was expecting a lot worse. She sounded like she was being ironic about how the police were invariably arresting transsexuals (trannies), leaving it implicit that in the French Quarter, there’s always a lot more crime going on that whatever is happening between/among transsexuals. Sidibe most definitely did NOT say anything disparaging about transsexuals.

    This is just another case of an historically oppressed group becoming hyper-vigilant and over-aggressive about anyone outside their group saying…well, anything..about them. They try to put anyone/everyone on the defensive by accusing them of hate speech. Trouble is when you see it for yourself, you know it ain’t hate speech.

    Keiling/NCTE owes Sidibe an apology.

  2. chris says

    Every drag queen I have ever met uses the term…and I owned a gay bar for years, so that’s quite a few. A few activists, looking for something to be offended at, decided a word was offensive, that doesn’t make it so. I personally find the use of the non word “cis” by transgendered activists to be incredibly offensive, I will stop using tranny when they stop using cisgendered as a slur.

  3. raul5050 says

    JOEY Y I completely agree with you.

    We are in a moment of flux and instead of succumbing to the medias hardon to make every statement that isn’t quite “right” into a scandal is really to be resisted.

    We must teach when teaching is called for and stop with this shock and awe.

    Gabi is fantastic and if she is using language that is passe then we should be teaching.

    By the way, we all need a lesson as well cuz many of us still use the term Tranny.

  4. andrew says

    “Tranny on Tranny” crime is not the issue that should be her concern. Her obesity is what is going to lead her to an early grave. In another year or so we will see EMT’s making a hole in the side of her house, to get her out and to a hospital. Seriously girl, get control of yourself.

  5. Francis says

    There’s a difference between being a drag queen and being trans, though, Chris. Not all drag queens are transgender at all.

    Different trans women see the word tranny differently. Some get offended by it. Others use it the way some gay men use fag to describe themselves. That’s from my experience. If Mara finds it offensive…she’s entitled, I respect her feelings and the feelings of those who find it offensive. We’re certainly not in any position to tell her she shouldn’t be offended, we’re not trans women.

  6. SpaceCadet says

    I say “transgendered” instead of “tranny” because the latter is really a put-down of that entire group of people. Think about is. Is “tranny” ever used in a positive sense? No, it’s just making a whole class of people to be sub-human. How’s it any better than throwing around the word “faggot”?

  7. Anthony says

    Using the word ‘tranny’ isn’t OK anymore. Using it to make fun of people is definitely not OK.”

    Except she didn’t use it to make fun of anyone used it to abbreviate the length of the phrase. Activists who loose their shot over harmless instances like this do harm to their causes.

  8. Eric says

    so much hypocrisy in these comments. Drag queens are not the same thing as transgendered people and just like gay men can call each other “fag” and straight people can’t trans people can use tranny and others can’t.

    for the record, Gabby has apologized several times and said she was unaware. I’m inclined by her multiple apologies to believe her.

  9. KidJ/NYU says

    It is true that “trans” people are much more likely than the general population to be victims of crime. It is also true that they are much more likely to commit crimes. This isn’t all that surprising. When you have higher levels of psychological/emotional illness and drug/alcohol abuse, you will get increased involvement with crime, both as victim and perpetrator.

    Why are LGBs being linked to this troubled population? Transgender is an umbrella term which refers to a whole variety of people with various gender issues. The vast majority of these people are heterosexual.

    To say that LGBs, simply by virtue of being gay or bi, are linked with transsexuals, crossdressers, hermaphrodites, etc. is inherently homophobic. “LGBT” is a homophobic concept.

  10. Eric says

    trans people may be involved in a lot of crime (sex work often) for the same reason any other population is involved with crime: poverty.

    so much for being an outsider giving one empathy

  11. KidJ/NYU says

    Eric said:

    “Drag queens are not the same thing as transgendered people”

    I agree. Please keep that in mind the next time a trans activist holds forth about how LGBs “owe” something to them because there were transgender people at Stonewall. Remember to tell those trans activists that those drag queens were not transgender. In fact, there was a grand total of 1 trans person at Stonewall, and that 1 person did not identify as such at the time.

    Oh and Eric – the trans activists decided a while back that they don’t want anyone to say “transgendered.” Just as with “tranny,” it had never been a problem, but then all of a sudden, it was a terrible offense. So congrats. You have violated one of the trans activists’ many, many ever-changing rules of etiquette and language, and you should now expect to be attacked by them.

