1. Jesus says

    “Imagine if he’s the guy next to me, and you know, I get dressed, naked, taking a shower, the whole nine, and it just so happens he looks at me, how am I supposed to respond?”

    Don’t get a boner?

  2. James in Albany says

    It’s really amazing how quickly these sports agents are able to get their players on national tv with a scripted rebuttal or “clarification”. Do they have entire departments at these agencies that handle this sort of stuff for these numb-nuts?

  3. Ryan says

    “Imagine if he’s the guy next to me, and you know, I get dressed, naked, taking a shower, the whole nine, and it just so happens he looks at me, how am I supposed to respond?”

    Like you’d respond if any other person looked at you. It should feel so inconsequential you’d probably not notice it. Everyone has eyes and can’t help but see in front of them, that’s about all there is to “looking at people” in the locker room, gay or straight or something in between.

  4. HadenoughBS says

    Mr. Vilma, despite his actual age, exhibits juvenile tendencies in the area of sexual knowledge. He apparently isn’t quite sure of his own sexuality except to think that he’s “God’s gift to any gays” who happen to be next to him in the shower when his peepee is exposed.

  5. anon says

    you would think that by now, these guys would have figured out it’s not a good idea to express any form of homophobia or even being uncomfortable with “teh gay” even if that’s what you really believe.

    Fer gawd’s sake, racists have figured out a way to stop making racist comments in public.

  6. JackFknTwist says

    As always the ‘clarification’ is as bigoted as the original idiocy.

    what do you do in the shower when a gay guy looks at you ?
    Shower on, dude !
    You are a fool, Vilma, when you open your dumb mouth you confirm that truth.

  7. john patrick says

    Jonathan, I think the way you are to respond to a gay teammate looking at you in the shower is to shrivel up like a delicate flower and roll yourself into a ball and fade away.

    Are you really so delicate and fragile, Jonathan, that a glance by a gay teammate is a threat to you? If so, you need help.

  8. Jay says

    When you have to clarify what you said, and do so by saying you didn’t mean what you said at all, that probably means that you really don’t want people to think you are quite the dipshit you really are. I suppose that’s progress but Vilma is not exactly a profile in courage.

  9. Gigi says

    The most interesting part of this discussion for me is two-fold:

    1. We now live in a world where a gay football player can come out & there are actually lots of positive reactions.

    2. A player like Vilma has to walk back his seemingly homophobic comments and acknowledge the fact that Michael Sam is a good player who just happens to be gay.

  10. Matt27 says

    Many straight guys really think gays think they are hot and will try to hit them. I guess he thinks the same. It begins with the thought, I am so good looking every gay guy must check me out. Most of these guys won’t gat any attention from gay guys. He’s one of them.

  11. Dastius Krazitauc says

    When I hear comments like this, I hear, “If I were gay myself, which I’m not, I’d look at every penis I could, I’d get so excited being around those other naked men, I’d be like a kid in a candy store, if I were gay myself, which I’m not. I’m really not. But, that’s what I’d do if I WERE go. Oh, yeah.”

  12. northalabama says

    keep talking…please…the more you pile on, the more we know how ignorant and intolerant you really are.

    how ’bout a shovel to help with that hole you’re digging for yourself?

  13. says

    I think it is fair that he does not like gay men staring at him but that is not a good reason to deny gay men from the NFL. If he feels uncomfortable, he should shower with the curtain closed and the door-bolt locked.

  14. Derrick from Philly says


    actually it’s good to see that the discussion has been critical of Jonathan Vilma and not deteriorated into a bashing of Black folks in general….until BRAINS. But BRAINS has no brains.

    Some intellectually challenged creatures always want to use these kind of news stories to bash all Blacks, all Africans, all Russians, all White Southerners–all of any group they don’t like.

    I think what may be throwing the regular racists off is the “presence” of Michael Sam. If you throw racial slurs and Vilma then you’re thowing them at Michael Sam also. It puts the bigots in a bind…oh, what to do?

    What I’d like to say to Vilma is this: if a Gay player has made it to the pros then that means he’s been in locker rooms since he was a young teenager. Why would he wait until he gets to the NFL to start cruising in the locker room?

    Also, Vilma, do really think your stuff is that fine?

  15. mike128 says

    I’d actually like to stop with the argument that we are not checking out other guys in the locker room. Maybe we ARE. But so what? People check out people all the time. And nothing horrible happens. I think the question needs to be, what’s so horrible about someone looking at you? And don’t you look at people (whether men, women, or other) that you’re oriented toward? Should we all be punished or penalized for that?

    Beyond ignorance, this is a really immature attitude about sexuality, gender, and the body…

  16. Peter says

    I’m sure these same words and ideas were voiced when the first Black player joined the NFL. I guess that is why he uses his head at work to hit and not for thinking.

  17. Vilma loves cock says

    Set in stone?

    The Ignorants use hyperbole and exaggeration to imagine homosexuality as some kind of intrusive element in society. Remember when the bearded drag queen cleric from Russia, Pope Krillfish or something, said that never in all of history had a “sin” been made law, in reference to gay marriage?

  18. walter says

    this poor guy has an overinflated view of his appeal to people . it is time we stop letting these useless individual off for the comments they make and then try and walk back because they got bad pr . it is what they said and what they meant until their press agents told them how much money it will cost them

  19. jarago says

    He is using the stereotype that all gay men are cock crazed fools that can not keep their hands off their poor straight bros- seriously he is not that attractive- and we all know that straight guys check each other out too.

  20. Albert says

    I love how the fear is always of undressing and showering in front of a gay man. Please, that’s been happening. And why should the sports setting be exalted over the military, where openly gay men have been serving?

  21. andrew says

    I spent three years on a U.S. Navy Destroyer. I showered in a small head (shower room) all the time. I never got a boner, never looked at other guys with lust in my heart. Its a non issue. It’s just something that bigots bring up to oppose equality for LGBT people.

  22. Just Sayin' says

    I refuse to get outraged.

    This is a crucial time in our history, and we are all part of it, right now, today.

    These are teachable moments, incredible opportunities, this does not happen every day, we can have a profound positive impact by being patient and educating people.

    I opt for that, as opposed to saying or writing angry, childish, outraged things that do nothing but serve our oppressors excruciatingly well.

  23. Bobby Nash says

    maybe he needs to be reminded of the same arguments being made about black men in sports… SEVERAL didn’t want races to mix shower time, let alone the field… ugh

  24. james st. james says

    Hey, straight guys: If a gay guy checks you out, take it as a compliment.

    Because if you don’t appeal to gay guys you’re not likely to appeal to straight women either.

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