1. says

    ….which means, WHAT?

    How would he feel about having a Jewish teammate? Or a jewish friend, even? Would he also hope to show them what it means to “follow Jesus?”

    i utterly loathe meaningless biblespeak.

  2. BETTY says

    I wish those religous types would stop trying to recruit people into their “lifestyle”.

  3. Luke says

    Actually, most Christians believe they should teach non-Christians what it means to follow Jesus by living a Christ-centered life. That is standard, biblical, historic Christianity. I guess the only thing noteworthy about his comment is his apparent assumption that a gay person would not be a Christian already who loves and follows Jesus.

  4. GMB says

    Guys, this is standard evangelical rhetoric. Actually, it’s above-the-standard, considering how many evangelicals have been telling outright lies about us and using any opportunity to denounce us from head to toe.

    The fact that this guy considers gay people just the same as every other sinner, in truth, is pretty standard theology. This is a great example of the transition that the evangelical church is moving into — where they think LGBT people are just as in need of a savior as they think they are.

    If only we could get them to believe that none of us actually NEED saving…

  5. says


    Watch as Quarterback Kirk Cousins announces his plans to create a hostile work environment for homosexuals and non-christians.

    Proseletyzing to co-workers is uncool and illegal. Many courts have ruled against aggressive workplace evangelizing and supported employers who fired those people for creating a hostile, uncomfortable, and discordant work environment…

  6. tinkerbelle says

    I thought the point of christianity is that ALL men are sinners and life is meant to be spent repaying (whatever) those sins.

    Not being a Xtian or anything else myself, this all sounds like bobble-head excuses to interfere in other people’s lives. Loser.

  7. RJ says

    Sounds like he automatically assumes that he knows better how to “follow Jesus” than a gay player does. Seems he’s already feeling superior which is why I have a problem with MOST Christians.

  8. mike says

    my gosh he looks dumpy. i have zero respect for a man who can’t tuck his shirt in.

  9. SFshawn says

    So physically beautiful and yet so brainwashed by religious dogma. It’s always interesting to me that bigots HATE actually being called out as bigots and yet “Christians” hide behind the word “SINNER” to justify and rationalize all their “bad” behavior. So incredibly judgemental and irrational.

  10. Matt says

    Oh, c’mon, what he said wasn’t offensive. I think he meant he would show people the loving them/treating them with respect is what it means to follow Jesus. We lose credibility — and should — when we examine every single comment for an angle that could be offensive and then pounce.

  11. Luke says

    “I thought the point of christianity is that ALL men are sinners and life is meant to be spent repaying (whatever) those sins.”

    No. Biblical Christianity teaches the opposite: that no one can pay the debt and offense of their sin; therefore, Jesus, Himself Divine, came to Earth as the perfect and only acceptable sacrifice to pay for the sins of the world. And, anyone who places all their trust in Jesus as God and Savior will be saved from eternal punishment and have eternal life. Christianity says all people are bound for hell because of their sins, unless they come to saving faith in Jesus Christ.

  12. says

    When it comes to sports… there should be a separation of religion and sports. I always found it interesting when a boxer makes the sign of the cross. What does that mean… hey Jesus! give me the strenght to beat the crap out of this guy? The same thing when a batter comes to the plate and does the same thing. Does he give jesus credit for striking out or just for homers? I do not mind a person for having his faith… but there is a time and place for it. Ironically, when I used to go MLB Winter Meetings, there was faith based “companies” who conducted prayer meetings. I been in MLB locker rooms and there are some players who like this guy… hold hands and pray together. At one of the Award shows, I lodged a complaint when they had a minister lead prayers in Jesus name… being Jewish I thought they should either have silent prayers or without mentioning Jesus name. They agreed and the following year had a Rabbi.

  13. bkmn says

    One cult follower trying to coerce others to join the cult. Only slightly better than the Hari Krishna’s at the airport.

  14. Jack M says

    What a holier-than-thou little peckerwood. Of course we know that “following Jesus,” in his mind, is to turn from gay to straight.