  12. andrew says

    @KIDJ/NYU: ALL of our community centers nation wide are LGBT Centers. Almost ALL of us accept and embrace the more inclusive LGBT. If you are too narrow minded to accept that reality, you are certainly free to establish your own less inclusive organization.

  13. KidJ/NYU says

    Poverty is not the sole cause of crime and not all crime is committed by poor people. Nice classism there, Eric.

    That being said, poverty is associated with higher levels of crime? So why are trans people disproportionately impoverished. Discrimination? Almost certainly not, since the recent large study by NGLTF shows that unemployment is lower, relative to the general population, in culturally conservative states which would be more likely to discriminate against trans people and which don’t have “trans rights” laws.

    So we are forced to look at other causes – such as trans mental illness, trans personality disorders, trans suicidal tendencies, and trans criminal convictions, all of which would exclude them outside good-paying jobs.

    We can and should help these people. As friends and fellow human beings. But we are not them. LGBs are not the same as T. And there is no such thing as LGBT.

  14. KidJ/NYU says

    Andrew, where’s the poll on LGB acceptance of LGBT? I’ve never seen one. I’ve never seen any evidence that anyone at any time has ever attempted to ascertain the opinion of LGBs on this issue. This was something to be imposed on us, not debated.

    BTW, if inclusion is your thing, I don’t understand why you would limit yourself to “LGBT.” Ts are only a fraction of a percent of the population. Why are you being so exclusionary? You should totally add a C and an I for the populations of China and India. Half the US is now overweight, so add an O as well. Get on the phone with all the LGBTCIO Centers and tell them to update their signs!

  15. andrew says

    @KIDJ/NYU: ALL OF our Community Centers nation wide are financially supported and staffed by people who embrace the LGBT inclusive concept. Take your narrow vision of community and establish your own center. I think that you will discover that few if any will join you. But, you are certainly free to try.

  16. Andrea says

    I agree with everyone else here we trans need to separate ourselves from the disgusting homosexuals that keep giving us a bad name. Why doesn’t everyone here go back to cruising public restrooms for a piece of ass and leave us trans alone.

  17. Craig says

    I’m willing to bet she saw drag queens getting hassled and doesn’t know there’s a big difference between “trannies” and drag queens. And yes, I’ve seen plenty of drag queen on drag queen violence.

  18. KidJ/NYU says

    Andrew, I hope that you are able at some point to deal with your bigotry. I don’t know what you have against the CIO community and I don’t know why you want to exclude them from LGBT. Only a bigot would include the Ts at .1% of the population but exclude the 35% of humanity that are CIO.

    I stand with the entire LGBTCIO community!

  19. KidJ/NYU says

    Oh and Andy – people who give money to “LGBT” centers is not all LGB people. Donors to centers consists of governments, foundations, corporations, hetero individuals, and a tiny fraction of LGB people. And BTW that fraction of LGBs also gave to those same centers when they were just LGB.

    I asked if you had any poll to back up your assertion that “almost all of” LGBs embrace LGBT. Do you have a poll or not? I will take one from any source and from any time. You can even give me one from the 90s. Just one. C’mon Andy. Show me where LGBs were ever asked their opinion about being relabeled as next of kin to hermaphrodites.

  20. andrew says

    @KIDJ/NYU: Only one post under your alias ANDREA. Yea that was kind of pathetic. The reality in 21st century USA is that ALL of our Community Centers embrace the inclusive LGBT concept. Gay people financially support LGBT Centers, Staff LGBT Centers, attend programs at LGBT Centers and volunteer at LGBT Centers. I volunteer at an LGBT Center. One of our Board members is a Trans woman, one of our Peer Counselors is a Trans woman, one of our Staff people is a Trans man. Several regular volunteers are Trans people. It is really a wonderful, accepting and inclusive place. If you don’t like the fact that ALL of our Community Centers nation wide are LGBT inclusive, you are free to go and establish your own less inclusive center. You and I both know that few if any will join you.

  21. Andrea says

    I was being facetious, trying to highlight the idiocy of stereotypes. I am a trans with an advanced engineering degree and a six figure income, we are not all troubled criminals, just as not all gay men cruise public restrooms for sex. It really bothers me when ignorance drives division which damages the entire cause.

