1. This is why no one likes queens says

    Why is it that sissies and queens always have something negative to say? But your the first to raise a gay flag when someone says something about you! I’ll bet if it was a half naked man with a hard cock you’d give it 10’s across the board. You’re wretched sex starved sore losers who failed the manhood class!

  2. Traje says

    I wonder if they’ll include Heracles’ prodigious bisexual escapades? Like the fact that Iolaus was his nephew and lover. Somehow that was missed in the Kevin Sorbo version.

  3. Avenger280 says

    @Traje…. they will as soon as TPTB admit that our grrls were a couple despite the fact that both LL & ROC have PUBLICLY stated that X&G were lovers 😛

  4. C. Foley says

    Umm, that picture alone sums it up for me: laughable. He looks utterly ridiculous, and I want to say that’s more on the director and the crew than it is on the actor. So… no, just no.

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