  15. MichaelJ says

    @MikeInSanJose As it understood EEO laws when I was an EEO officer, proselytizing is illegal only when it is aggressive. A co-worker whose religion calls for adherents to proselytize has the right to initiate a conversation with a co-worker about his or her religion (unless he or she is supervising that co-worker). But if the other person is not interested or offended, he or she has the obligation to shut up. And the supervisors of the proselytizer who does not shut up have the obligation to discipline that worker so that either the proselytizing stops or the proselytizer is fired.

  16. jjose712 says

    SpaceCadet: Umm, i don’t think so. As far as i know Tim was a very good prospect that didn’t became reality.
    Everybody expected a bright future for Tim and that’s the reason why everything he did get relevance.
    I don’t think that’s the case of this guy.

    Frankly i’m always surprised at how many american athletes mention God after a win. Here in europe its very exceptional even for christian athletes

  17. Ted says

    Now how would this clown like it if I said:
    “To that degree, we’d welcome a Christian into our locker room and say come help us win, and hopefully I can love him and hopefully show him what it means to be Atheist.”

  18. ian says

    my takeaway is that he’s a genuine Christian rather than a rightwing rethuglican christianist (christian+fascist). i think his statements/thoughts are a move in the right direction. he is saying (as a christian) we are all sinners and who am i to judge? and this “hopefully I can love him like Jesus”. I hear a statement of acceptance from a Christian rather than one of judgmental intolerance. he also says “show him what it means to follow Jesus.” he means rather than preach and proselytize he’ll simply demonstrate through a nonjudgmental and accepting attitude how a Christian should live.

  19. Ryan says

    Um… no thanks Mr. QB. Not everyone wants a relationship with that mythological figure known as “Jesus” or especially your version of him.

  20. NotSafeForWork says

    Sorry so many people have been confused by the wolf in sheep’s clothing with his message of “acceptance”. The read between the lines message is still allow Jesus to save you from the “sin” of homosexuality.

  21. Sam says

    And if this hypothetical gay player is also a Christian, then he can help show Mr. Cousins what it means to follow Jesus.

  22. Mick says

    I know he was trying to sound “Christian” but unfortunately it came across as holier-than- thou. How does he know a gay player isn’t following Jesus already? He would be better off listening to the Pope and say something like…”I’m a Christian, so I don’t judge others”.

  23. JackFknTwist says

    The entire issue of concussion in sports really needs more thorough research.

    This loon is a perfect example of latent sub dural traumatic encephalitis.

    I mean, he can’t be that patronizingly stupid since birth, can he ?

  24. Arkansassy says

    You’re all being way to hard on the guy. He’s trying. The paradigm in which he lives his life is structured in a way that this is the best he can do at the moment, which I believe is better than some others.

    It’s hypocritical to demand tolerance and then judge the methods people use to get there. You don’t get everything your way. You can’t make people think the way you think.

    This guy is trying to be tolerant, so it would be nice if you could find it within you to tolerate his tolerance.

  25. JackFknTwist says

    PS :

    And as we know Jesus the historical figure was gay.
    And did not rise from the dead, as in the original Gospel of Mark…from the Sinai desert….and the earliest version.

    The paragraph about rising from the dead was added later and only appears in later versions.

    I’m sure this Quarter Back has had all these debates with his All-Christian-colleagues in the locker room.

  26. Arkansassy says

    You’re all being way to hard on the guy. He’s trying. The paradigm in which he lives his life is structured in a way that this is the best he can do at the moment, which I believe is better than some others.

    It’s hypocritical to demand tolerance and then judge the methods people use to get there. You don’t get everything your way. You can’t make people think the way you think.

    This guy is trying to be tolerant, so it would be nice if you could find it within you to tolerate his tolerance.

  27. TANK says

    Okay, I know that some of the bitter, pathetic middle-aged queens around here aren’t going to like this, but Tank has to keep it real. You guys who are criticizing this hot young jock so vociferously know that if you had the chance you’d go at it with this guy till the cows came home! So give me a break with all of the earnest, secularist mumbo jumbo. Tank’s just keeping it real, guys, so don’t hate on me!

