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Gay Group Receives 'Hostile' Rejection From St. Patrick's Day Parade Organizers: VIDEO


Gay organizations have a troubled history with the annual St. Patrick's Day Parade and are routinely banned from marching in several cities, Boston in particular. This year it appeared that progress, slight as it was, was being made as the gay rights group MassEquality was invited to march, provided none of the members wore t-shirts or held signs that included the word "gay" or referenced their orientation.

That millimeter forward just took a big step back. Parade organizers have now rescinded the invitation after the parade's sponsor, the Allied War Veterans Council, claimed that MassEquality lied on its application and attempted to enter the parade under false pretenses, saying that it wasn't a legitimate veteran's group.

At a closed door City Hall meeting last night it was made clear to us that the LGBT Veterans for Equality do not have 20 United States Veterans who wish to march. Rather, they presented only one supposed Veteran (sic) and a group of others carrying rainbow flags. When asked about a Color Guard, their loan (sic) Veteran replied that he wasn’t sure he could supply any more Veterans willing to march.

It is our belief that the application submitted to us by LGBT Veterans for Equality was a ploy by them to enter this parade under false pretenses and is hereby denied. It is our intention to keep this parade a family friendly event. We will not allow any group to damage the Integrity (sic) of the historic event or our reputation as a safe and fun filled day for all.

MassEquality wanted gay veterans to be able to march openly and proudly, and were shocked by the hostile rejection from the parade organizers.

“We know from experience that change comes through conversation and dialogue. We were encouraged to have an historic opportunity to meet face-to-face with Parade organizers to discuss a contingent involving LGBT veterans, and we did so with open hearts and open minds. We regret that the Parade organizers shut down conversation before an agreement could be finalized,” MassEquality executive director Kara Coredini said in a press release.

Added Coredini: “We were under the impression that negotiations were positive and ongoing, and we were surprised by the abrupt and hostile tone of the Parade organizers’ rejection.”

You can see CBS Boston's coverage of the story (autoplay) AFTER THE JUMP...

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  1. Just sent the pigs a tweet:

    @ParadeBoston U treat your child rapists better than all. Liberal Catholic JFK made being Catholic Ok. His best friend was gay.

    and a fax and email:

    South Boston Allied War Veterans Council
    P.O. Box 350 South Boston MA. 02127
    Sponsors of: The South Boston Saint Patrick’s Day / Evacuation Day Parade

    Sneaky move you pulled with the gays. I bet you like to do that to Blacks and Muslims to. Shame. Not all us gays fell for your little fake invitation, actually many didnt, but unfortunately, nothing will change until the grumpy old white men all die off. As for "family friendly" give me a break, your website is filled with links to the "best bars", that the "Parade highly approves of". Well I hope you poor folks don't run into any gays, you might have to start removing some of those bars you approve of. I also wonder where your funding comes from, you may be a private entity, but you do use public roads = my taxes. You have the audacity to insinuate that gays: "try to destroy the integrity of not only this parade, but our faith, this town and our Country." Again shameful and sneaky! A true disgrace of Boston!

    Posted by: Corey Mondello | Mar 7, 2014 8:51:59 AM

  2. Family oriented? I have never seen more public intoxication (and associated deplorable behavior) in Boston than at the annual St. Patrick's Day Parade. Certainly Pride events don't come anywhere near, although there is drinking. Sporting championship parades, however, might come close. Family friendly, riiiiiiiight.

    Posted by: Kevin | Mar 7, 2014 11:35:04 AM

  3. yeah. because nothing says "family" like drunken hooligans on the streets, right?

    Posted by: Little Kiwi | Mar 7, 2014 1:14:48 PM

  4. I'm glad the Irish stood up. Nobody else seems to have the balls. Don't mess with the Irish. This is the "in your face" element of the gay population.

    Posted by: Jess | Mar 8, 2014 6:53:12 PM

  5. Stop hiding behind equality, just because you didn't receive an invite.

    Posted by: Tim | Mar 8, 2014 6:54:55 PM

  6. Greatly enjoying Arkansassy posts

    Posted by: Steve | Mar 8, 2014 7:59:34 PM

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