1. Derrick from Philly says

    I’m not trying to pick a Towleroad fight, but, Enchantra VS Litper is like being in the f.cking “Twilight Zone” or “Psycho” .

    Leave us ALONE.

  2. Sam says

    On the theme of ‘sports is for everyone’ Lesbian Austrian ski jumper, Daniela Iraschko in a video reported to the press that Russian anti-gay laws had been exaggerated, “…blown up bigger than it is” and sports should be the focus of the Winter Olympics. Meaning, calm down, all is well in the Olympic world.

  3. scooternva says

    You’re an ass, Litper. I spent most of 2012 working in Norway and count several Norwegians as good friends to this day. Norway is NOT homophobic. Shut your piehole and don’t comment about things you know nothing about (that is, admittedly, a very broad list).

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