  28. TANK says

    You know who does hate on me? My Dad. Totally wishes his son wasn’t the scaredy-cat wuss I am, but hey man, Tank’s just keeping it real. I’ll never be middle-aged, though, because I’m not a real person. Just keeping it real! I’m Tank, and when I die, everyone will be happy.

  29. Doug S says

    If he truly loves like Jesus loves, without condemnation, that’s a win.
    If he loves like most churches do, it’s a fail.

  30. Doug S says

    If he truly loves like Jesus loves, without condemnation, that’s a win.
    If he loves like most churches do, it’s a fail.

  31. says

    No matter how kindly packaged your words come down to Christian privilege allowing you to still judge homosexuality as a sin Kirk.

    The fact that you would say them so brazenly and want to ‘bring your view of Jesus’ to a gay man shows how clueless you are about how words are used as weapons against us. Voices of seemingly good intent like yours are based on judgement and condemnation. They are especially harmful to our young who are themselves believers and hear this judgement from their families and those that should be offering them support. No matter how you try to mask them in religious good will words like yours arm bullies.

    Read David’s story

    Uganda, Nigeria, and Gambia didn’t just happen Kirk. They came about because of religious judgement. The child you’re sacrificing to religion is us Kirk. Understand your part in this and help stop it.

  32. Kurtis Edwards says

    I think everyone is being a bit overbearing. I think the guy said exactly what we would want a practicing Christian to say. Yeah, he’s a football player and certain phrases and wordings might be a little sour, but he showed he has a heart and open-mind. More importantly, hitting at the point, he doesn’t care about sexuality in terms of football, he cares about winning and having a good team. Isn’t that what a football player should want? Isn’t that the point? Who cares about gay or straight in sports… lets just play sports and be a team. Right?

  33. Kurtis Edwards says

    When Christians say “show them how it is to follow Jesus” most (the open-minded ones) are meaning show them by example. As in, life you life for Christ and they should be able to see that.

  34. Chris L. says

    I am so tired of the born again scam. These phonies make me sick, and I have nothing but disgust for them. “I’ll show him Jesus.” Thanks for the offensive sanctimony and for the assumption that you’re a more moral human being than I merely by virtue of the fact that you were born heterosexual. I don’t want to sound embittered, but when it comes to people like this, I am many of us have had enough. He’s like a 5-year old child who just needs to be patted on the head and sent away.

  35. says

    Kurtis – your expectations for “a practicing Christian” are WOEFULLY low. Like, P A T H E T I C A L L Y low. Like “hey, my dad stopped beating me! let me get him a World’s Best Father mug!” low.

    He’s shown only that he’s perfect faux-Christain doublespeak, and you’ve shown that you can’t pick up on nuance.


    Here’s what I expect a “practicing Christian” to say “It’s a football game. Everyone has different beliefs and none are any better than anyone else’s. As a Christian i don’t judge or discriminate against anyone, and I’d welcome a gay teammate and support him”
    Anything less is feasting on scraps.

    what it means to follow Jesus, eh? a kewpie doll to any person who says that who can then articulate, with specifics, exactly what they mean

    Hint – they won’t. they prefer vague buzz terms.

  36. Mike in the Tundra says

    Is that a public school? If it is, they’re in for a whole bunch of hurting. If it’s a parochial school, who cares?

  37. Woodroad34 says

    Frankly, between Michelle Bachman’s form of discriminatory Christinsanity (“I’m sorry Jan Brewer didn’t sign SB_1062, because people should respect our right to discriminate”) and this fellow’s standard, albeit misguided, inclusionary Christianity…I’ll take his over the rouged pig’s any day.

  38. Azgaard says

    If he is in the lecturing mood, then maybe he could start with the Westboro Baptist Church. I think they could use a refresher in what it actually means to follow Jesus.

  39. Nick says

    This is very typical of so many in the NFL.
    From high schools in the south, through major college programs and into the NFL-there is pervasive prosthletyzing by coaches and the Christianist jock clubs that are abundant on so many campuses. From organized prayers in the lockerroom to payers before, during, and after games -it is everywhere and the dogma that is preached is scary in some -if not -most instances.