  22. ghm says

    Think about it though…she is a large Black woman. In her life she has probably been called all kinds of names including ‘tra^^y’. Black woman are often accused of being transgender because our features are more muscular or our jaw lines more masculine. (I am such a Black woman). We get made fun of for looking manly all the time like the Williams sisters. Michelle Obama takes heat all the time for her more muscular or angular appearance. Black female athletes are accused of being transgender and are often ‘checked’ medically. This actress might have felt comfortable or familiar with similar life struggles and used the word out of feeling casual or close to parallel issues. Black people are absolutely targeted by cops whether trans or not. There is plenty of Black on Black crime. Putting such harsh fire on her seems ridiculous. Maybe some people just want company in their ‘guilt’ and ‘privilege’ that they have created for themselves.

  23. andrew says

    @ANDREA: Really? Your hateful comments were facetious? I don’t think they were helpful in countering the negative comments about Trans people made by a mutant like KIDJ/NYU. In the post above, you say “I am a trans” A trans what? You say “We are not all troubled criminals” Wouldn’t it be more accurate to say: Few of us are troubled criminals? You say “not all gay men cruise public restrooms for sex” Wouldn’t it be more accurate to say: Few gay men cruise public restrooms for sex?

  24. ghm says

    Also…trans issues and lifestyle and vocabulary are no where near the lesbian gay or bisexual community. Why are they all lumped together? Meanwhile asexual people are not even part of the acronym. I think asking people to blindly accept trans problems by lumping them into the acronym is jumping the gun. I don’t want to feel obligated to sympathize with voluntary amputation and cross dressing just because I vote for gay marriage. I personally don’t understand all the suicide stats either to drum up sympathy. Look at the suicide rate of the dwarfism community. Pretty sure they feel like they are ‘in the wrong body’ as well. Except glitter and heels and other MATERIAL goods won’t fix their problems. Let’s look at the stats of prostitution, drug abuse and violence in the trans community which they do to THEMSELVES before asking the world to bend over backwards for their delusion of identity.

  25. KidJ/NYU says


    Lol! What a moron. You thought you would call me out for sock puppetry, which I don’t do, but you only managed to disrespect one of your beloved transfolk, failing to read her comment and get her sarcasm and then scolding her like some overbearing cisprivileged monster. Lool!

    Anyway, thanks for confirming that you have no evidence of LGB public opinion on the issue of “LGBT”. Thank you as well for acknowledging that you are a bigot who wants to callously exclude billions of people from the LGBTCIO community.

    Andrea –

    No one said that all trans people are criminals. But they are disproportionately so. It is ridiculous to say that we can talk about them being disproportionately victimized by crime but not about how they disproportionately commit crimes. Everything should be open for discussion.

    Congratulations on your 6-figure salary. Perhaps as an affluent trans, you will follow in the footsteps of the few other well-off trans people who exist. Like “Jennifer” Pritzker, who is a major donor to the anti-gay Republican Party. Or maybe Renee Richards, who openly opposes marriage equality and says gays would undermine the sanctity of marriage.

    Well, you only have a few hideous role models to choose from, but I am sure you will choose well. In any event, I doubt you will ever contribute even a 1-figure sum to help cis LGBs.

  26. andrew says

    @KIDJ/NYU: The evidence that gay people accept and embrace the inclusive LGBT Community is that EVERY SINGLE ONE of our Community Centers nation wide identifies as LGBT. Gay people financially support LGBT Centers, gay people staff LGBT Centers, gay people volunteer at the LGBT Centers. It is only a VERY FEW haters like you who do not. Instead of crawling back under the rock, from which you slither out to attack the reality of LGBT, go and form your own narrowly based center. You and I both know that FEW will join you. You are on the losing side of history. LGBT is our wonderful 21st century reality.

  27. Anita1990 says

    Tanya, thank u for sharing. I have seen this too. Trans activists have a huuuge problem with misogyny and antiwomen violence. We need to start talking about it. When has Mara Keisling ever said a word about trans violence against women?

    GHM, preach it! Luv it!

  28. NotSafeForWork says

    Tranny = transvestite or cross dresser or drag queen years ago before our community became so diverse and socially aware. The meaning of the word depended on the intent and the usage. Example, the movie “Ticked Off Trannies With Knives”. Also, I’m fairly certain I’ve heard RuPaul use that term over the years and he’s on record defending the use of the word. Although IMO those three terms certainly describe three separate identities and should not be used interchangeably.

    Is much as I’ve heard the word tranny, I’ve never equated it with transgender or transexual.

  29. andrew says

    @SCOTTCA: Fortunately there are only a few people who slither out from under their rocks, to post transphobic things whenever Towleroad posts something on trans people or a trans issue. The gay haters, that is gays who hate, are few in number.

