1. Paul R says

    She always knows what she’s doing. Pretends like she’s lit 24/7, but she’s a control freak with a strong sense of self. Wish her show was better…

  2. Graphicjack says

    I’m not a fan of her, but she’s right. Too many if these interviewers and pseudo journalists ask a question, then talks over the guest before they’ve barely articulated a thought and won’t let them finish. Why would anyone subject themselves to this, and how is this providing a service to their audiences, who might actually be interested in what the guest has to say instead of the host’s blustering and talking points.

  3. Jackson says

    Who cares? Towleroad is just running this to trash Piers Morgan because he is this week’s enemy of the trans activists.

    But regardless of what becomes of PM and his show, trans activists are and always will be hostile, mentally unbalanced people. They are also deeply homophobic. LGBs must, as a matter of survival, reassert their identity and end the sham of LGBT.

  4. johnny says

    Count me as one of the few that thinks Handler is not nearly as stomachable as PM. Both have their heads up their asses but Handler has a mean streak a mile wide while PM is just a British gabby idiot, but not necessarily mean 24/7.

  5. Mike B. says

    @Johnny, I think I can see your point, but I have opposite tastes. Handler is mean, but Morgan is incompetent, but that’s way worse.

    She’s right in this interview: if you’re hosting a talk show, it’s YOUR responsibility to make the show interesting. If you don’t know how to conduct an interview to have your guest feel engaged and say interesting things, then you don’t really have a business being a host. And Morgan really is bad at this job; he apparently doesn’t even understand his own responsibility. Handler is leagues ahead of him in terms of professional ability.

  6. iowan says

    Handler has no business giving advice. She is terrible, has no market beyond the local, and without her network of contacts has no reach. Piers has certain things to learn, and was far more gracious than she deserved.

  7. Bernie says

    Why am I not surprised uber-b*tch Handler would take the opportunity to kick a man when he’s down? She looks like she’d have made a great guard at Auschwitz.

  8. says

    I love Chelsea! So much of her image is an act. I’ve heard nothing but good things about her from the people who have worked for her. She helps them go on to bigger things and has them back on to promote their books, appearances, shows and other projects. Compare that to Joan Rivers who treats the people who work for her like crap. Piers Morgan is a horrible person who supervised the phone-hacking of celebrities and others including a missing girl (who falsely believed she might be alive because it seemed someone…maybe the girl herself…was checking her messages. It wasn’t. It was tabloid hacks acting with the full knowledge of everyone they worked for. Piers Morgan is the lowest form a scum and in what’s left of the journalism profession that’s saying something. He deserved to be talked to that way. How do people like Morgan and Barbara Walters get these reputations for being great interviewers when they are terrible. Someone off the street would do at least as good a job.

  9. says

    She is so right; he is one of the most irritating interviewers around; rarely listens, constantly interrupts, loses the thread – gives the impression he’s striving for a preconceived goal or answer and it doesn’t matter what his interviewers have to say. Usually…

  10. Princely says

    While Handler is the least funny person on TV, Morgan is just plain horrific. A real botch from CNN to begin with a horrible BORE.

    Good riddance to him, it couldn’t have happened soon enough. As for Handler, I will just continue ignoring her.

  11. Tarc says

    I have no idea why he had a job in the first place; he’s a terrible person and terrible at that job. I actually swore a few years ago never to watch anything with him on it, and so far, a few seconds of that clip was it. I have no plan on starting – ever.

  12. TheSeer says

    She is right, he is a terrible interviewer. I can remember his interviews with gun rights supporters = him constantly shouting and not letting his guests finish a sentence.

  13. Jack M says

    They’re both just having fun with each other, it’s not like they’re fighting. And she’s right, she a comedian, so she does what comedians do. Let’s move on.

  14. Kim says

    I can’t stand Handler, she is a homewrecking hypocrite who makes racist jobs about kids of celebrities.Which is bad enough.Making fun of Mandela and Poitier at the Oscars is the straw that broke the camels back.I won’t even get into her physical appearance.

  15. anon says

    Piers was hounded out of the UK with pitchforks and torches at his backside and somehow end up at CNN. He was a tabloid editor with the worst of them.

  16. Henry says

    @anon – Piers hasn’t been hounded out of the UK. He has a popular show here. He is, regardless of the phone hacking scandal, a respected journalist. He is quick witted and takes down morons all the time.

  17. Liam says

    Kim: Homewrecker? Seriously? Where do you live? the 1950s? I don’t think Chelsea has ever broken up a marriage. My beef with her is she is lazy and doesn’t do her homework on her own show. She doesn’t bother to read the topics before the show opens so she often doesn’t have a clue what the subject is or what the detail are. But then that is true of many shows like for instance the View!

  18. justagirl says

    While I have little to no respect for either parties involved in this story I am more deeply troubled by a few comments I read. Why is it anytime anything Trans related comes up, an onslaught of anti trans rhetoric quickly follows? As a young trans woman living in Texas , I feel a deep and personal connection to the ENTIRE GLBT community. I personally identify as a heterosexual woman but being a member of the Gay community is a huge part of my personal identity. Though our individual experiences are different our collective struggles are the same. I two grew up in a heteronormative world that told me the way I felt was wrong. I two was bullied because of the way I walked and talked . I two have been harassed and beaten for being who I am. I two am denied the right to marriage and countless other rights in my home state. Why must we create this us and them mentality. Its true our journeys are different but the goal of equality, and respect for everyone no matter who you are or who you love should be our number one goal. @Jackson I am sorry if you have encountered friction with some members of the trans community but you must know there are bad apples in every bunch. Just as I am sure as I am that the sun will rise tomorrow that not all gay people share your sentiments. I am not going to be so bold and say there are not some homophobic trans people. Though I personally do not know any I am sure they exist. Just as there are transphobic people like yourself @Jackson in the community. However, the difference between you and I , is that I refuse to accept that my experience with you is a complete representation of the community I love and cherish. I understand that not all gay people understand the trans experience , but a lack of understanding doesn’t give you the right to invalidate or repress us. I never have and never will subscribe to an us and them mentality . For me their is only US and a threat to your rights is a threat to mine. I love being a part of the GLBT community and hope that @jackson you can find room for me at your table.

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