  40. james st. james says

    Sounds a bit gay, not that there’s anything wrong with that.

    Looks a bit gay, nothing wrong with that either.

    Quack, quack it might be a duck.

  41. Curtis says

    Certainly not making excuses, but I actually think people are misconstruing what he means. He said he would love him (like Jesus would) and show him what it means to follow Jesus (his teachings, meaning to love everyone and judge no one, not that he would proselytize or try to convert him. Just that he would strive to uphold what Christianity is supposed to be and show him what it means to be a true Christian.)

    I could be wrong, but I don’t think I am.

  42. James says

    I can’t help but think that if he was black and said the same thing there would be more venom in these post.

  43. FFS says

    “Love him like Jesus,” huh? You mean the fictional character who spent his entire adult life being followed around by 12 other men who were hopelessly devoted to him and rarely left his side?

    Okay, Kirk. I think I’m picking up what you’re putting down. *wink*wink*

    W.L.W.J.U.? (What Lube Would Jesus Use?)

  44. will says

    There’s nothing wrong with his remarks (“I can love him like Jesus”). That’s what he believes. He’s hardly denigrating us or using offensive language.

    WE DON’T NEED TO BE OPENLY EMBRACED BY EVERYBODY. This guy identifies as a Christian who believes homosexuality is a sin. We have to let him identify as he wants to identify. As long as he is not harming us, to each his own.

  45. RayRay says

    He’s more clueless than mean spirited but that doesn’t mitigate the harm caused by using words nuanced with condemnation. Underneath that kind face he’s still peddling the Church tenet that loving another person of the same gender is a sin and that it’s still OK to judge them for it.
    It’s not and it’s got to stop.

    Want to live in the shoes of a tormented gay Christian teen for a day Kirk? It’ll give you insight into the hetero privilege you’re so completely clueless about.

  46. will says

    Psychologically, we gays have acceptance issues. Apparently, we NEED to be accepted by everybody to feel really, truly loved.

    This is all bullsh*t. People are allowed to feel contrary to our “orientation” — and we can still peacefully co-exist.

  47. jarago says

    I wouldn’t mind Kirk teaching me about Jesus ( which I’m not sure what Christ has to do with football but…)

  48. Mark Twain says

    He is alright and he means good. Guys like him used to judge and condemn. Now they accept and welcome. Give him a break.

  49. wheelie81 says

    I don’t know why there are so many ugly, hateful comments being made here. He didn’t say anything bad about gays at all and was simply stating his religious beliefs, which he has every right to do. But when you all start spewing hatred at him for doing so, I want you to remember that when others start spewing hatred at you for being who you are. If you want to be respected for who you are, you better start respecting others for who they are as well.

  50. SpaceCadet says

    @JJOSE27, I wasn’t comparing this guy’s playing ability with Tebow’s. I was making the point that here was yet another football player injecting religion into the sport.

  51. mk ultra says

    I think some people on here forget his comment that gay = alcoholic/ drug addict.
    So nice that privileged,straight christian can tolerate us alcoholic, drugg addicted gays.

  52. Arkansassy says

    @WHEELIE81: Well said. For people who demand tolerance from others, a lot of the people here are quite intolerant themselves.

  53. dearcomrade says

    Christianity, celebrating the irony of a carpenter being nailed to a piece of wood for two thousand years.

  54. mk ultra says

    It’s my deeply held belief that Cousins is a closeted gay bottom, craving cck.
    If you disagree, you’re intolerant of my opinion…

  55. mk ultra says

    It’s my deeply held belief that Cousins is a closeted gay bottom, craving cck.
    If you disagree, you’re intolerant of my opinion…

  56. enchantra says

    How do these idiots make it to the big leagues? Seriously, these people are idiots. You have to be an idiot to be a devout believer in Judaism and its bastard children Christianity and Islam. The story of Noah alone let”s you know that it’s all bullshet.