  30. CC says

    Why didn’t she say something instead about fat on fat violence (sumo wrestling) women on women violence (womens boxing), or black on black violence, since she fits all 3 areas. That would have made more sense.

  31. Rich says

    Honestly, it is difficult to keep track of what is or is not politically correct. From the way she made her statement, it is obvious that she wasn’t trying to be hostile. I think we should be concerned about our real enemies and not get outraged when a likely ally uses the wrong word. Education is better than condemnation.

  32. jal says

    Exactly, NotSafeForWork

    Some transgendered people are trying to steal a word used affectionately by drag queens and gay men for AGES. Not only are they trying to steal it, they decided suddenly that it was bad.

    Who steals somebody else’s word and claims it as derogatory? It reeks of picking a fight out of nothing.

    Nobody is talking about transgendered people when they say “tranny”. They are talking about cross dressers and drag queens.

    I feel it is totally wrong to take somebody else’s word and try to deny them from using it. Make up your own word, then you can mark it as derogatory and forbid others from using it!

  33. Islam Shall Rule says

    americans fighting americans is a beautiful thing. their ‘freedom of speech’ is a lie and they prove it every day. Sharia Law is the only answer for the west. Islam shall dominate the world and purify the west with nuclear fire.
    Global Jihad will soon bring the Khilafah and death to the west.

  34. Dialethia says

    Rather than whining about how it’s so hard to keep track of what’s offensive these days, let’s look at why the T word should not be used (at least by those outside the trans and gender non-conforming communities). It should not be used because it hurts people. It hurts people even when the speaker doesn’t intend it to hurt. It hurts because many transgender women have been bullied and harassed, too often to the point of suicide, by people wielding this word as a weapon. It hurts because many transgender women have heard this word hurled at them before they were beaten or raped by people who saw them as less than human. For some, like recent murder victim Islan Nettles, it was likely one of the last things she heard before her life was taken.

    Studies show that trans women are disproportionate victims of police harassment and that trans women held in men’s prisons face elevated levels of rape (one California study found that 59% of trans women in men’s prisons had been sexually assaulted v. 4% of male inmates). Statistically, several of the women Sidibe saw being arrested have probably since been victimized. While some may have committed violence(trans people are people, some people are violent), it’s likely that many were arrested for engaging in survival sex work because other options were not open to them, especially not employment that could provide for their healthcare needs. In a world where trans people’s humanity was unquestioned, this tragedy wouldn’t be considered funny.

    Now let me be clear – I have nothing against Ms. Sidibe. She spoke out of ignorance, not malice, and she did exactly what you’re supposed to do what you accidentally hurt someone: she apologized. No one knows everything, and we shouldn’t expect them to. But when people accidentally say something offensive, we should expect them to say they’re sorry. It’s really not that hard to do.

  35. NotSafeForWork says


    I’m not sure what your intent is and I did not say that anyone was stealing a derisive word.

    IMO opinion “tranny” is not a word that means “transgendered” nor should it be.

  36. Steve says

    Dialethia, I’ve never heard a trans activist apologize for anything. Ever. Take your own advise. BTW, I and other gay people consider LGBT to be offensive, as we don’t want to be linked with transsexuals.

    As for your instructions as to what I can and cannot say, my response to you is: Tranny. Tranny. Tranny. Tranny. Tranny. Tranny. Tranny.

  37. Bania says

    Dialethia, shame on you for belittling criminal acts committed by trans people. Trans people are convicted of the full range of violent crimes, including murder. A major cause that is being championed by the trans activists now is to get taxpayer funded electrolysis for a “transwoman” who is in prison for killing his wife by cutting off her head. Even though they spend a lot of time to see that he gets free hair removal treatments, not one trans activist has ever reached out to the family of the victim, of course. Sick! Why are trans activists so lacking in empathy and moral values?

  38. enchantra says

    Tranny tranny bo banny, bananafanna fo fanny, me my mom manny, tranny.

    Mohammed mohammed bo bahmed, bananafanna fo fahmed, me mi, mo mahmed, mohammed!

  39. Dialethia says

    Bania – of course trans people are convicted of the whole range of violent crimes, just like any other group. They are human beings, as flawed as the rest of us. The fact is that prisoners in the United States are legally entitled to physical and mental health care, no matter their crimes. Transition is an accepted treatment for gender dysphoria. If this inmate’s doctor found electrolysis to be medically indicated, she is entitled to have her treatment covered the same as any cisgender murderer.

