1. Will says

    Google WTC7. Many of the victims families are 9/11 “truthers”as well as many scientists and architects who have been skeptical/curious enough to look into it.

  2. jacoc says

    Ian what from the official story do you believe. The gov’t doesn’t even think you have rights as a gay man. So why are you on there side?

  3. Mark Austin says

    I generally am on the side of those who know the differences between there, their, they’re.

  4. Hrm says

    Why call him a “9/11 Truther?” He’s a standard crackpot.

    @Mark, you are amazing. THANK YOU.

  5. WOLF says

    Only a truly blind person could believe the official story of 9/11. There’s too many things that don’t add up. Consider who was Vice President (yes, Cheney…not Bush). That said, there’s no reason to get crazy about it. There’s a huge difference between a desire for the truth and for it to be promulgated and sheer fanaticism. How anyone could think doing something like this would make them seem legitimate is beyond me. It takes a weak mind to think so, for sure.

    @Mark Austin, thank you. That is my frustration in a nutshell with the spelling and grammatical etiquette of the denizens of the Internet.

  6. jamal49 says

    It is truly amazing that there are still people who believe the “truther” nonsense about 9/11. Just as there is no Santa Claus, there is no “truth” to be had regarding the 9/11 terrorist attacks except that several fanatics hijacked planes and crashed them into the WTC. As for the infamous “WTC7″, the “truther” crackpot theories regarding its collapse have been so thoroughly, so competently debunked that it’s not even worth discussing anymore. Get a life, truthers. Really. Get a life.

  7. reality says

    “Truthers” are just like birthers. Scrambling for someone to pay attention to their nonsense.

  8. SpaceCadet says

    You gotta wonder about people who are always paranoid about the government and wild conspiracies. Do I believe the government does some shady business? Sure. That is politics. But that they would orchestrate the mass killing of thousands of Americans with the involvement of al Queda? That’s just nuts. Or George W. Bush is a better actor than Philip Seymour Hoffman was.