Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1522


THE ONION: Tips for healthy eating.

HETERONORMATIVE: Glenn Beck has a hard time getting his head around it.

AI WEIWEI: U.S. artist destroys million dollar vase at Perez Art Museum in Miami to protest the institution's lack of displays of local artists.

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  1. graphicjack says

    People aren’t consistent, says Glenn Beck… wait… you mean people think differently than you? Wow… shocking. Took him 50+ years to figure that one out. Damn… these Republicans sure are dumb.

  2. says

    ‘People aren’t consistent’
    Because you’re getting opinions from the least likely LGBT activist on the planet you should be asking, Brandon Ambrosino.

    Like booking Ann Coulter and claiming she speaks for Democrats.

    Heteronormative is a social construct that privileges heterosexuality. His view of whether or not he wants to personally participate in the institution of marriage has nothing to do with the way society has privileged heterosexuals.

  3. Fix It Again Tony says

    “Nice display. It would be too bad if something happened to it…”

    I’m concerned that a child (little darlings that mommy thinks they are) would take a hammer or other “toy” and smash the screen. Then nothing works. At least with knobs & sliders, they can’t take them all out at once. AND you’ve got a constant visual and/or tactile reminder of the status. Not to mention the issue of having to clean the darn thing all the time.

  4. JJ says

    Not a fair criticism of Glenn Beck. The guest gave seemingly contradictory statements (paraphrasing):

    1) Some people criticize him as heteronormative for wanting marriage;
    2) Some of those critics want marriage for themselves.

    The guest then failed to clarify (as far as the clip shows) when asked about the inconsistency.

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