1. Jay says

    Glad for Ukraine and hope for the same outcome for our brothers and sisters who are fighting for freedom in Venezuela.

  2. Jay says

    @GARRY There is such a thing as a democratic path to tyranny. Once those regimes get established, they consolidate power and erode the democratic institutions that get in their way. Therefore, there are no longer viable democratic means by which the people can express their will. Revolting is the only chance these people have to reclaim their freedom.

    I have monitor the situation in Venezuela over the years and I know for a fact that the last several elections were a fraud.

  3. says

    Now you’re going to see a little bit more of Putin’s true face. His sock puppet overlord Yanukovych has been overthrown because Ukrainians wants to align with Europe and that is in direct contradiction to the charade of what Putin want’s the world to believe about his ‘new’ Russia.

    The false facade of a modern democratic Russia he tried to pass off to the world with SOCHI crumbles when you see the Soviet style strong arming used on the Ukraine.

    They want their independence from Russia. They know well the reality of Putin’s new Russia is not the theater of Sochi.

  4. says

    In the wars between oligarchs, it is the people who will suffer. To me, this upheaval in Ukraine has been fomented by our American oligarchs to replace the current Ukrainian oligarchs.

  5. zeddy says

    @GARRY: It’s not mob rule. Ukranian MPs have voted to oust president Yanukovych and hold early presidential elections on May 25. Think or do research before you blow off your mouth and make yourself look stupid.

  6. parkrunner says

    Thanks for the political news and discussion. We’re not all interested in N’Sync retirees, Lady Gaga’s recent wardrobe and Madonna’s latest attempt for relevance.

  7. says

    The appeal of a liberty fighter.

    Putin claims ‘democratic’ election in Russia while imprisoning any serious opponent and infringing the Constitutional rights of assembly & free speech of those who descent.

    Republicans and religious fundamentalists in America champion him. Just their style of ‘democracy’.

  8. says

    Ideally, it would be great if they could find someone like the President of Uruguay, humble and anti materialistic.

    But, they’ll probably just re-install the former President. You know, the one they voted out four years ago.

  9. peoriaboy says

    I’ll have to say at least these pictures show that the folks in the Ukrainian have some dam good tradesmen from the looks of those homes.