Harlem Church That Advocated Stoning Gays is Vandalized by ‘Outright Bullies’, Pastor Says

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That ATLAH World Missionary Church in NYC's Harlem neighborhood, which has made headlines recently for its anti-gay church signs, was vandalized on Saturday, tagged with the phrase 'God is Gay', the NYDN reports:

JesusWouldStoneHomosA male suspect is being sought for spray-painting the retaliatory message on both sides of the sign outside the ATLAH World Missionary Church on W. 123rd St. near Lenox Ave., police said Sunday. The vandal struck early Saturday.

Pastor James David Manning in the past has used the sign to display messages such as “Jesus would stone homos” and “Harlem is a homo-free zone.”

Manning lashed out at the vandal when reached by the Daily News on Sunday.

“Gay people are just outright bullies,” he said. “I expected them to act in a very violent way.”

The NYDN published a surveillance photo of the vandal (see below).

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  1. Michael W. says

    So the church had a video camera set up to capture someone vandalizing their sign after posting a clearly antagonistic message on it? I’ll donate money to the vandal’s defense!

  2. Epic says

    Vandalism is violence now? Can you assault an inamimate object? Interesting….did they even hit the sign? Just paint you say…could have at least been more legible IMO.

  3. Jeff says

    I don’t agree with vandalism. I am sure the church has insurance to cover this crime. But the LGBT community has no such insurance over the vandalism the pastor of this church incited upon our community which un-levels the playing field. His church should really be ashamed of him as should he be of himself.

  4. enchantra says

    WCT –

    “why wasn’t “pastor” charged with inciting violence through the posting of that sign?”

    Because in America, you have the freedom to be obnoxious without being charged with a thought crime.

    This pastor is garbage, no doubt. But he has the right to freedom of speech. UNfortunately, the public subsidizes that freedom of speech via the fact that the church pays no property taxes as it would if it were an actual billboard with something stupid written on it.

    Consider the source and make allowances. That’s what my grandmother used to say when trash acted like trash.

  5. reality says

    Don’t justify the vandalism … but in all honesty, that sign has repeatedly read anti-gay, anti-woman, anti-obama, etc. statements for YEARS. Surprised it’s just now getting attention.

  6. Bill says

    @wct: the “pastor” was not charged with inciting violence because (a) being a lawyer requires a very good understanding of English grammar so that the D.A. understands the uses of the auxiliary verb “would”, and (b) what Jesus would do cannot be called a threat given that Jesus has been defunct for some 2000 years given the Biblical accounts.

    While vandalizing the sign this “pastor” put up is a crime, it would not be a crime to rent an adjacent space with a sign and put up messages lambasting his church or beliefs.

  7. Peter says

    I can’t believe this hate-filled bigot hasn’t been run out of the city on a rail. Would NYC put up with the KKK setting up shop and inciting violence against blacks, Catholics and Jews?

  8. Robert M. says

    So this “pastor” advocates murdering gays by stoning but says that we’re the violent ones because somebody decided to spray-paint his ugly sign? Really…

  9. Carlos says

    Looks like the pastor got “checked”, and I’m a ll for it. This pastor is the classic example of uneducated men in patriarchal societies who think their actions and their words are free of any consequences.

  10. Alexander says

    JESUS SAID… AND I quote. “May he who is without sin cast the first stone.” The pastor didn’t quote the bible and hate speech deserves jail time. I am happy somebody vandalized that sign. Advocating of violence needs to be taken seriously. that pastor is a terrorist.

  11. says

    This guy’s a hero in my book.He vandalizes a homophobic church sign,yet he may be charged with a hate crime now! WTF? If that happens, then I suggest that the majority of NYC get together and protest.

  12. Possum says


    This guy just made my week. Image saved.

    I hope he doesn’t get caught. If he does, I hope an ally or gay lawyer takes up his case for free or people fund his litigation.

  13. Bill says

    While vandalizing the church’s sign is a crime, what about using a digital projector or a laser + hologram to ‘write’ “God is Gay” on the sign just using light?

  14. Tony says

    truly, though – really feel sorry for the children of these dedicated bigots. many of them are closeted homosexuals. and those that aren’t are not just being brainwashed to hate – they’re having their family name stained. and it’ll stay that way for a very long time.

    generations from now their great-grandchildren will be forced to live down being associated with them. all their hate, viewable with the click of a button – digital age records of the promotion of prejudice.

    it’ll haunt their families for decades

  15. Tony says

    the scarry thing is that the church is involved with politics and they convince the south to keep staying republican. when the south doesn’t realize is the republicans will never tell them the truth that they want to kill all gay people just like the Nazi’s did and do away with the constitution..there bought by the corporations and banks that hate us..if we have a theocracy it will be very dangerous for all people and freedom will be totally gone and in its place will be socialism or communism which is the goal of the republican party as well..i know some of you don’t believe this, but if you do some research online you will find that most republicans are involved deeply with the hate groups and white supremacists, American family, kkk just to name a few and a thousand others..we have to vote out republicans to stop it now or lose our freedom and democracy

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