50 Cent Accuses Diddy of Gay Love Triangle on Instagram, Deletes It


Rapper 50 Cent continued his long history of anti-gay social media trolling on Sunday with a now-deleted Instagram post suggesting Diddy was in a gay love triangle.

Hollywood Life reports:

50 Cent’s Mar. 2 Instagram post, which he deleted very quickly after posting, is made up of two photos: one of Steve and Diddy hugging in pink shirts, and the other of Diddy and Rick looking like they’re about to kiss thanks to the awkward angle of the photo. Fifty captioned the pic very cheekily, writing, “I ain’t saying nothing, but something ain’t right. Lmao #smsaudio.”

The Instagram was offensive — not only to Diddy, Rick, and Steve, but also to gays everywhere — and the fact that he pulled the post seems to be an acknowledgement of that.


  1. jjose712 says

    well, this is very far from being the most homophobic thing that a rapper produce.
    It’s more like somthing an absurd gossip monger would put on his site that what you expect from a rapper, but frankly i don’t see the homophobia anywhere.
    I can see Diddy being upset about this (and probably the other two men) but i doubt any other gay man will find that offensive at all

  2. e.c. says

    Yeah I have to agree, I’m missing the terrible homophobia. I took the suggestion of “not right” to be that Diddy was a two-timing ho, not that he was hooking up with guys.

  3. says

    it’s not that the post isn’t all that homophobic, it’s that 50 Cent is constantly making homophobic remarks…

    on it’s own, it’s trite. as part of a succession of remarks, it’s homophobia.

  4. Chris K says

    This is actually rather plausible. Diddy kind of has an aura of a femme gay guy on the DL.

    But yes, although dumb, 50’s post was hardly offensive.

  5. I wont grow up says

    During my high school days (before the civil war) the guy that threw around the most homophobic remarks turned out to be the biggest flamer, just saying.

  6. Marc says

    50 Cent clearly has something to hide. I don’t think he realizes that every time he does something like this he calls attention to his own insecurities.

    Red flag, 50. We are onto you. Now be a man and come out.

  7. ian says

    it seems obvious that many many homophobes are closet cases living in fear of their own sexuality and that fear is projected onto others: in part to deflect attention/suspicion from the homophobic individual (no one will think i’m gay if i hate on other gays) and also as pure unconcious self-loathing directed outwards. 50 cent has had gay rumors swirling about him for a long time and this doesn’t disconfirm them to me.

  8. Woohooboy says

    I don’t get the vibe that 50 cent is in the closet or in denial about being gay. To me, he’s just another ignorant straight guy who shoots his mouth off without thinking through the consequences of what he says and the impact those words can have on others.

    This would be slightly forgiving if he was in his early 20’s or if this was a one time “off” comment but sadly he doesn’t fall into either of these categories. This is just another in a long line of bone headed remarks from someone who should’ve known better but clearly doesn’t

  9. Derrick from Philly says

    @ “Y’all are just racists, as usual. Just trying to tear black men down whenever you can.”

    Posted by: DERRICK FROM PHILLY | Mar 4, 2014 2:48:32 PM

    I’m very grateful that you regular visitors to Towleroad can tell the difference between me and that crazy azz Rick. LOL…she’s a wild queen–especially when she become “Enchantra”

    Although 50 Cent does have a big juicy butt…if you like that sort of thing.

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