    Bringing the treatment of trans prisoners in line with established US law in no way endorses the horrific acts committed by this particular individual. By focusing on the example of an especially vicious crime you are deliberately distorting the issue of prisoner’s rights – the majority of prisoners are not monsters, just people who made some bad choices under tough conditions.

    As for reaching out to the victim’s family – trans activists are no more obligated to do so than I’m obligated to reach out to the victim’s family every time a white person, a woman, or a bisexual commits a crime (to name a few of the categories I belong to). To believe otherwise is a serious failure of logic.

  40. andrew says

    Contrary to what a few separetists and haters of Trans people post on this site, the overwhelming majority of gay people support the inclusive LGBT community. The proof of this can be seen in the fact that every one of our Community Centers nation wide identifies as LGBT. Gay people financially support those LGBT Centers, gay people Staff those LGBT Centers and Gay people volunteer at those LGBT Centers. The few who don’t like the inclusiveness of LGBT are free to establish their own more narrowly focused Center. We all know that few gay people would join them, so they just rant. I enjoy being a member of my local inclusive LGBT Center. If there is one near you, join it and enjoy the diversity.

  41. Bania says

    Dialethia at 1:31 pm:

    “While some may have committed violence . . .”

    Dialethia at 8:08 pm:

    “of course trans people are convicted of the whole range of violent crimes”

    So in a few hours, we have gone from “may have” to “of course they have” That’s progress. Now you need to take the next step to reality and acknowledge that transfolk commit violent crimes far more frequently than normal people. That would be real progress.

    Too bad we can’t make similar progress on your sociopathic personality or your amorality. What “obligation” do you have to reach out to the murderers’ victims? Why would you possibly talk about it in terms of obligation? Why wouldn’t you immediately see it as a matter of right and wrong and as a matter of basic human decency? Probably because trans activists have no moral compass and no empathy.

    And BTW, hair removal is cosmetic. Real women have facial hair, so the transsexual murderer who killed his wife can learn to live with it. BTW, studies show that “transition” doesn’t reduce the incredible suicide risk for trans people. It isn’t medically necessary. Can’t wait until this issue gets to SCOTUS and they make you weep, just like the family of that trans murderer wept.


    Don’t bother responding with name-calling or bullying. I couldn’t care less about insults. I say that as a fully realized HBS myself.

  42. Anita1990 says

    Gonna have to disagree with you Bania! Trans activists are not amoral. They are immoral. They actively pursue and promote evil. Like misogyny and violence against women. Like the hatred of gays and opposition to gay equality. Like the exploitation of LGB civil rights for their own gain. Like justifying rape by deception.

    Denying and defending trans violence is just the latest twisted thing to come from these people. Thank heaven that more and more of them are going to prison where they can be monitored and their violence limited.

  43. Jeff says

    Andy Towle please take a hard look at this thread, and realize there must be some sort of change to the commenting system here at Towleroad. It has reached a level of absurdity that I have never seen at any other site.

  44. Steve says

    Jeff=Fenrox=Andrew. One tranny with a bunch of sock puppet names. Desperately trying to keep the lid on things. Gotta prevent those LGBs from having free and open discussion or else they might realize that they have been saddled with a bunch of gay-hating, women-hating con artists.

  45. Dialethia says

    @Bania: When I said “may have” I was referring to the specific women Ms. Sidibe saw being arrested at the bar, not to the entire trans community. Obviously members of every race, gender, and sexuality have committed violence at some point or another. I think that was quite clear from the context.

    I haven’t called you names or bullied you, nor do I plan to. I’m interested in engaging in dialog on these issues. You are the one who called me a sociopath. I care deeply about protecting people’s rights – not just trans people, but women, racial minorities, immigrants, the LGB community, and anyone else struggling against oppression in our society. My initial comment simply pointed out that use of slurs against transgender people is very hurtful to a community that has already suffered so much. How that reads as sociopathic to you is beyond me.

    It is not a matter of “basic human decency” to reach out to the family when someone is killed by a murderer that resembles you in some way. Am I supposed to reach out to everyone killed by a cis woman? How would that help them to heal and why would they want to talk to me? That doesn’t make any sense.

    Anyway, it’s pretty clear that I’m not going to convince you to let go of your hatred, so I won’t be commenting again. Hopefully someday you will reconsider – hate is a waste of energy.

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