1. Dave says

    I really hope they expand the length of each episode. Half an hour makes it feel like a show’s just getting going when it suddenly ends.

  2. Stevo says

    I agree that it needs to one hour. I feel like I’m just getting into each episode and then, boom, its done. So glad it got renewed!!

  3. ScottCA says

    I’m surprised this boring and unrealistic show has been picked up for a second season.

  4. PDQ says

    I’m ambivalent about it. I’ll probably watch season 2 in the hopes that some of the characters will actually be developed. But if it hadn’t been renewed it wouldn’t have bothered me. There’s no real “meat” in any of the characters or storylines yet. Richie is the only character whose name I know.

  5. hdwb says

    i really like this show. i understand that people think it is “slow” but i just re-watched all the episodes back-to-back and it plays very well. it is subtle and that is refreshing. i like the 30 minute format, it makes me look forward to the next episode.

  6. tim says

    I love it for the “quasi-normalcy”. Next Season, I’d really wish Jonathan Groff would meet a nice real estate agent from Minnesota named Tim Salyers.

  7. crispy says

    “I’m surprised this boring and unrealistic show has been picked up for a second season.”

    This show is anything but unrealistic. The characters on it are very much like real people in all their awkward glory, and the situations on it are quite common. In fact, the stark realism of the show is what’s led to accusations of it being boring from many viewers who many who wanted the candy-colored drama of a show like Queer as Folk.

    Please describe in detail what you find unrealistic about it. (My guess is you’ve seen at most 1 episode)

  8. daws says

    Love the show. Happy that we’re getting a second season. The episodes do go by too quick, though. I want to spend more time with these characters.

  9. Distingue Traces says

    This is such an unclippable show. I’m a fan, and even I’m like “Why did I just watch a clip of someone walking through a door and saying hello?”

    It really does make its impact incrementally.

    What I would like to see next season is a narrowed focus on a couple of relationships – more like the episode-long date of this season’s ep five. That is what the show does well.

    Andrew Haigh’s style has a hard time making much of an impact with the brief scenes jumping between different plotlines. The show needs to take its time – it is not about punchlines or plot twists.

    It’s when the show tries to do to much that it feels most insubstantial. It worries me a little bit that the (great) supporting characters are being bumped up to regular status, because no one is going to shine if six leading players are dividing up 22 minutes of screen time.

  10. andy3433 says

    Watch Andrew Haigh’s The Weekened with Downton Abbey’s Tom Cullen to get a sense of what his style is. Looking is actually hyper-naturalistic and is not designed with cued punch lines or impact moments so there is actually more realism than TV or ‘reality’ shows. It feels like your own life something relatable than fiction on television.

  11. Lazycrockett says

    When season 2 airs next year, Im just going to wait till the finale then binge watch all the episodes in one evening. I think that’s the best way to digest this show.

  12. Jim says

    Make the characters more interesting from the get-go; they have only really gotten interesting in the last several episodes. Remember that the foundation of drama is conflict. Bring in the parents and family some more. I was glad to see Groff’s family at the wedding.

  13. Rob says

    LOVE this show. Textured characters, natural dialogue, accessible relationships. It makes the subject matter seem so natural. My gay son is really happy to see gay characters on TV that seem real.

  14. Jerry says

    Well, since Scott Bakula has already been tagged for “NCIS: New Orleans,” I’m imagining that Dom’s pop-up is a likely failure. Couldn’t happen to a nicer twit.

  15. ScottCA says

    @Crispy: Unfortunately, I’ve seen all episodes, starting with 1 and 2 at the SF premiere. Where, by the way, everyone I was with was disappointed. I would have stopped, but my partner still thinks it will become interesting. But he too is giving up.

    What’s unrealistic? From the last episode:

    1. Richie decides its a good idea to get Patrick stoned on the way to Patrick’s sister’s wedding. Seriously? When he’s never met any of them and all he knows is that its an uptight WASPy family?
    Then they have the drama queen Vista Point meltdown?
    2. Patrick can’t date anyone without thinking about whether his mommy would approve. Really? The same Patrick who apparently doesn’t actually see his mother very often?
    3. The uptight Mommy pulls the pot cookies out of her purse at the wedding? Yes, I’ve heard of the several times.
    4. Frankie tells his boyfriend that he paid the whore to have sex with him. Perhaps paying whores for “artistic purposes” is realistic. I just cannot relate to it.

    These just scratch the surface.

  16. JonnyNYNY2FLFL says

    Good riddance!

    HBO really lowered the bar with this series. With AMC, FX, Bravo, PBS, and even a few shows on the old-school broadcast networks turning out highly entertaining & critically acclaimed shows for “free”, the premium pay channels need to up their game. This poorly produced, poorly written attempt to seem “edgy” by pandering to a gay demographic sorely misses the mark. We deserve better.

  17. jarago says

    I like the show and I’m glad its returning. I don’t understand gays who hate this show.

  18. crispy says

    Just as I suspected, you don’t even understand the show well enough to determine if it’s realistic or not. Frankie did not pay the whore to have sex with his boyfriend. He was paying the whore to take photographs of him for an art project. The sex happened spontaneously, giving him an excuse to torpedo his art project because he doubts himself as an artist. If you don’t believe that type of self-doubt and sabotage is realistic, you’ve never met a creative person in your life.

    Likewise, you’ve obviously never met anyone who smokes pot (at this point, I’m starting to think you live in 1963). Plenty of people smoke a joint before stressful situations like a family wedding.

    Finally, Patrick’s relationship with his mother is possibly one of the most realistic components on the show. He hasn’t seen much of her BECAUSE of her disapproval… which pretty much describes every gay man I know. And really, you don’t think the 18 years she spent raising him would be enough time together to damage him?

    I’m sorry your own mother won’t have anything to do with you because you’re an insufferable turd, and you’re taking it out on this show. Just stop watching.

  19. crispy says


    BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Thank you for confirming exactly what I’ve thought of you since you starting pitching a bitchfit about this show 8 weeks ago.

  20. matziabb says

    I’m so happy for next season. And thx crispy for standing by defending the show. I too can’t understand the boring argument.
    A lot of drama series are slow and nothing happened but they’re ok with that. Somehow they pinned the boring title on this one so loudly. I wonder if it’s insecurities or some hidden agenda they’re pulling.

  21. Darren says

    I truly dislike all three main characters but really like the supporting cast. I say Season 2 opens with an earthquake episode and they kill off these three at a dinner party overlooking the Bay and the show becomes about the others. Frank, Richie, Doris, and Lynn! Looking for better stories.