Gay Congressional Hopeful Richard Tisei Boycotting GOP Convention Over Anti-Gay Platform

Gay Republican Richard Tisei, who is running for Congress and was the GOP’s nominee for Massachusetts lieutenant governor in 2010, says he's sitting out the state GOP convention because its platform is anti-gay, the Boston Globe reports:

Tisei“I don’t want to go and be seen in any way to be endorsing that,” said Tisei, who is gay and who got married last summer. “I don’t really feel comfortable being at a convention where the platform takes the party backward, rather than forward, as far as appealing to a large group of Massachusetts voters.”

The platform that was overwhelmingly approved by state committee members frowns on abortion and gay marriage, social issues that the GOP in Massachusetts had previously avoided addressing, for fear of alienating the state’s many liberal and libertarian-minded voters.


  1. HadenoughBS says

    Then how in the hell can he declare himself a Republican and maintain his political allegiance to a party with such animus toward him and his husband? These gay GOPers boggle the rational mind.

  2. disgusted american says

    in today’s atmosphere with the hateful GOP……I dont under whyyyyy there are Gay republicans…..and I wouldn’t be friends with any either.

  3. Reggie777 says

    So, wait a minute. Suddenly this repuglican wakes up and realizes his party is homophobic? Where the !@#!&^% has he been for the past few decades? Now he’s outraged? Please!!!

  4. james st. james says

    He doesn’t want to go to the convention but would like to get elected so he can rubber stamp the Republican agenda of oppression of gay people? Is that it?

    I think some people just like to “play” at being Republican because they like wearing business suits and shiny shoes. They usually are shallow and so appeal to shallow voters. Ever notice how most Republican candidates are fair of face? Pretty boys who definitely won’t make any voter feel intellectually inadequate.

  5. JackFknTwist says

    I have no sympathy for these Janus-like dudes.

    As their idol Bush (minor)said: You’re either with us or against us.
    There must be no gays in the GOP.
    There is no room for Jesuitical equivocation.

  6. bkmn says

    Having worked in MA not so many years ago I am surprised that the state GOP would even think of making a stink over same sex marriage after it has been around 10 years. None of the dire predictions came true. It has had little to no effect on the str8 folk there.

    And then there is little Ricky. You won one election for a city office and have lost at everything on a broader scope. The Republican apparatus doesn’t like you and only tolerates you for your donations. If you look at what is important they are against you more than they are with you.

  7. says

    remember – the reason they focus on abortion and gay issues is because their fiscal plans will utterly screw over all but the wealthiest americans. see also the lady in the anti-Obamacare ad who has only BENEFITTED from Obamacare. But she lies, and says she doesn’t> Because she’s a racist old biddy.

    WAKE UP. Your party is running on anti-gay and anti-Choice platforms? That means they’re screwing over the middle and working class. #TRUTH

  8. JJ says

    Why would anyone vote for a representative who is so offended by his own party’s platform that he won’t meet with his fellow party members? Politicians have to work with each other to advance the interests of their constituents. He can’t do that if he *avoids* his colleagues. How does he propose to represent his voters?

  9. Sam says

    This guy is a straight up loser in MA. Lost as lt. Governor with Baker. Lost to a convicted felon(!) for congress and now he’s trying for governor. Coakley may have lost to Scott brown for senate but doubt she’d lose to him for governor.

  10. Jason says

    Tisei is a good man who has always been on the side of marriage equality, even before he was quite so publicly out of the closet (he was never closeted, it just wasn’t as widely known). You have to keep in mind that he’s been a state senator representing some middle of the road Boston suburbs (I used to live in his district, and he’s the only time I’ve ever voted Republican). Politics in New England work quite differently than the rest of the country and many of the Republicans in local/regional offices are as liberal as Democrats elsewhere, or even moreso. Case in point: my democratic rep at the time was anti-gay marriage, but was a Democrat, while Tisei the Republican was in favor.

    That said, Tisei is such an odd politician that he has no real role in the US House, which is a place people just rubber stamp bills based on party affiliation. I think he’d be a better choice for Governor, especially since the Mass. legislature is so heavily dominated by Democrats.

  11. Jon says

    Ah, yes, all of the Democrat trolls are out in force for this news article! It’s so much fun seeing all of you get so spun up in such a tizzy as you march in lock-step with the Democrat machine’s talking points. LOL.

  12. Chadd says

    Oh, that’s right. You can’t explain how everyone is wrong because they aren’t. The GOP is not a friend of the gay community and as a rule, generally works very hard against things that would make our lives better. Questioning why a gay person would self identify as Republican is a mystery and everyone who posted ahead of you is correct – regardless of whether or not those sentiments equal those of the “Democratic machine”. We are not in lock step with the Democrats because we are mindless automatons, we walk with them because they treat us better. If you are gay and don’t understand that, I feel really sorry for you.

  13. Victor says

    What a tool. The GOP has been the party of bigotry since 1968 when it embraced the Southern Strategy and began using racism and whatever kind of hate to divide and conquer.

    Therefore, I don’t care about gay Republicans. They’re scum. Whining now about lack of acceptance and intolerance is ridiculous since that has been the party platform for years.

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