1. CD in DC says

    thought he was going to do a “Dwight” and whip it out on Andy, truth sometimes smaller than fiction.

  2. Ted says

    Seems like a couple (or maybe just one) of Shaq’s ex’s said it was average (whatever that means). No all big black men are well hung. Sad but true.

  3. kravitzkravitz says

    In other words, while Shaq may have been thinking in neutral terms about his host – whom he would know is gay – the host was only thinking about Shaq as a very large black penis. And nothing else.

  4. FakeOutrage says

    white gay guy pandering to stereotypes about african americans. Nothing new here. Tired.

  5. Mitch says

    I like Andy. But this was classless. His humor is usually pithy and witty but this was painful to watch. I wanted to take off my Mazel Boxers and chunk them, along with my Andy Bobblehead, at the TV.

  6. Ted says

    He’s such an ass. Thanks, Andy, for contributing to the dumbing down of America and for making gay men everywhere look like empty-headed, celebrity sycophants.


  7. brandon h says

    No, not all black men are hung, and shoe size doesn’t correlate with penis size. But when a guy is 7 feet tall I think the odds are firmly in favor of his being hung like a horse.

    Thats been my experience.

  8. Randy says

    Unless Andy is willing to deep throat it right there, and is actually capable of doing it right, I think the question (and the ridiculous audience reaction) is really not cool.

  9. Bellah says

    so tired of Cohen. Bravo allows him to use stereotypes of black men. on bravo women are Bs immigrants are FOB’s , trannies is fine and so on. not watching anymore
    where the hell is Glaad in all of this.

  10. will says

    The game is called “Plead the Fifth” — it’s SUPPOSED to be outrageous. You dull people. You’ll laugh at tired bitchy over made-up drag queens, then suddenly get fake-offended by a late-night talk show.

  11. NotSafeForWork says


    Andy has had several guests about that…he asked New Kids On The Block a similar question and every time Liam Neeson is on the show the subject comes up as well.

  12. EchtKultig says

    “His humor is usually pithy and witty”

    That’s really stretching the meaning of these terms.

  13. NotSafeForWork says

    @Kim Liam was also coy, but the question was more a foregone conclusion than a direct question. It was just assumed that was the fact.

  14. Sean Maloney says

    That would be a great use of Shaq’s shoe, shoving it down Cohen’s throat. That would be one way to get him to just shut up.

  15. romaine says

    On one hand, it would be a funny question if Cohen were a 20 year old TV host but he is a 40-something old TV host.

  16. Chuck says

    Leave it to Andy Cohen to trash up TV. If a straight dude asked a woman a question about her boobs or vagina, it wouldn’t be okay. Why is this?